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Previous thread: >>10469844

For cosplay questions, go to the cosplay thread: >>10451980

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Made an order with Maiden Clothing, received the payment email from them but every single time I try and access the card payment link I just get an error message with no further explanation. I've emailed them for help and they keep resending me different payment links, but once I access the NICOS website the same error message crops up every time. I've tried opening them on different devices and different browers but to no avail. Has this ever happened to anyone before? I feel like I'm going mad. I would contact the staff again but I don't even know what to suggest and I feel bad constantly emailing them, I've even sent them the text of the error message I get.

I should add I've ordered from them before and that has never been an issue...

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This sounds similar to a problem I had with the Abilletage website. My email service (Microsoft) was automatically turning the link into a "secure" one, which was messing with the one-time-only feature of it. Eventually I gave up and used my Gmail, which didn't alter the link.

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Try manually copying the URL from the email instead of clicking it.

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I'm eyeing a grey sack OP because "it's more casual, maybe I can wear this casually and not attract as much attention"
Am I deluding myself?

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Male cosplay suggestions for halloween? Ill put face in thread idc, but I feel like you should know what shape im in too.
5'9. Brown eyes. Black hair thats naturally spikey. I like anime so maybe an anime character would be cool.

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Use the catalog, newfag.

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God you’re ugly. Do you have FAS?

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I fuckin hate cis men newshit crossboarders. Please fuck off.

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Why didn't you wear pants for the photo?

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New cosplay self Post thread! Post your pics of finished costumes or share what you're working on

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Only post here sexy cosplays. So this obviously excludes anyone too fat doing cosplay.

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Posting another one.

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Do you make cosplay tiktoks?

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Please don't post 14 year olds on 4chan

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i'm an adult so no

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fuck off back to 2chen scrote

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>whenever someone types 'garners' I always read it as 'gamers' and do a double take
I hate the 'rn' letter combination. It looks almost exactly the same as 'm'.

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How much attention does being dressed in EGL get you and do you enjoy it? How much is too much?

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>EGL Attention
>pic is a cosplay shoot at comiket
Typical scroteposter.

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I usually compliments from older women or get stared down by instathots for god knows what reason

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>get stared down by instathots for god knows what reason
Probably don't like that you can be pretty and get compliments without walking around half naked.

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I get a couple nice comments every so often from old ladies or people asking if i'm in a play if i wear classic. On the whole i would rather do without the comments and staring. I had someone comment i looked ready for Halloween recently, too.
Sometimes it feels nice to get recognition from someone who knows lolita and admires it or wears it themselves, but mostly i hate the attention and just want to wear a frilly dress to the cafe or public gardens in peace.

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instathot clothing is practically alternative with the bold colors and edgy skin-baring cuts, so they're probably just appreciating that you too are wearing something fun

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How important are shoes to your outfits? What are some of your shoe reccomendations, tips or faux pas.

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Goodyear boots aren't cute tho.

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Some of them are very nice for classic or mori-ish coords. There definitely isn't anything suitable for sweet.
I'm a daily so I also tend to compromise on style a bit if I can get better quality footwear that lasts a long time and is comfy.

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Macaron heels?

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The general idea is cute but the execution on those is shit

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they're by dreamv of course the execution is bad.

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This pair of Louboutin boots would be perfect for cosplaying HIM from the Powerpuff Girls. But they're just so damn expensive.

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I made board featuring keypoints from my OC (which I can't draw) for me to cosplay.He's male BTW.

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We're all male here.

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This isn't a board for OCs lmao

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you must be new

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This is clearly some sort of satire because nobody would make another edgelord slutty angel OC in 2020

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Any fans of Abby?

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Literally who?
Go to the self post thread, thot.

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Shes a cosplayer

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None of you actually do Cosplay, right?

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Because no onde did a new one edition

Old one: >>10469213

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How am I projecting? You've proven you don't have any grasp on nuance, which is literally a symptom of bpd. I never even said "kys", you said that to me dumbfuck, proving you act more like the BPD caricature you've created in your head than I do.

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I’m not even reading the entirety of your posts retard. I’m picking a sentence, responding to it, and watching you melt down and project your own issues onto it

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Your ex probably wasn't abusive. You probably deserved whatever behavior they displayed since you seem to behave just like the massive cunts you hate so much.

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Sage for samefagging but I actually read all of this after I submitted >>10477403 and

> I never even said "kys", you said that to me dumbfuck,

I know retard. I said I WAS THE ONE to say that. Holy shit.

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didn't say that but ok triggered-chan
i don't see why any woman would be against feminism in the first place, the fight for equality is far from over

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In this thread we post CAT themed coords or fashion items for caturday. Dressed up cats are a bonus.

Any kind of jfashion is welcome.

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Damn i love ouji

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this photo is precious

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If cons ever return they will most likely be reduced in size so Otakon wouldn't need the massive space of the DC convention center.

Will this ever happen?

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>Returning to that shit hole
A Nuclear bomb blowing up the entire east coast is likely to happen more than Otakon returning to Baltimore.

>> No.10476835

Wouldn't they want more space so that they can have more room between attendees?

>> No.10476844

Depends on their contract with the WEWCC.

>> No.10477077

You do know they signed a 10-year contract with the DC convention center? The answer is FUCK NO in moving back.

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Fuck No.Let Baltimore fucking die, DC is bringing tons of money and support for Otakon.

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In my opinion, it doesn't look good when you see fat legs under a lolita dress. The dress may hide your waist, but the legs always give away.

Very slim legs always look the best in my opinion.

What is your opinion?

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cry more

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Feels good knowing as a male I look better in lolita than some beached whale of a female. I proudly display a huge set of Truck Nutz on the bumper of my ride as a symbol of scrotum pride.

>> No.10476722

imagine being this bothered lol

fellow ana, get help

>> No.10476727

where is this prune thing coming from anyway I literally do not understand
i've never heard this claim in my life

>> No.10476733

You'll always look ugly and ita. Have fun with your boobloaf and cottage cheese thighs.

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Love to talk and text people about how dumb I am. +1 (419) 273-9710

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Citing the pandemic (read:lockdowns) and high-risk and immunocompromised staff and attendees.

Not intetested in a virtual con after the borefest and numbfest that is otakon online.

Glorified livestreams is not a subsitute. Theres already a virtual convention, its called YouTube.

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in short ohayocon threw in the towel for a e-con even though there's a vaccine by late october.

>> No.10476410

I literally thought this was a shitty ms paint drawing until I opened the full size image

>> No.10476420

>there's a vaccine by late october.
"why yes, I do believe trump, a man who lies every single day"

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fashion, fit, anorexia, cgl, movies, music, https://discord.gg/vtzw525

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>cons are all closed
>teens now start to loiter outside in cosplay while being loud

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Tale as old as time bro.

>> No.10477065

Same. Cons were pretty much my only hobby outside of home and where I made a good chunk of friends, so now I'm bored and lonely all the time like I was in my late teens/early 20s.

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y'all don't live in the shithole I live. My ex group took cosplay way to public even before corona

Street food festival ? Town fest ? Christmas market ? They were always there, and in their 20's too, even the black butler kiddie cosplay group were this into cosplay

>> No.10477154

they've always done this. we had an issue with this at the big fancy mall that my local con is held at. homestuck cosplayers would have off season meets there and wreck the hotel.

>> No.10477168

I guess I’m getting old or something but there’s nothing wrong with kids having some fun while dressed up weird, as long as they’re not vandalizing it’s fine isn’t it

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