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Anyone else in this shitty place but having fun at cons? Anime Festival and Anime friends look nice, together with the many gaming cons people cosplay at. Where are you and which conventions you went to this year and plan to go?

Do you cosplay? Pictures of local cons are welcome

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>shitty place
not a nice way to start a general thread, friendo.

But no, I dropped anime/manga cons a while ago, but I still wear cosplays with my friends for photoshoots. Game conventions, though, are nicer.

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Where can I find these clothes?
I've searched for scientist clothes, powerplant clothes, safety clothes, etc etc but honestly I can't find a (somewhat) exact type of clothing like the one in the pic, it's always some scientist clothing I find but with like 10 pockets all over??...

Yes I want to cosplay as a 1986 Chernobyl plant worker, including a Geiger counter and making a fake piece of graphite and walking around with it, and then quote random shit from the series because "haha funni 3.6 roentgen no good but acceptable"

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HOLY DAMN, thanks I really don't understand why I couldn't find these...

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Anyone else having trouble accessing Coordisnap? I tried going to the site on both wifi and data, and neither works. So much outfit reference lost. ;-;

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They are blocking foreign visitors. It works with a japanese VPN.

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Ayyy who’s here? How is it? What are you feeling what are you not?

And overall small/first time Con discussion.

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It is small as shit. Feels too weird.

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That's what my girlfriend said about my DICK.

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anyone get their cosplay props and costumes commissioned?
commission jfashion pieces?
do commissions?
what are your good experiences and what are your bad ones?
best groups to look for commissions/find work?

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I didnt expect this thread to bomb so hard and honestly purely made it so I can find some talented seagulls who do commissions and pay them.
In my experience seagulls have better skill level and are more trustworthy.

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>seagulls have better skill level and are more trustworthy.

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Anyone who's halfway decent at crafting, even if they browse here, isnt going to associate with this place.
I've done armor commissions for people before, but I'm never gonna let on I browse here. It's just an invitation for the salt to find it's way to my cosplay page and possibly lose followers for it.

Just browse Instagram and Facebook for cosplay pages, especially ones that mention commissions.
Ask people at cons with nice gear if they do commissions or if they commissioned, from who.

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There used to be fairly regular commission threads as well as activity threads (birthing of derpy, what are you wearing today threads, ita dresshps..)
I had my worst commission experiences on other websites, while anyone that I picked up on 4chan knew there shit, and if they didnt or didnt complete commissions in a timely enough manner were laughed out by the community

Perhaps I'm just an oldfag and this thread was a silly idea.

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Add me guys I'll do the kinkiest stuff for you

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I'm 29 and in a relationship with an 18 year old girl, a cosplayer. She loves the hobby but I've always had this phobia about attending a con with her because I feel like other people would make comments and I'd be judged.

Are cons that judgemental an environment?

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I don't know why I know it desu. Why do we know Japanese couples shower before sex? I've never been to Japan but I know it. White women who get a black boyfriend are actually surprised at how clean they are compared to white men. Not all black people obviously, but in my culture it's very normal that when a man feels like he might about to have sex, he will "go to the bathroom" and quickly wash himself.

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This is the weirdest diversion into race baiting I've ever encountered.

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>Why do we know Japanese couples shower before sex?
Probably because you've watched too much hentai.

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I want to add: from what I understand, most white people don't wash their butt with water after going to the toilet either. They only do it once a day in the shower.

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Depends on the part of Europe they're from, the bidet is a European thing after all.

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Saw this picture in a /fa/ meme thread and was wondering, would you wear lolita to a first date with someone you've met online and who might not know much about it?

Like rick owens in the picture, lolita might be a bit weird to someone not familiar with it, but then again if you were to go on a second or a third date it's going to come up eventually and if they're creeped out by it chances are they're not very compatible with you anyways. How do you feel about this?

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I also need to chat for a while before meeting up in person with someone, so I guess it would be hard for the person to meet me without knowing what Lolita is.

But, down for your question, I guess it depends on where we are going for a first date.

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You are describing cosplayers, not lolitas

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Ehh, my husband really likes feminine/ultra girly ways of dressing. He probably would have gotten a kick out of it honestly.

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I would wear what I felt like wearing that day.

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Depends, I would completely understand someone not being comfortable with the extra attention for a first date so I would at least talk to them about it beforehand. However if it's a deal breaker I wouldn't date them in the first place. I already can't wear lolita at my workplace, I don't want to be deprived of it in my spare time too.

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Realistically, what can you do if you get "subtle" verbal abuse at cons? A couple of guys at AX walking past me loudly said "she looks like a slut" and laughed to themselves :/

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There are such thing as men sluts. I have a gay guy friend who is very proud to call himself a slut. Also, do you seriously think the guys who say they love sluts just save themselves and keep themselves pure for only one woman? Lol

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n....o? I think you misread my comment

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A lot of girls who dress like sluts behave badly and poison the well. For example, one of my friends went to cons in cosplay that barely covered more than a bikini would, and she was routinely cheating on her boyfriend. Guys have to protect themselves somehow. It's similar to a girl finding a gangster hot but expecting him to be abusive.

As for rude comments, what would you do when other girls insult you, which girls do to each other all the time? Ignore them or insult them back.

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Actually seething over some internet rando. Lmfao

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Hello my friends did a bnha cosplay and they posted it on insta so would you guys like it please thx


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Hey guys, I'm about to cosplay for the first time and I'm slowly gathering the materials I need. I already have an ear-piercing.

Since JoJo doesn't have any color palhettes and my suit will be BLUE, which ear piercing would fit the blue palette?

The toy uses a yellow piercing in the blue suit. The anime which Giorno uses mostly the pink suit it's green if I recall correctly.

I'm between options 1, 2 and 3 and I suck at color theory. I want to make something beautiful. Thanks in advance.

P.S.: Using my thread for another question - this is an anonymous board, but can we post pictures of ourselves in cosplay here or is it a ban?

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Reference pic.

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Can you asshole newfags use the catalog and help threads for once in your lives?

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Anyone planning on going to Animefest in Dallas this weekend?

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I'm here. Had loads of fun so far

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That was fun. Afest is always fun. Nothing to talk about though, just solid fun.

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Still in shock I got to meet Yoshitoshi Abe. Good shit, thanks afest.

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where can i find a wig like this/one to style like this?

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In the help thread

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I have a mintymix wig that looks like this

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Don't spoonfeed retards.

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Gimme a kiss

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Dear /cgl/.

Im amateur photographer than works hard to be better. I like making cosplay pictures and sharing them with models, usually for personal satisfaction but also to give something to the community and it's really nice to see somebody made happy by good picture. Therefore, I want to learn what kind of photo editing most cosplayers want.

I wanted to ask you then, what do you expect from photos you receive? What kind of edits cosplayers like? Intense colors or more realistic? Bloomed or more contrast? Full body or dynamic close up?

Thanks for any replies!

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To be honest, when I asked at /p/, one professional cosplay photographer said that my post processing is either none or amateur so before I start to dig in more, I wanted to understand target audience better. Myself, I don't like too much changes and prefer to setup everything at the moment of photo shooting and do slight corrections like cropping or noise removal later but at the same time cosplayer themselves might expect stuff like blooming or skin smoothing.

Normally when I sent photos (or link to them as I usually upload to my own site - I don't have FB/IG) via email, I rarely get replies so I assume they didn't went out as expected.

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If you know the series and character, I'd recommend doing it based on that.
Intense character? Intense lighting and contrasts. Bubbly character? Bloomed and less realistic. That being said this is a lot of effort for obscure shows, but a quick Google search + visual cues from the cosplay itself would be great.
Naturally, you should also ask the person as well.

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i would say look at photos you like and try to incorporate what you like about them into your own style. from working with cosplayers myself i find that most like a variety of up close and full body, maybe some detail shots. i always ask them what they want to show off about the cosplay if its something they've made

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you should also really make an instagram. when cosplayers are happy with the pics they'll link back to your account! then you'll know whats working and maybe get some more clients!

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Okay then. I mostly shoot at cons so far, never had personal session before and most models were nervous and many surprised that somebody want to make their photos. With very few had actual longer conversation about what they want to do and it turned out visibly better than other pics.


Sadly, when I tried making IG, account got blocked right away after creation. I didn't had a chance to enter any info, except than (real) name and surname and email at creation itself. Didn't receive email about making account either. IG didn't respond to any form of contact about this matter either.

I know that they are trying to fight with fake accounts but this is simply not fair.

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I don't want to anymore edition

Previous thread: >>10235219

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Did you have a lot of fun at the con? If so, it’s probably post con blues. The come downs are especially nasty after a really good time.

Did you not have fun, and wished you put yourself out there more and made the most of your time? Possibly post con blues.

If you had a typical amount of fun, maybe it’s real depression. Good luck with the job hunt!

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It was pretty fun this year, I'm a bit surprised and sad at how much I liked wearing the new cosplay since I only wore it for a day and won't be able to wear it again anytime soon since I intended for this to be my last con for the year. I guess the con was a nice breath of fresh air that I really needed at the moment but now that it's over it's back to trying to deal with the same frustrating things that drain me on a daily basis. Thanks though anon, I really appreciate it. Hopefully I'll get something soon.

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Dear gull, remember that no matter how 'good' or 'adoring' a customer is... you have every right to 'ban' their ass if the behavior in question is making you uncomfortable.

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I have good feels to share. I bought my DD a week ago but it was missing an item the seller just messaged me telling me she found the missing item. I'm so happy right now I could scream

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If you'd purge everything in your wardrobe that you haven't worn for 2 months or longer, how much would still be left?

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I also wear lolita in hot af subtropical weather and it's Not Great. The fact that you're ok wearing cardigans and shit in 40C kinda makes you a freak.

>> No.10242708

my winter clothes. But I need those for later in the year. The weather goes from -10 F in winter and 80's-90's F

>> No.10242740

I'm in the same position. I try to wear everything regularly but it's all according to the season here honestly. Some things are just too thick for summer weather and some are too thin.

>> No.10242812

same anon, I sweat like a waterfall in anything slightly warm. I think it's definitely a hormonal problem for me that needs to be checked out, but for now I only wear lolita on the "cooler' days of summer even though my forehead drips. It's very uncomfortable and ruins my self esteem :^c

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Literally none. I haven't work lolita since Spring of 2018 because quarter life crisis.

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Post your lineups

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Bandai panel was legit if you're a gundamfag. Also, you posted my friend.

>> No.10243155

>it's another deeply regretting not having attended more things episode
Every time

>> No.10243365

Otakuthon this year was a good fucking time. Amazing con and great room party. Just gonna drop a link to the Canadian /cgl/ Discord. Join and stay connected with other Gulls across Canada


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Yes, I dropped in for a while so I could be awkward with other people instead of being awkward by myself. Definitely the highlight of the con for me and I'm glad I got to meet people at all.

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Post old snaps, resources, old school media, etc

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This one makes me genuinely happy and i despise pigtails esp high


Thank you for your contribution,anon,very nice

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That facial expression is prime reaction image material

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>that keroro gunsou clip

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Not a regular here, Is it true that cosplayers and other people have orgies at conventions?

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gr8 b8 m8

>> No.10240759

it's a meme
the last orgy was a fat girl slamming her ass on a cake

>> No.10240765

that girl is gay

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