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>cute trap ive been seeing and talking to in cons for almost 2 yrs now
>literally the first time weve met when i starter crossplaying he just put his face 3 inches from mine and told me he liked my eyes
>ever since then kept talking and meeting in cons
>eventually in the afterparty asked me why I wasnt in the con(was sick the whole day), we kept talking, and kept approached me multiple times, with the moral support of my friends I danced with him
>eventually I told him that I was hitting on him
>doesnt know what to reply, said he needs to cool off outside, could be a ploy to get us alone
>didnt see him outside, said he was in the corner trying to get my attention
>we dance again for like half an hour, tell him sorry for making things awkward, we hug and later he goes home and says see you tomorrow
>didnt see him, though to be fair it was a pretty big expo and I was only for 2ish hours

I dont understand, why so many mixed signals? Im more worried now cause I lost a con friend probably.

I dont even know what to tell him on IG or FB about it, maybe he thought I was only doing it cause I was drunk?

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>spend hundreds on lasers and all sort of correctors and concealers
>still have moustache shadow


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Whats a good way to tie your hair for cosplaying? my wigs are getting damaged if i do a ponytail or bun cause its all concentrated in one area.

I have 0 dexterity and have low IQ so ill need some easy vids if possible

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