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Anon here.
My main issue seems to be building my Instagram (toptyr_cosplay) although I have slow on updates as of yet and know I need content worth following I've done regular updates without much results, this year has been really rough so my cosplay plans went on the back burner so how I ensure 2020 sees a good community build? Not really active on Twitter

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I can't really comment on the quality of the AX contest I've never attended, I have only done the Wondercon one back in 2013 and the LACC one this past November so I'm sure it's about the same. As for my cosplay I'll be dawning my Kars cosplay (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) right now I'm on my third iteration of the costume over the span of a year it's evolved and improved so me and a friend with be working on the fourth iteration color the gauntlets use different fabric, I intend to bulk as naturally as humanly possible the next 8 weeks then cut down the last 5 leading up to it, I am insanely pale and definition has trouble showing on me so to circumvent that I'm going to learn to contour my physic as well as practice and improve my make-up, though I know I mostly will not be winning since it's hardly any costume to it and it's not a bodybuilding contest I hope they take into account the time I put into at least attempting to look a little like the character physic wise. I may run into a wall however because this past LACC I was going to enter Kars into the contest, two months out they approved the costume so I got it together, two day's before the con they told me I could no longer use it because it was not family friendly so I send an e-mail to the AX masquerade people to be sure it's approved then I'll hold them to that.

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