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Do any of you have breast implants? It seems to be pretty much the standard among cosplayers now.
Personally, the idea of something being put inside my body like that makes me extremely uncomfortable, but I would like to have bigger boobs.
Do men like them? All the most popular girls have them.

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NTA but the ideal for women is skinny with big boobs/ass, not fat all over... those women shoop to look like they have 22 inch waists with huge boobs.

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Though if you asked people for preferences they would say asses

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...because it's trendy right now. But trends will go back to breasts as they always have throughout history.

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Chub ain't inherently curvy in the right places and thin girls aren't always curveless.

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100% this

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How to stop vagina smell?

Please by next weekend I'll do anything

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take antibiotics for the obvious bacterial infection

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eat pineapple

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clothespin on your nose

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Learn to appreciate your own smell, op. hth

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This thread is inspired by >>10344243 post. Let's see what prints got the most of love and kudos among the years!
The list of prints is taken from Lolibrary and tumblr, applique and gobelin/brocade pieces are included too. Sadly there were a little of Baby prints from latter years, so I added what they had. Also had to put Moitie prints all together because there were a little of them for particular years. Feel free to contribute missing prints below.

Angelic Pretty - https://xoyondo.com/ap/t3Fndy5ToQMk7iJ
BTSSB - https://xoyondo.com/ap/ZqJNpDFXvflEPqM
Moi Meme Moitie - https://xoyondo.com/ap/KCP9ArjTp2PfZXh

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You can see other people's likes if you use a second account.

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I guess I’ve read some Anon saying that they used to have it as DD but somehow overgrow it. Idk what does it actually mean, maybe the print is too contrast or something.

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I clicked that one just cause it said kek.

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> Blue Rose Chiffon
> 1 vote
omg, do people even care about it nowadays?

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It has a replica out there, maybe that killed the hype. Same thing happened with Chess Chocolate, was all the rage just shortly post release and then Oo Jia made a replica and now that print is dead too.

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Is anyone still playing this edition

Last thread : >>9812424

>Current Events:
- Treasure Trove 02/18-02/24
- Dream Weaver 02/18-02/24
- Love Nikki x Frozen Crossover 02/25-03/05

>Where to download?
Itunes, Google Play Store

>How to play and useful guides:

>/cgl/ Associations
Gull Wings - ID#13483
Bunny Baes - ID#11281
CGL 2 - ID #10830

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As someone who started playing the month the server opened, LN used to be a lot more generous. Suits were almost always under 1k diamonds and recharges were most often in the five dollar range. Now if either of those happen the suit is ugly as sin.
It's still better than most mobile games though! You can easily complete all of the main content without spending money and be competitive in the styling contests.

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Can't wait to see a thousand Elsas in the next contest

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The theme is literally Frozen as they're releasing a Frozen collab. I don't see a way for anything else to get points.

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Maybe people will be rebellious and not do the frozen(disney) suits.

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I might go the contrarian route and only vote for people who aren't dressed as Elsa

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I am going to a 90s themed party and would like to cosplay as Jay Kay of Jamiroquai.

The problem is I am struggling to find what looks like to be a "fur bucket" hat that looks anything close to what he is wearing in this picture.

I believe it is the same hat he sported in the music video for 'Virtual Insanity'.

Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

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Okay hear me out. This might take a bit of modification, but we have this dumb cat nest thing that my husband puts on and sings Virtual Insanity. It came in a bunch of colors too.

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Nostalgia time! Cosplay and event photos from the 00's (2000-2009). Stories are welcome too. I miss the time where was cosplay.com very active and no social media and instagram cancer like today.

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>no response
Is this board is already full with zoomers?
Yeah, oldfag here. The mid-end 00s was my best cosplay and event time.

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That decade was shit. I remember normie mocking cosplayer constantly. Let's leave it and move on

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yes, this board is mostly zoomers. also mostly lolitas.

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I made a joke snap to my friend group with a filter that made me look like a girl. All my friends thought it was hilarious and said It would be great if I crossplay. now I keep thinking about it, am I fuckng weird. I'm not into this kind of stuff but I keep thinking about it.

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looking vaguely cute as a girl because of an app isn't the same as you putting on makeup and looking like a cute girl.

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There’s only one way to find out

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When you try, make sure you get someone with good makeup skills to carry out the test on you.

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The name says it all.

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That kids face tho kek

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Start a new thread, dumb ass.

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new bread

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Ugh why is everyone whining about the shininess? It's literally PVC, a material commonly used in goth subcultures where the coord is nodding at, and also a reference to the ero-lolita aspect.

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Magical Justice Savior Edition

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I was looking for certain sailor moon images for a project I’m working on and came across that mess.

Also I misspoke, the site itself is from 05 but it’s been updated as late as 2016 so there’s no excuse for that god awful web design

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Thank you for the laughs anon.

>> No.10346532

Honestly I kinda love that nonsense like this still exists out there on the internet, takes me right back to the wild west days of ~2007.

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>Which by the way, why is Michiru still crushing on guys in the StarS saga, when Haruka obviously cares for her?

Yeah, because Haruka has never flirted with Usagi or anything.

>> No.10346539

I don’t mind some web designs from that era but that one is particularly terrible. What’s hilarious about it is this entire long as page is dedicated to reeeing about the nudity when they have chibiusa’s naked transformation as the background picture

You’re welcome. It was too hilarious not to share.

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Ok guys I really want a furry gf, one that’s pale and post shitty art on Instagram that wears ears and a tail. You know how sexy that is? Im not a furry though so I’m afraid she won’t be into me because I don’t have nor want a fursona. Where do I look?

>> No.10344920

Legit, every furry girl I've dated dates well below her rank. 10s date 5s, 5s date 3s. It's like the exact opposite of the sexual marketplace that incels bitch about.

Just look like a fucking swamp creature

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He's a fucking cute Girl! Thats what i call a good Girl costume!!

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>> No.10344691

it's really obvious that's a dude, anon...

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Someone knows who is the person who did that cosplay of serial experiment lain?

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Previous: >>10338488

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Keep telling yourself that cowtits-anon.

>> No.10346364

you are so mad that your bf loves to watch porn of girls with big tits and wish it was you, huh?

>> No.10346386

>assuming that anon isn't lesbian and cares about mens' opinions

>> No.10346396

This >>10346386 . Your multi thread butthurt is just hilarious.

>> No.10346475

The item number can help identify what item it is, and the useful info is the list of materials and country it was made in. Everything else is most likely on the entry already.

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Any questions?

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The purest form of autism and possible trannyism.

>> No.10346299

Sumire-anon isn't a tranny, he's just japanese.

>> No.10346306

Well, this >>10344236, knowing /lgbt/ and Ctrl+F 93 matches of "I am Sumipe" makes me think otherwise, but alright.

>> No.10347283

fucking weeb roleplaying reee

>> No.10347296

Who knew that /cgl/ had such great taste?

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I'll start

>buying second hand heps to support brand because seller might use that money to buy new brand
How on Earth do you know what are they going to use money for? It could be leaving lolita sale or they're just downsizing their wardrobe, or basically need some money to pay bills. Like literally whatever reason.

>if you can afford [dress name], try looking for indie.
Okay, I'm NOT telling to support replicas, but what's the point of redirecting people into buying random ass things. It's like telling a person who's looking for fries to go get some apples.

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It's covered in the post you replied to, I think. They said a basic jsk (ie- IW-style basic jsk) would be simple to knock up, but the blouse that you'd need to go with it can get rather overwhelming for a newbie sewist to draft up.

On the other hand I also think some people are making it out to be harder than it is. A good volume of otome no sewing, and you don't really need the bestest fabric -- just start with whatever, quilting fabric is usually fine too, and usually you can knock out something halfway ok. It won't be top notch burando, but you'd have gained a valuable skill to make dresses exactly the way you want, on top of gaining a dress you won't feel horrible about getting dirty and stained like you would if it was burando.

What I really don't understand is why newbie lolitas seem really averse to using otome no sewing? It's like maybe $20 for a book but you can sew an entire wardrobe with it. The only exceptions I should be seeing are those girls who are out of "normal" sizing (in which case they will have a hard time no matter what anyway), or maybe they ended up buying the Simplicity patterns first (my condolences to those... the patterns should really be burnt for the atrocities that they are) -- but newbie sewists never seem to buy the book and instead blaze their own awful trail of half-assed patterns then turn around to whine about how hard sewing lolita is?

>> No.10346115

I think people get intimidated by the fact that it's in Japanese, isn't like a store pattern and "omg tiny Japanese sizing". I wouldn't have bought any of them if I needed to grade the patterns as it is faster for me to draft what are mostly super basic shapes from a decently fitting block than to grade up most of the patterns. That being said, I started learning the basics of drafting pretty much as soon as I could use my machine so perhaps I perceive that as easier than most people find it.

>> No.10346125

Tbh i started with OnS and its not really comprehensive if you don't know what's going on so i had to get some help.

However it's a great book with awesome designs for those who has some experience already.

>> No.10346126

>focus on their main pieces and their matching items. Otherwise, it's not worth paying full price for other items they carry.
This is so untrue, have you never bought blouses and cardigans?? And a cheap blouse looks even worse when you wear it with a brand main-piece

>> No.10346287

I own a variety of brand blouses and a few cardigans/cut-sews, yes.

I didn't include tops on that list and was mostly focusing on shoes and bags as being the things that aren't worth the money. I'd wager some accessories too, but I collect AP plastic. I could see how someone might not value the price point for what it is.

Tops are fine, but I personally don't buy them new. I typically buy them on sale or 2nd hand. It's one of those things where I like to have a variety of colors, styles, and fabrics. So I can't justify spending $100+ on a top even if it's a nice one. But I will gladly pay $350 for a main piece.

I suppose if you stick with a limited color palette and strict cohesive style that would make sense, and you may be able to justify the cost since it will go with more. My wardrobe is everywhere color and style-wise. So for the cost of a new brand top, I could get 2-3 tops and have more coordination options.

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Any fellow polacks here? How are your preparations for Pyrkon going?

>> No.10343596

where even is poland

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>need new ita thread
>starts off with new fav furry dildo chan who’s having a shitfit on her socials because of this

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Scandinavians have worn dreads for thousands of years, poc didn’t coin the hairstyle.

>> No.10345096

No they didn't, they wore braids. Kinky hair locks naturally which is something white ppl hair cannot do. That's why whites who attempt dreadlocks look so filthy, it's cause they get their hair all matted and shit and don't wash it.

>> No.10345102


Yeah no, you’re wrong. Multiple cultures, including Celts and Scandinavians were documented to have worn dreads, black people don’t own the hairstyle.

>> No.10345114

>Roman accounts stated that the Celts wore their hair ‘like snakes’. The Germanic tribes and Vikings were also known to wear their hair in dreadlocks.

If you’re gonna cite sources at least get something compelling, this is weak. I’m not asking you to MLA format a citation of a peer reviewed scientific journal but at least use something more trustworthy than some random hair salon.

>> No.10345138


just because those mayosapien cultures used to have dreads doesnt mean this chick is free to.
her hair doesnt dread naturally, ive seen her natural hair and its light wavy to straight, these nasty dreads of hers are grossly forced, probably mouldy, and make her look like shes balding and are totally puling her hairline back.

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What is your opinion on crossplay?

>> No.10343142

We literally have crossplay threads if that tells you anything about what cgl thinks about crossplay

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