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I'm usually pretty good about checking for sticky resin but a lot of my stock for that event 6 month ago suffered from a layer of weird sealant on the back of a lot of pieces not exactly hardening. Like, I put it on as a safeguard against rough bits catching on or paint transferring onto dresses, (and it succeeds at its intended purpose!) but when the sealant touches other instances of the sealant they tend to stick together. Not sure why that happened but it should otherwise be fine. You can probably just remove that layer of it's troublesome. Unless the piece was sticky on the front, then it might be what >>10316253 is saying. Let me know what piece it was though, and if you'd like a replacement.

I try to be reasonable with my prices because I mostly do this for fun and to supplement my hobby. I don't think I've sold anything over $25. Attached for reference, the lumpy eye was just a fun attempt at recreating a Vidya item I thought was pretty that didn't have a 3D model. I sold these for about less than $10.

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