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i have hoarded many photos of jfashionistas that i think have artistic value beyond the usual coord shot or selfie. i would like to share some. they will include all kinds of Japanese alternative fashion, and subjects may be any age or gender; and they will NOT be images from publications such as KERA, Fruits, etc.; so i hope there will be good inspiration for a variety of seagulls.

what do you like in your fashion portraits? i am not knowledgeable about photography, but i noticed there are some common themes in what makes a portrait engaging to me. i will dump photos more or less organized by one of the following central elements:

>studio portraits
where the subject is photographed in a decorated studio, usually with props. these seem very popular in Japan, and i do not think my country has anything like the photo studios Japan has.

>personality portraits
photos that communicate something about the individual essence of the subject. these are often candid or street snaps, but the focus is on person(s), not the coord.

>scenic portraits
the location is matched with or juxtaposed against the subject. usually, color is a very important aspect.

>manipulated portraits
the subject is artistically altered in a surreal or unusual way. there might be a collage-like feeling in the portrait.

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