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>Be 25 year old white man
>Realize cosplay can be pretty cool after seeing the memes about TikTok and such
>Realize that this will help me socialize with fellow weebs
>Decide to go ahead and do a deku cosplay
>Currently have everything but the makeup
>Realize that I don't like the tiny bit of belly bulge I have (170lbs @ 6'2")
>Also working out more because I'm unhappy with the lack of muscles that deku would have.
>Thinner, and happier, but now have eating disorder, eating once per day
>On top of the weight of not having finished college yet and not having a family of my own
>Struggle with the sad reality that I want a real relationship and I can't find a woman who doesn't want to jump dicks
>Every relationship has ended due to the other person cheating or being caught in a big lie
>I bought a hotel room at Youmacon only for someone to be caught cheating and lying
>At least I can invite 4chan people to hang out with me in the room maybe?

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