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Nayrt but I'm in a similar situation to them. Feels like sometimes this guy and i hit it off and have really fun conversation and other times I get one or two word responses. Sometimes I can get him laughing like crazy and when we talk in voice it's mostly really fun, but other times when it's just text there is a voice in the back of my head telling me that he's only talking to me because we share common interests. Anyway let me know what else you need I guess. Any thoughts are appreciated.

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>doing friends' makeup
>one of them asks for the makeup i do when i wear lolita
>sure thing
>the other asks me to make her look asian "like me"

i mean i guess i tried but i can't draw flatter features onto a face... when i was done she still looked white ofc but kept going on about how she looked azn and could catch an oppa now. kill me

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Good god I'm going to fucking swim in it. Why AP?

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Not adjusting your style and make-up as you age just makes you look like you're in denial. You can still wear Sugary Carnival at 30, but you CANNOT still coord it like you're 17.

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>Waist have slimmed down few inches during summer even though weight haven't changed
>Everything look baggy on the waist
I shouldn't complain but yesterday one skirt fell straight to hips and I had to pin it smaller

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>Dresses seem a bit loose recently
>Go on scale
>Have lost almost 8 lbs

I'm already nearly underweight, I don't want to lose weight

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They said she had money so obvsiously I'm gunna assume she has money or comes from it

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I'm the anon who posted a couple of threads back about losing my job but diving head-first into my clothing store and having a lot of anxiety about planning before I invest.

>All my friends are guys.
>They're all lovely and supportive and genuinely interested, but I know that they must be getting sick of hearing me blabber on about fabric and designs all day ever day.

W-would any anons like to my designer-venting buddies? I could do with some feminine advice and ideas on the fashion market. I'm really stuck between two ideas for the first collection, but I can really only choose one immediately.

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>tfw you find someone cute on insta you want to follow for the fashion but 90% of their content is unrelated shit

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..Anons, no need to beat around the bush here. He's a fat middle-aged man wearing a dress intended for small young Asian women.

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>cosplaying grossly outside of body-size, especially if self made cosplay

Obviously willing to put effort into something, so put some into not overeating and doing some exercising.

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My life is a total and complete mess, I have very few attainable goals and not a lot to look forward, and honestly wish I was dead most of the time. But I've lost around 15 pounds in hopes of reducing my bust and I just measure and I'm finally a good 2 cm under AP's average non-shirred OP bust measurements. So I guess maybe i'll keep living. idk

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tfw hardly anything is posted to the site

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>tfw girls your size are posted in this thread
>tfw you didn't know you were a fatty chan
>tfw you want to die

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>tfw you are an inch short of lace to finish the dress

So close yet so far

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Print: cute
Cuts: terrible

Why AP.

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literally how are they this stupid tho

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>Study design
>Not really a travel person
>Don't even think abut going to exchange
>Today get an e-mail from our teacher
>Japan is looking for a person in my field
>Open for everyone, not only students
>It would be 1,5 month exchange with all living costs payed

Gulls, what should I do? I don't think I even have a chance since there might be professionals applying but should I try?

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This fuckin' feel.
My ex used to fuck around behind my back with the most disgusting, morbidly obese lumps while constantly commenting on 'pro-plus-size' posts on Facebook saying how disgusting they were and how they should be ashamed? Never mind his fat ass horfing down McDonald's twice a day.

My feel:
>5'7", only 26" waist.
>Somehow always look like a brick fucking house in meet photos.

Why? Are all of the girls in my area uncannily smol? Do women on the internet lie about their size? I feel like I shouldn't be so much larger than the average.
This is so conflicting.

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What the fuck am I reading

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