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All my AP dresses were made on Milky Planet

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>be me
>scrolling Instagram
>see 5k follower cosplay wig giveaway post
>check profile
>doesn’t even have 4k followers yet
>well that seems awfully early to start a 5k follower giveaway
>go back and read caption on post
>”Did you know this is still going on? Can you help get me there to finally be able to do this giveaway?”
>wait how long has she been doing this for?
>scroll back and see the same giveaway post dated in September
>caption says it’s a repost
>scroll more
>see giveaway post dated in July
>also captioned as a repost
>scroll more
>finally find the original post
>June 1st
>mfw this girl has been begging for over a thousand followers for the past 6 months

Kind of want to keep an eye on this and see how long it actually takes her

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hahaha oh my god that's hilarious

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oh god dat hair

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