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anons what's the dress on the pink-braids girl?

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Mademoiselle something

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Wait im retarded

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I'm gonna cum diddly dum

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qual nome

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How does it feel to be born a woman?

>One shot at life

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I think we can all agree that Halloween costumes were way better back in the day, lets post some.

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It reminds me a bit of Wendy

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Seethe harder pagan.

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These masks are too well made and the photo seems to have some artificial snow; I don’t believe they’re actually that old.

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What makes you think the snow is fake?

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Type into google images "Užgavėnės" maybe you'll like it. Add a weird random term like witch or goat next to it.

If you want more background on it. We've made it more related to Christianity since, costumes haven't changed in style much for over 100 years, diy. Due to still being Christians, we don't approve of modernizing or sexualizing the costumes, like some anon was complaining about. It would be taboo.

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Old thread(s):

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Looking at the pics, it doesn't look to me to just be a weight problem: her shoulders are too wide, and I don't think her boobs would shrink much even with weight loss. Not that she is listening to any of the good advice in that thread. Can't wait to see the post in a month going "please help I've ruined my dream dress".

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It’s not that hard to lose weight if your in the right state of mental health. But there can be a lot of barriers that make it much more complicated.

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I never said it’s impossible, but it’s not that easy. You need to change your habits and need discipline to keep up with them and desu most people just don’t have it. If it was easy, everyone would just do it.

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>If it was easy, everyone would just do it.
exactly. just because something is simple doesn't mean it's easy.

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God, this is something I thought I’d never hear anyone say. I spent years trying to lose weight when I was depressed, but when I moved back home with family and my mental state started to improve (even though I only moved home because of covid yikes, there’s a bit of irony I guess), it was so so much easier

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So are there cosplayers you can commission to make an outfit of say an OC and get a photoset of them in it? Asking for... a friend.

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>Use the help thread and delete this one

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Anyone know what kind of fabric Higgs uses for his poncho?

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Also pic related is same fabric

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a thread for halloween coords from any jfash style, except lolita

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no autistic relatives ed.

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Really? You THINK that makes can't wear Lolita dresses?

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please take a long walk off a short pier.

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Just die soup

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What is the deal with soup? Is he mentally handicapped or something? I kinda feel bad for him :/

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I’m Christian now or I will be as soon as I get my package then I’ll just post from Heaven x3
When I was little my cousin was trying to show off his new heeleys and dropped me on my head. he was carrying me while doing his little trick. you bet I made him give me those heeleys. I still have them till this day sitting in my closet.

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Found this girl on reddit. OMG I want her to step on me so bad.

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cosplay wearing knee-high socks

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Ok so we know that blackface cosplay is wrong but making your skin green, blue etc to cosplay a character is ok

But what if the character is an alien but is "black coded" like Garnet of Steven Universe?

Can non-black people cosplay Garnet and should they make their skin red to do it?

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the fuck

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Maybe try purple?

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you already have the freedom, and others have the freedom to think you're a jackass for it. it's not like you're going to SJW jail for being an edgelord. i think there's a difference between actual blackface, as in doing yourself up like the fucking shoop da woop face in an obvious racial caricature, and cosplaying a character like garnet. the fact that there are people on the other end of the spectrum who take it too far doesn't mean that there isn't a seed of truth in people's dislike of it. examine your actions to the best of your ability instead of characterizing anyone who disagrees with you as a blubbering idiot. sometimes it's clearly tacky or straight up racist and other times it's within reason.

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is this bait

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Oh shut up the fuck up and take your political sensibilities with you.

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I want to make my own ryuga cosplay. So far I have a sleeveless compression shirt,a jacket(tho its not white)and boots,id just have to buy tight leather/animal material pants.
I want to make the head ornament myself;how should I ,and with what materials?
>also is it possible to copy the hair-style with the red stripe with dye,no wig,just real hair

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use the help thread

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Yeah what first anon said, but i like you cosplaying ryuga man

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People of 4Chan I believe I have found Belle Delphines old channel on Youtube from when she was 13 years old. Using pictures of her as a child and her School's (Priestlands School in Lymington, England) classroom style, her age (14 when she dropped out so she would have still been in school), and her using her name as the channels name I am 99.99% sure this is a look into her childhood years. Spread this fast, and spread it wide. (btw this is the closest thread I could find that could in anyway relate to this, so yea dont ban me lol).
P.S. special thanks to a certain someone for helping me find this channel which led me on this case.


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Will this be the new cosplay hype for the end of 2020 and 2021?

Do you play thegame? What's your favourite character? Cosplay plans? Why is Venti the best boy?

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I wanna cosplay the brown boy but I'm having the problem of
1. can't sew
2. The person I usually go to for cosplay commissions stopped taking commissions permenately (and left the cosplay scene)
3. I am scared to go to a new person for a cosplay I know will be expensive when I don't know their overall quality firsthand

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I also saw only one good one so far and there the cape is still missing. So I will rather wait a bit more.

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>What's your favourite character?
I kind of want to do Lumine.

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I've been really wanting to cosplay and and Venti really seems to be calling me because I found a really nice pre-order on taobao. Though, Sucrose and Fischl really call out to me too.

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>no one cosplays from wow, fotm battle royales, etc. asian success doesn't dictate western success, brainlet
Exactly, so why bring up Twitch as an indicator for IP popularity and fandom content? I don't care for gacha games and don't play them, but Genshin does have appealing designs. If the game stays afloat and consistently gets new content, I can see it becoming popular among cosplayers.

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>or maybe use the fabric to modpodge onto some shoes so they match
That's gonna look like shit anon

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How is it going to look like shit? I've done this before with my day dream carnival OP and it looked lovely.

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Pics and we can tell you if it looks like shit or not

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Do you know of any lolitas who've been infected with covid?

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This is such bait.

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Does anyone know who this is? Or has full set?
Would really appreciate.

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>> No.10486348


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Thanks anon

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Does anyone know who made this cosplay?

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japan cute fishing girl..XD

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