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I have a bunch of PR art actually...sadly not in one place..

In a power ranger and transformers fan. My picture collections go from wholesome to lewd.....mostly lewd....hahaha found a lot of them on /aco/. They would usually be in the masked character threads. So there's a bunch I can't post here.

Getting into making rule 34 Transformers and even in production of a game demo. FYI, coding sucks....like a cheap whor....

Also, thanks for the compliment. After I bought the Legacy helmet this had to happen. still needs a little work but it did its job for this year.

If your wondering. ...... Have smashed a girl a ranger suit..... it was quite the experience. Met her at an after-hours bar at Anime Expo....
pink ranger... Helmet on. That is all...
Do you have anymore pics?....

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