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Old thread >>10624536
Last thread continuation got nuked, let’s discuss what’s happened with Bilbo Rose’s own community as of recently.

Also seems like no one can mention the plus-sized burando ita in Bilbo’s book is actually plus sized or this continuation might get nuked too.

Have at it gulls

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Old thread was getting saggy >>10624536

Let’s discuss the fact preorders have now been extended and why this “new release” is a total rip off.

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>New Artist/ Victim added to her site.
>Created a forum on her website that nobody asked for.
>extended pre-orders for her book because she is having trouble selling and knows people won’t pay $70+ for it.
> Never apologized or re-scheduled after missing her Q&A.
>Added an «about the artists» section to her website overnight, clearly after reading criticism on here about her not crediting artists.
This was all in the past two days.

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