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Where do i get his blazer

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i don't know

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In the help thread

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Is it ok to go barefoot to a con?

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Enjoy your athlete's foot

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I wouldn't, I'd wear some flesh colored socks at least.

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I grew up mostly not wearing shoes and as a result, my feet are wider that they usually make shoes it my size for.

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what if you are in body paint then what should you wear to stop it rubbing off?

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Painting your body is your first mistake, wearing colored tights saves you money on paint because that's not cheap and application time, and you don't have to deal with it looking patchy or rubbing off.

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How do I make my own crocs? I need them for a cosplay

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Friend of mine recently fell madly in love with a cosplayer and it's really ruining his life, any tips for getting him out of that funk?
Pic unrelated

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I'm absolutely new to cosplay.
Comic con is 1 month and i would like to try to replicate morty here.
But where do i even start? Which materials can i use to make such a mask + his arm?

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give up now.

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Me on the right.

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muscle suit for the arm
paper mache for the head

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>girl gets groped
>the men around her do nothing


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I'm not even sure what this is trying to get at

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then you might have your own head way too deep into your asshole
>/pol/ vs tumblr
>somebody gave them those ideas

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She was the female who jumped at her friends aid.

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That's what I thought, but I was a little confused because the corporate dinosaur wasn't also preying on the tumblr dog for money so I thought maybe it was making a more specific point than that. Thank you for confirming though.

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btw if you think I'm an incel, I'm the farthest thing from it possible. I'm honestly just kind of slow.

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So is Kaizucon seriously going to be the next big thing?

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Well since the jackeens don't be able to hold a con together for more than five minutes these days I guess

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What happened with J Con? I know after Erikakon they kind of tried moving the scene there

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Still going but I didn't hear great things from people who went last year

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How do you go about when posing for a picture? Like how do you decide which pose you're going to do? Do you feel awkward or lost?
I know this must seem like a uncommon topic but I don't want to look like a complete retard if someone by any chance asks for a picture of me.

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I usually think about what poses to do before the shoot/start thinking about location and poses around when I get a date pinned down, but even so, I'm not the best at posing. I also take photos of my friends in and out of cosplay for fun, and I find that I'm much better at posing them than I am at posing myself. Beyond that, I think I pose my body alright, but I'm not the most attractive and my face only really looks decent from certain angles/with certain expressions, but for some reason, I can never seem to recall enough to know what to do with my FACE when being photographed. D:

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I research all the official art of the character as well as other cosplayers and fanart, pick some poses, and just practice them in the mirror before the con.
As long as you get one or two poses down I think you'll be ok for hall snaps.
If I'm doing a shoot I'd practice switching between as many different poses as I can. Otherwise my mind just goes blank after a few shots, especially cause some photographers don't give much direction.

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Elite Cosplay has a good series of posing videos on Youtube

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i mostly cosplay video game characters so im autistic enough to remember animations and poses and just replicate that, added with confidence and good body posture

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ITT: jfash monster coords from casual to OTT. monsters can be demons, oni, ghosts, undead, etc., but no fairies, angels, or elves, please. show me your scary-type creature looks.

i have about 50 pics to dump that will include masculine and feminine coords. i will start by posting more casual, punkish coords and some very simple outfits. i will post more elaborate coords along the way, up to full No.96-style with prosthetics.

please dump your own also!

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Bone mask tag maybe?

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try #モンスター (monster) or #no96 to get started, maybe

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>Japanese twitter handles are generated by password makers
Completely offtopic but why?

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idk it's either that or they just let their cats walk across the keyboard

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Does anyone remember Floretta?

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some living doll turned edgy neo-nazi or some shit. check lolcow.

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Is she self posting or is this a really stale vendetta? Hadn't heard about her for years until suddenly lolcow brought her up this week

She's a Stacy now

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I remember her, but it isn't really /cgl/ related. She was just another kota copycat bandwagoner. She was cute though and I liked her pics, but nothing more than that.

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Who is she? does she have any videos?

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>Who is she?

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costhots are one in a million if you're looking for something to jack off to. it's not worth making a whole thread over.

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Hello so i have been recently very lost about what anime character i should cosplay since im 165 cm, so what is the most suitable anime character for me to cosplay keep in mind that i want to cosplay a character that is somewhat close to my look

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What are some good cosplays for me and my wife?

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She should cosplay this


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Someone who uses the catalog to find the suggestion thread instead of making a new thread just for himself

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the first thing I thought about was pokahontas and john smith, imagine the sex bro

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>trying to bait fat white girls
Admirable goal, only if this wasn't a desolate board mostly populated by trannies

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You look very cool together. I was looking for a girl with such a hobby for two years( It was difficult since they were young and didn't want a serious relationship. I had to use a dating site to find a mate - https://ladadate.com/ There are many interesting anime couples for family cosplay, for example, Sasuke and Sakura.. This isn't a required item. The main thing is that you feel free and confident.

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I want to cosplay a Minion. How do i make the costume though?

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It’s going to be a minion version of Joseph Joestar though. I can’t just buy that on Amazon

>> No.10273850

>black gloves
>black shoes
>brown wig
u stupid or what?

>> No.10273922

I want to make it myself though

>> No.10273937

Ok buddy good luck making gloves by yourself

>> No.10273966

How do i make the gloves?

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welp, I’m disgusted with this.
thot just use a mentally-ill man to capitalize, and boost her popularity.

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culture appropriation of incel culture, huh?

>> No.10273427

Sexy cosplay isn't new. Find something else to complain about.

>> No.10273433

I can never take threads complaining about costhots seriously. They're doing it because there's a market, and they'll stay as long as someone keeps giving them [money, attention, whatever].

Also by complaining about this person you're probably boosting her popularity, thereby giving her more incentive to keep doing it lol.

>> No.10273434

enjoy costhots taking bigger and bigger portions of your cosplay cons, DON'T DARE COMPLAIN! SEXISM, INCEL!

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Time for Face Modeling discussion?

>> No.10273283

Why are you remaking this thread when you had nothing to say on the previous one? What even is there to discuss?

>> No.10273477

pretty sure i saw this shit in /v/ too today

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Wtf this is Li Kovacs now?

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She must be late 30s now?

>> No.10273256

Is it just the lighting? It kind of looks like a prosthetic tip to me.

>> No.10273282

I think it's really just the lighting and angle. It doesn't look like a huge difference, the Lightning pic is taken from further away with a narrower angle lens and she's closer to straight-on, the Zelda pic is taken closer with a wider angle lens and she's a bit more in profile. Plus the Zelda one is more saturated so the pink tones in her nose make it look larger. It would be really weird for her to wear a prosthetic tip for such a subtle difference, especially given that Zelda doesn't have a particularly pointy nose. And maybe she or the photographer edited her nose smaller in the Lightning pic.

>> No.10273303

I saw her in person for the first time in ages a few weeks ago, hardly recognized her at first. I used to know her decently well too, enough to hang out outside cons, but we'd lost touch over the years.

>> No.10275486

Is it the eyebrows and fake lashes? Something just looks so different.

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old thread -> >>10261093
Remember, this thread is for questions about J FASHION ONLY
If you need cosplay help, go to the cosplay help thread

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Is there a human equivalent of the big feather headpiece on the horses in AP's Guardian Unicorn print? Googling around the only feather headpieces I could find were Native American-looking ones and 1920s hairband style, nothing with a big feather in the center.

>> No.10274728

(its actually an index not a database)

>> No.10274729 [DELETED] 
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Do you mean something like those vintage feather fascinators?

>> No.10274730 [DELETED] 

https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/587438810/lisali-1920s-headpiece-flapper-headband or something like this idk

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Other than showgirls in Los Vegas, the only elegant feather headdresses I can think of are turbans with feathers from the 1800s.

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Anyone know where i could get a solid white fiberglass mask, for a good price (under 50) i need it so i can paint it for a cosplay im doing.

pic related, what im hoping it would look like. just without the pre existing paint, etc.

>> No.10273191

Wasting an entire thread on a single question on this slow moving board is an easy way to piss people off here. Use the help thread next time: >>10255573

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Is it alright to have another lolita/fursuit thread going? the only rule is to refrain from posting sparkledog stuff

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>> No.10275113

she’s a confirmed furry

>> No.10275116


>> No.10275117

How would I go about commissioning a head like this? I definitely wouldn’t mind spending burando money if it meant I could be an angry kitty

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Lol right. I love this picture. The contrast between sweet and the angry cat. I guess it reminds me a bit of lolita photos with resting bitch face.

I dont have much to say about commissioning, only that it looks like it was made by needle felting

>> No.10275171

For realism Clockwork Creatures are the best, and have a nifty calculator. Stuffed Panda also has amazing realism. Otherwise check out makersdatabase on tumblr and search the realistic tag for someone you like. Oh and rutiko_satsuki got really popular for her semi realistic cats on twitter.

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