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So far I have the torn shorts. Just need green skin paint.

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Does anyone here date someone who just doesn't “get” your cosplay love? If so, how do you work through it? My girlfriend wants to be supportive and involved with cosplay and larp and rp cause she knows i like it. But shes not really engaged in it? I just want her to know its okay she doesn't get it and i love her anyway.

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Is it true you guys have huge orgies at cons? or did I get memed?

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Please contact me and my friend

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I am trans hope thats ok

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Looks aside you have to be confident, that was my problem
I got hit on once at a con (girl complimented my shitty anime shirt) and I said "thanks" and nothing else like an aspie

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Dearly beloved, she might have found you attractive, but if you think a girl complimenting your anime shirt is “hitting on” you, you probably are an aspie.

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anything can be flirting depending on how it's said

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I have great news! My father died and I am a only child and I just cashed out my inheritance! I am not american but it would be something close to $600000 USD. I finally have more than enough for the disposable income to be a lolita, without any need to worry.

So far I am sure about those two pieces.
Can you help me to do my coord? We can go wild!

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the dream tbqdesu

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good for you anon

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I am losing my shit

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Why is this so funny

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has this crossed the line from funny cosplay to good cosplay?

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>eyes actually glow
Genuinely good IMO. Other touches like the seals on the MG(?) stock are fukken noice too.

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>>10627167 last one hit bump limit

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what's her name anon?

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You're clearly a larper, ita-chan.

This use of backpedaling has been used in the lolita community for 10 years.

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Sweetfags being unable to recognize other substyles again I see

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a whole community using the word backpedaling wrong isn't something to be proud of, sweaty

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I dont know, at least at the westerner side. I get so surprised by how little people seem to talk about how ugly most Youtuber lolitas are. The biggest one would be Lor and she looks like a deformed hag. Besides her maybe there is Tyler? But she looks so old and weird. Is that because americans are generally unnatractive, or do you motive It too?

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This whole thread is hilarious because most cultures idolize westerners/caucasians. Almost all "pretty" examples of other races have traces of "western/white" features.
There's ugly people everywhere, in every race. The average person is not "pretty." Get off social media, put down the filters, and walk around outside. Dear god.

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Agree with this. I think a lot of people in this thread are just men or dysmorphic women who have forgotten what women look like in reality. Tyler isn’t ugly at all imo, she’s squarely average, she looks like every other woman on the street.

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we know you need validation but quit sperging

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I dont need validation from anon, specially while being anon, you moron.

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Lor looks older than her age and has poor tastes in applying makeup. That's a major part of her problem. She can't help her bone structure, but she definitely doesn't improve it through the makeup she uses. I think blonde hair looks better on her than black, and that she could look more attractive if she did her makeup better.

Tyler isn't bad. She's average looking. Not everyone can be amazingly beautiful. That's why there's averages. I do think she looks cute in a lot of her coords which is more than I can say for Lor -- who frequent looks garish or like a clown.

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previous >>10603401

/cgl/ Idol Spreadsheet - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WtgRe5cjKIR0BYGhw9N8ahxChLqEFLbZIRbAazooh-o/edit?usp=sharing

Original Music Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfmgukQM2isUtJJZz1MY4Jn4zPcbl0wDU

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Nah y'all are hateable because the community can't grow because of you enabling little shits.

Seriously, I've seen it time and time again. An idol fucks up and y'all surround them so they end up thinking concrit is bad.
I can't stand y'all and I really hope y'all expand your damn horizons and realize we are flawed entertainment who isn't above being called out or criticized.

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I never said I support Kazu, like I said she's not someone I stan. I said she seemed fine, not exceptionally talented or anything, just okay. I don't really see the big deal as a completely neutral party.

I respect people who are willing to step on toes to give fans a better experience. If that's not who people want to work with, why does that mean she should stop existing? Why can't people just avoid working with her if it's so negative? Toxic people are literally in every community and it doesn't seem like she's killed someone or something, she just seems like a bitch... Why is that a huge deal? I don't really care if she's a good or bad person, if you do and don't want to work with her just don't. Why do you need justice? This notions seems like you're trying to make drama instead of actually improve the community.

Also if someone being mean to you makes you want to quit being an idol... thats what 90% of this thread usually is, so... doesn't that make you horrible too? lol

I said they seem fine as someone whos seen them perform and knows the basic gist that Kazu is a bitch to work with. Why does that matter to me, as a fan? Why can't idols just stop working with her? Why do we need to "cancel" her just because she hurt people? I don't get it.

This is embarrassing

I don't think concrit is bad, the opposite actually. I'm saying this seems like unnecessary drama. If Kazu is too difficult to work with and she is a huge bitch, I want people to stop working with her. I just don't understand why someone being a bitch to others in groups makes them publicly cancellable in the idol community now. If the real purpose is to "improve the community" this doesn't seem like the way to do it at all. |

^ again, I'm a fan. I don't know a lot about how idols work behind the scenes besides what I'm told.

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Here’s the flaw with your argument. Nobody likes them and the fans don’t know that let alone know why. Going deeper you act to defend her yet if she treats other idols horribly it’s only a matter of time before we find out she probably hates being an idol and hates her fans.

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I think you’re missing the point morally. It is NOT good that a performer would be “willing to step on toes to give fans a better experience”. The people we are talking about are grown adults who should be able to communicate and work with their team members to give their fans a better experience. Nobody is saying they should “stop existing” they just don’t want more people damaged by these two.
>Why can’t people just avoid working with her if it’s so negative?
Kazu specifically is going to be a huge part of Anime Weekend Atlanta’s idol show this year. There really isn’t an escape from that if a group wants to perform and she has that kind of representation.
This is all much bigger than petty internet drama.
> If the real purpose is to "improve the community" this doesn't seem like the way to do it at all.
I don’t know about you but I would rather not have a toxic person welcome in a community if I can help it. If we all represent the idol community as a whole, what does it say about us that we would allow that behavior?

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I agree anon, i think they made it detachable, but they look better without them.

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anyone knows who this godess is?

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Hello i know this is not strictly cosplay related but this i believe is the best board to ask about makeup
Tldr where is a good place for someone who is looking to start wearing makeup to buy cheap shit?
I have autism and want to start making my nails akatsuki purple

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>Makeup thread

>> No.10630197


>> No.10632934

Drug store

>> No.10633238

Daiso if you have one near you, drugstore, grocery store, amazon.

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"Usually" doesn't even apply right now cause everything is STILL fucked from covid. There is a limited number of flights leaving China, so packages are moving more slowly.

DHL/FedEx/UPS where available will take 3-7 business days, because they each have their own flights. But be prepared to pay out the ass.
EMS is normally supposed take 5-10 business days. Several anons have reported it taking 2+ months right now.
SAL is supposed to take like 4-6 weeks, it's taking 3+ months rn from what I can see.
Idk about other methods (airmail, etc.)

I would wait before ordering, but also be aware that many SS will store your items for free, even for several months. If you're worried about stuff selling out you can always order now and ship it from the warehouse once you've moved.

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Is it worth trying to source a manufacturer via a proxy on taobao's b2b sister site 1688 if I don't speak a lick of mandarin or should I just stick to Alibaba?

>> No.10633639

I don't think its a good idea at all. You're probably going to want to be able to negotiate and hash out details. Doing that through a proxy sounds like a disaster waiting to happen

>> No.10633765

Adding to what >>10633639 said, post your stuff/what you want to say here and I would love to help you translate.

>> No.10633789

Thanks, I wasn't aware you could have the items stored for that long. Do you know if 42agent does this, and if so, if I'd need to contact them to ask first?

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ITT: post your favorite EGL memes

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Contest edition.

With everybody finally getting their damn vaccinations, and with the world slowly opening back up from the plague, it's time to start plotting for social diversion.

In effort to get them all rolling, I want you to post a picture of what you have planned for your next excursion.

Got new coord ready to go or in progress?

Planning for lawn games like graces or croquet?

Trying a new recipe to share with friends?

Practicing your fencing for a duel to the death with someone who called you ita?

Post it all here!

Rules are simple: simply post a picture of your new recipe/coord/tea set whatever with a timestamp, or post your favorite pictures of the last tea party or picnic you attended. Also be sure to send a copy to my email at screwloosecircus at gmail dot com. A winner will be selected on June 30th, and will win a new copy of Laura Martin's "A History of Tea" and some other posh goodies.

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My bestie is vegan so when I last hosted a tea party I made these and they were a big hit with everyone. Does anyone have any other good tea party vegan recipes?

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How would I make the stems here? I keep thinking it's celery.

>> No.10632121

Oooh those look great! Probably also good for summer rather than crackers since the cucumber would be cold and refreshing.

>> No.10632125

kiwi or melon probably_

>> No.10632127

If it's a Japanese cafe or recipe most likely melon based on the color and size of the pieces.

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Last one >>10618110

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what are yalls dream dresses? It's a lot harder to find old school dream dresses imo, unless it's one of the ones that got released a million times

>> No.10633717

the print comes up with some degree of frequency (and always bought immediately, like a lot of old jetj) but i've only ever seen the black jsk sold once

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dropped pic i guess

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BTSSB Koitsukihime Stained Glass Angel OP or JSK in black. I'd prefer to get the original 2006 release and not the AATP version. It's not a typical old school piece, but it's sooo beautiful! Hopefully, I can acquire it sometime soon~

>> No.10633831

When do you guys consider old school to extend to? I have late 2000s (e.g. 2008) dresses that really fit the old school aesthetic, but don’t know if they’re too recent to be considered true old school

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Post your cosplay help questions here instead of shitting up the catalog with your one-question threads!
>Old Thread:
Stupid Jfash Questions Thread:
Hair and Makeup:

You may ask prop, sewing, or wig related questions in this thread as well, but it may be beneficial for you to post one of the following threads for specific advice.
Crafting Thread
Sewing/Fiber Arts/ NeedleCraft:
Wig Thread:

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I don't feel like scrubbing through the video to find the product name, but I know that Punished Props uses something see through, but reflective (ie one-way view) in his mando & boba helmet vid. Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSuEIMpj_S4&t=10s

>> No.10633303

Get a one-way reflective film. They sell them everywhere for car and house windows. It's the ones that let you see inside out, but not outside in (It's actually from the dark side to the bright side, but unless you want to put LEDs inside the visor your side will always be the dark one).

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How do I make a cell tail that can open and close with a button? I want to trick female cosplayers into taking photos getting absorbed by me so I can jack off from my vore fetish.

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Sewing noob here, would either of these patterns work for this cosplay and if so, which one would be better (and if neither work, what other kinds of pattern should I be looking for)?

>> No.10633618

Left would not work well. Look at the gathers and pleats, they don't exist on Nausicaa's outerwear. Right will take some modding to make it work,, like reducing the bottom hem circumference, adding to the shoulders, and possibly widening the waist. You'll likely be better off looking for a jacket pattern and taking in the waist a bit. You'll also need to think about how you'll get in and out of it since the original art looks close-fitting.

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Old thread: >>10625754

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Last dumper, the thread is past bump limit fyi

>> No.10631697

Bigot-Piglot kek

>> No.10631700

Piglet Gross

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Itt: Historical costume/clothes thread

Making anything? Adding something to your to-make wishlist? Any favorite shops to buy accessories or full outfits, patterns, etc? Anything you wish would change about the historical costume community? Favorite videos or channels? Favorite books related to historical costuming? etc

chat up

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>Unrelated: has anyone messed around with that new of voila app for converting pictures into 18th century paintings? It's worked pretty well for me, and I'm getting ready to make some lover's lockets for myself and my better half.

No, but that sounds pretty dope ngl.

Nice dresses btw.

>> No.10631630

Any new outfits lately?

>> No.10632055

Nyart, is there a pattern you recommend? I wanna be a cloud of princess, too.

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I used the Laughing Moon pattern but there's a lot of tutorials out there if you don't like them or want to try without a pattern.

Chemise dress with video tutorial and free pattern in the description: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sw-oqLPgmEA&

Visual guide: https://freshfrippery.com/2015/04/07/easy-chemise-dress/

I did add additional layers to mine to give it more floof.

>> No.10632350

...do you work where I think you work?

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What was your biggest emergency while in cosplay?

I once dropped my buster sword in the street and a bus ran it over. One of my ex-friends spent $2300 on a Genji Overwatch cosplay and immediately poo'd in it. Same friend was at the Dragon Con where those girls were nearly killed.

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>> No.10629636

Tons of intricate beading on the bodice and straps of my corset top and midway through a panel I just hear “plink plink plink” and look down in horror to see the beads from my strap rolling around on the floor. My friends had to help me re-stitch them a few hours before the competition. Somehow still managed to win best craftsmanship. Learned my lesson that day and now all of my beading is sewn on with beading thread instead of cotton.

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Sometime during the con and i didn't notice until after the con. One of the tiny "belt buckles" on the vest had sharp corners which accidentally made a small cut on the skin around my armpit and left pec

I can still see the scar today

>> No.10629806

What cosplay is this?

>> No.10630054

Yooo its Luna Goodguy
How many belts did you need to buy?

>> No.10630272

Sunny Worsthombre

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MAGFest as an organization continues to circle the drain, as things have gone from bad, to worse.

"Friends of MAG" started a campaign to oust the executive director back at the start of 2021, who was chosen to replace an equally as bad previous executive director, along with the entire Board of Directors resigning. After that... it's largely been radio silent, even to current department heads and other staff members. Those that have been chosen to replace the BoD, largely have no experience running such a chaotic organization, and were merely "promoted" from existing volunteer staffing positions. This in turn, completely scuttled the full VR MAGFest event that was planned to replace the normal Super MAGFest at the Gaylord in 2021.

The first official announcement for the next MAG event, is MAGWest going virtual for a second year in a row, largely due to restrictions still in place in California. Plenty of people are not happy about this.

MAGStock, the outdoor camping event, is now effectively dead. New owners of Small Country Campground have turned down negotiations, and do not want MAGStock to return. Finding a new campground location will prove very difficult, as most places don't have the facilities or space, or are willing to host a bunch of nerds "glamping".

MAG is now looking at possible corporate sponsorship for funds, as COVID-19 has put a big hurt on the MAG budget, which over the past few years was sunk into MAGWest to try and jumpstart a west coast event with the same numbers as Super MAGFest. MAG is also now contracting out staff/equipment to other cons for more cashflow.

And finally, it is looking like Super MAGFest in 2022 (Jan. 6th - 9th) will mandate proof of COVID-19 vaccinations, despite many staffers objecting to such a practice, as there is no definitive way to verify that vaccination cards are indeed genuine. Any objectors in the MAGFest Discord, are hit with the "no politics" rules as a means of silencing opposition.

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>> No.10630984

can someone shoop the mag logo onto a heartrate monitor?

>> No.10631166
File: 1.66 MB, 1296x968, MAGLifeSupport.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sloppy 20 minute kluge job with artistic license, but here you go

>> No.10633504

Pax south is done. They may move it from texas but its basically done for now.

Lmmfao I cant believe brandon hood ran magfest into the ground. He was cool as fuck and a friend at one time but went full sjw after getting married and acts like he doesnt know any of his old friends.

I would like to know but have a suspicion. I can tell you some stories about a few musicians and crazy shit that happened at magfest.

>> No.10633543

I know PAX South is done. It hasn't been publicly confirmed. I'm sure Reed will wait until October to confirm that it is done.

>> No.10633715

Yeah they said they wanted to move the location but thats not the problem with pax south. Its the date.

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