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I feel so sad not being able to wear Lolita often...
>wardrobe is all very warm Gothic
>can only wear in fall/winter
>at school it during those seasons anyways and wouldn't be practical
>winters at my school are awful too with the weather and slush
>major is messy so also wouldn't be practical in class either
>school is in a podunk town in the middle of nowhere so don't go out often anyways
>no time or way to wear lolita
I'm really trying to find ways to... But I can't. I'm debating whether even to bring my Lolita to school. I could at least bring it with me downtown since I occasionally stay with my boyfriend for a weekend in the largest city near me... But that in itself isn't practical because we don't go to places that wearing Lolita to is practical unless we go to the touristy areas, and I don't want to wear it just because to where we usually go because I don't want to damage it or get it dirty. Tasukete minnasan...

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