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Hello Hello.
I'm making my first cosplay ever (pic related, it's going to be Raven) but I'm having some difficulty finding the right fabric. I know I want a 4 way stretch velvet because of the sheen and comfort that I like, but I can't seem to find the type I want. I have a dress that is stretch velvet and it is pretty thick and it doesn't seem to be lined. However, it seems everywhere I've gone only has something that's super thin, and I don't want it to be see through when it stretches.

Should I bite the bullet and line the thin velvet?
Does anyone know where I can get a thicker version?
Should I give up on the velvet and just use a knit? If so what kind of fabric would you recommend?

Any other tips or tricks would be helpful as well, I'm kind of just winging it at the moment.

Thanks in advance.

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