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When it comes to girls who are into anime/other weeby activies, many seem to gravitate towards the dynamic between characters rather than just fapping to a certain character. Fujoshits especially want to see two (usually attractive) male characters do gay shit together. Even if girls are not fujos, many of them seem to appreciate the character dynamics more. Male thots can't provide that, unless they do pair shoots with their friends etc (and even then it feels a bit disgusting because most males are not that good looking and there's no actual story/dynamic)

Also just the fact that females and males might find different things tasteful. Guys might like costhots in their underwear, girls might like a more well-dressed male (like in a suit) but just in a slightly suggestive scenario, or a more thotty outfit presented in otherwise more tasteful way.

Pic related is @Bishoujo on twitter, a god-tier tasteful male costhot

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