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this is a thread for jfash coords for two (or more) people that can work for Halloween-themed events. i'll post stuff from all over current alternative jfashion trends, and i will include specific character coords as well as just casual Halloween fashion.

sometimes, even if you have different fashion styles, a coherent theme can bring you two together. like this pair look, which is reminiscent of "Hades and Persephone"

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red and blue often are good motifs, recalling the story of red and blue oni. similar or identical coords that differ only in red vs blue color elements are an effective choice

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another common theme is the Witch and Familiar

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What are some the worst makeup jobs you've seen on a cosplayer?

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they got like a whole thread on this already >>10244022

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Ooh, never knew. Thanks!

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Con crunch edition.

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I'm not even a feminist and I'd be considered a TERF. Don't worry about it. Trans "women" are not women.

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Just super obvious, that's all.

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I don't hate trans people but I hate that they've co-opted the American Democratic party at the expense of traditional issues like the environment, labor rights, healthcare, etc., and that they've managed to turn themselves into some kind of unassailable social super-class who get a free pass on anything because of their orientation and who have personal armies of enablers who'll mass attack anybody who dares criticize them on anything even if it's entirely unrelated to being trans.

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Nayrt but I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks this way.

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>turn themselves into some kind of unassailable social super-class who get a free pass on anything because of their orientation and who have personal armies of enablers who'll mass attack anybody who dares criticize them on anything even if it's entirely unrelated to being trans
This is also what they've done to a lot of western weeb spaces and I hate it. I find it really hard to participate in fandom socially because it seems so volatile. I'm too old for this shit.

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nice n comfy casual.
things normies & conlitas love that actual lolitas hate
shes so cute. love her smile.
i love her so much. she really does a great job creating a unique and refined look.

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sauce on hat? dont have fb would love to buy one

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It's obviously raining. She is using the parasol as an umbrella so her outfit doesn't get wet.

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it's handmade

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Sorry if this is a stupid question, but would this be considered a classic or sweet coord? I'm not too familiar with old school

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This thread is for questions pertaining to cosplay. DO NOT make your own thread for a single question.
If you have a jfashion related question, use: >>10273183
If you have a Halloween costume related question, use: >>10265926
If you have a crossplay related question, visit here first for resources: >>10239756
If you have a sewing related question, use: >>10261594
If you want people to give you character recommendations or if you would like to give others character recs, use: >>10247547 (see template first)
If you have a casual makeup related question, use: >>10224817.
If you have a bodypaint, eyebrow concealing, or SFX question though, ask below.

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There's some specific tools for perfect 45° cuts, but most people use a box cutter and do it manually.

A sharper blade will make a cleaner cut. Same thing goes for the foam: the higher the foam quality is the better the cuts will look.

Don't worry about it being rough, though. If the angle is decent it'll glue well. Contact cement is incredible. If that's not enough for your taste you can always send it until it's smooth/reaches your preferred angle.

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So I've never done a cosplay in military attire before but I want to do Mads' character from death stranding. I was wondering if there was any good place to buy this kind of stuff for cheap since it all seems fairly pricey on amazon.

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I hate to promote china, but aliexpress has some really cheap off-brand costumes with free shipping (the delivery time is super high, though).

Don't expect any high-quality stuff, but it's good enough for cosplay.

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This. Always start with a new blade or freshly sharpened one. Foam dulls blades quick.

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Thank you for the help. I'd definitely take that into consideration!

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What's your favourite non-dress item in your wardrobe, something that doesn't stand out but you just love?

Mine is this cardigan. It's a nice thick wool and immediately makes so many coords winter-able. I'm also a sucker for fur collars, so it's just perfect to me.

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This AatP blouse. I bought it instore on a trip to Japan when I was first getting into lolita. That was about 3 years ago.
It goes with everything and is really flattering. It's probably the most worn item in my closet by a long shot, except for coats.

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Other thread reached image limit. Post about Halloween meets, inspiration, ideas and coords.
What are you going to wear? Any spooky hair or makeup ideas?

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I think it would be pretty cool to dress up like an iconic street snap or brand advertisement if you can find all the items. Or maybe it would be weird. It would have to be one of those street snaps that's been posted everywhere or from a cover, for your "costume" to be recognisable.

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Also, besides Mana cosplay it would be cool to see Triple Fortune cosplay or Misako cosplay, though I don't think Misako has any iconic looks that people would immediately recognise as Misako.

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>Post about Halloween meets,
My comm isn't doing anything Halloween related. Well, we have a Halloween meet next weekend and I'll wear a spooky coord, but it's at a normal restaurant that won't have any decorations or Halloween treats. It's difficult to find something that fits the theme because my country doesn't celebrate Halloween. I wonder how other non-American comms deal with that?

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Don't we all

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Previous thread: >>10268892

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Victoria's Secret bras are laughably poor in fit and quality for sure.

Honestly all this talk about busts and things is making me wonder if any anons would be interested in a bra thread; like what sizes you might want to be below to fit certain pieces or what bras give less issues with certain cuts of brand items, or even list some good comfortable minimizers.

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>D is the smallest cup size people in the US consider "big" for boobs

Right... but they're wrong, because your average jane doesn't actually know what size she is.
Did you read my follow up post?

I'm for it but it runs the risk of being even heavier than normal on pervs

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This is confusing as shit. I'm a 34DD and my tits are gigantic. Am I measuring myself wrong?

>> No.10275501

You're almost definitely using an incorrect size chart or calculator that uses the "+5" method (bad!)

If you can stomach reddit, r/abrathatfits is a very useful resources for getting properly sized.

>> No.10275545


If I have time maybe I'll test out making the thread and if it gets overrun by scrotes it'll die out anyway or at least no lolitas will want to post in it so it's sort of a self regulating thing.

We can also always redirect simple or basic bra questions to the stupid questions thread.

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Anyone else at Witches Follies?

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Yeah it was a real shame. I'm glad the building was so good for photos. I love having events in more private places like this

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What was the theme of the second day, anon?

>> No.10275427

Oh,so like everything AP has been putting out for the past few years?

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Not my photo

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No theme was announced for the second day. I assume it was witches just like the first day because witch coords won the best dressed award, even if it wasn’t specified.

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Hey, I'm trying to construct an urban viking costume to wear for Halloween with my little cousins. I am about $50 in on the costume and $40 on the sword (yes I know, it's crap quality). I'm looking for feedback on my costume, technique analysis, ways to improve, parts to add to the costume etc. This is my first time using leather and some pointers would be appreciated

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Photo of costume

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Why is there a towel nailed to your wall bro

>> No.10274586

We got screwed when we bought the trailer, the bathroom window isn't fogged or whatever you call it. The towel is just our semi-temporary solution.

>> No.10274588

Everything about this, from your stitching to your "leatherworking", to your dirty ass fucking bathroom, to the fact that you thought this was important enough to make it's own thread, makes me want to puke.

>> No.10274590

Love the feedback man, any tips I should know?

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What and/or when was the first convention you attended?

How was it? Did you cosplay? Do you still have photos of that time?
For me it was some “mall event” in the philippines back when i was 16 in 2008 which cost like $3 in philippine pesos equivalent to enter. I didn’t even know what Conventions were but it was held in a very wide function hall.

I did not cosplay, neither did like 98% of the people passingby. Cosplay culture is barely a thing you can only count people in costume in one hand. Also Bootleg merchandise EVERYWHERE
I’d like to think my first proper convention experience was Wondercon in 2014, sister dragged me and family along. I personally had fun and bought a space dandy print. Ive been attending one con a year after that

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Anime Matsuri 2011. It was across from the rodeo, so con guests were getting shafted for the rodeo guests; at one point they wouldn't let us walk through the lobby because filthy weebs. The hotel was tiny as fuck, too.
Of course I had a lot of fun and thought it was great but it was my first con so I had no expectations.

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I think it was A-fest 2009 in dallas. I was such an awkward 13 year old and I unironically bought a felt fox beanie.
I remember the cosplay chess was so cool and someone did a really fantastic ballet cosplay performance in the masquerade!
More merchandise than I had ever seen and me and my sister bought J-pop CDs that we listened to in the car for the next few years. (ANCafe)

It was super fun.

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>my friend almost made me break my feet, i got strep throat and another friend tried to eat my soap


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don't invite your online friends to your airbnb

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Fanime Con 2008.
i missed an cafe cause i was scared of concerts.
been going to cons since. never missed a fanime since. also chasing that high of being around like minded people (weebs) now its all clique ish. back then felt good to watch 2 hours of anime straight with a shit ton of people. now adays i wanna go to panels and only see anime i have not seen at all with others. i wanna cosplay again and make new friends however..

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It’s 42% get your facts right.

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Not sure if this is the right board for this but halloween is kinda like one big cosplay event.

I'm 19 and kinda wanna be Ben 10 for halloween cause I think its a creative simple easy idea. I have been wanting to do it for a few halloweens now but just havent been prepared.

B u t. Will people think im some autistic weirdo for dressing as a childrens cartoon? will people even be able to see that im dressed up? I dont wanna wear somethin if im gonna get made fun of or something in it. Advice on how to rock and feel out a costume I guess

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Are you kidding me? The Halloween thread is pinned to the top of the board and you still think you’re entitled to make a whole thread for yourself? I hope you don’t get any advice.

>> No.10274279

Yeah, don't make a new thread here if you're just asking basic questions. Go to the halloween thread or help thread.

However that said, I'd do one of the 16 year old versions if you're gonna it just because you're a bit old to do a 10 year old.

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YOU GUYS MAKE ME LEFFEN when you say you don't like Smash Ultimate....

>> No.10274098

Wrong board, anon.

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Yall got any favourite cosplays/cosplayers?

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Yaya has been cosplaying longer than you've been alive and has more talent in one finger than you have in your entire body

How dare you call her a thotsplayer

>> No.10274320

she a thot anon, except it

>> No.10274321

well isn't that cosplay thot-ish?

>> No.10274477

Just because she a cos thot doesn't mean she isnt talented.

>> No.10274482

Yaya is like shrodingers thot. She built her early audience and a huge chunk of her numbers on being a thot, but unlike 98% of thots she's not using sex as a replacement for skill or personality. she's an incredibly talented maker and businesswoman and watching her pivot away from thottery as she ages out gracefully has been a true cosplay success story. also her trim line is great.

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Halloween season is upon us, post itas.

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And of course, you can't criticize this otherwise you're homophobic/racist/sexist uwu

>> No.10275559

I think the worst part of this is that she said she was making a GUIDE when she posted this. Yikes

>> No.10275561

so she handmade the skirt and still put elastic in the back? lol are they expecting weight gain

>> No.10275569

To her credit, elastic can also make it easier to put on the skirt if there's no zipper, since the skirt sits on your waist but you have to pull it over your hips/butt first.

>> No.10275591

Yeah I love skirts with just a bit of elastic in the back, I have a Shirley Temple one that's super easy to wear and comfy

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is this a tranny or a girl board?

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tranny board
robot-larping-as-chad board
thirsty paypig board
fat girl board

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who's the saltiest? lolitas seem to fit into very this dresses though

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nobody is actually salty in this place anymore, maybe the occasional robot who comes here thinking he'll get a gf but that's it
the board is too slow and everyone is too skeptic to let any actual emotion come out

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Littles of cgl, do you like to match your diapers with your coords? Where do you buy your adult diapers? Do you feel sexier when you wear them underneath your coord? Diaper discussion thread.

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i want die

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sorry forgot to type my post

how cosplay shreck?

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