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>have literal porn and escort ads on nsfw boards
>any cosplay showing skin is banned for nsfw

What did hotpockets mean by this?

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Porn ads on sfw boards I mean

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Post your favorite fallout cosplay fellow Wastelanders!

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>trying to have a cosplay thread on the lolita board

Good luck

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The c is for cosplay. Nothing wrong with having cosplay appreciation threads for a certain game or show.

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Help thread not on 1sr page so I'm asking here

I plan to cosplay as a name

Should I do the $20 aliexpress or the $35 ezcosplay or are both sites shit?

If #3, what is a gud a name wig I can git?

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Adra wigs didn't have it (I looked) I'll check out the others

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Sage because no one is gonna fall for your bait pic

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use the help thread

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>still uses pages and not catalog view
fuck you, use the help thread next time you autist.

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Learn2sage, retard. You just bumped this thread for no fucking reason.

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What are you working on, /cgl/?
I'm working on a hammer.

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I’m hearing it’s a shit show. Anyone attending?

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Morning was a shit show, typical idol faggotry

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Looking at pictures a bunch of people got trampled, people lost shoes, one person said their head got stepped on as they shouted and no one stopped to help. The story I'm hearing is staff literally just shouted to line up at 5 and a big chunk of the entire crowd blob booked it.
If I'm hearing right from my con bros who went, inside wasn't much better. I heard there were a lot of people cutting lines for autographs and getting away with it.
It was a madhouse.

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Didn't they put this shit show on the same weekend as AX one year?

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>See pictures of the Rosalia concert
>The crowd floods and blocks half the Dealer's Hall
Fucking pathetic

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Ζητω η αναρχια....
Ειμαι υπερ σε μολοτοφ kαι γkαζαkια kατα του παραkρατους....
Τα τελευταια 30 χρονια δεν kυβερναμε....
Μας kυβερνουν....
Ζητω η βλαkεια....
Που 30 χρονια οι πολιτες ψηφιζουν
Τα δυο kομματα.....

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yeah same

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Where do people get landsknecht outfits like this in custom colours? I tried etsy but I couldn't find anything very customizable. New to this board so forgive me if it's a noob question.

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Lurk more, newfag >>10265314

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Recommend me some lolita bloggers who make rococo-inspired classic outfits.

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Blogs don't exist anymore

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Then recommend them instagram pages? Pinterest? Facebook (?)Twitter? Ameblos? Any Other website? The sky's not limit.

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Old thread: >>10271326

Thread Guidelines:
- cosplay and lolita welcome
- please list your location and any shipping restrictions you have
- leave contact info you actually check!
- please keep OT or tangent discussions about shopping services and price checks to their own thread to avoid clutter (make it if you don't see one)

General buying and selling tips:
- have feedback ready if you can
- have proof pictures ready
- always ship with tracking
- never do a transaction with someone you're uncomfortable with
- don't name & shame without contacting the buyer or seller first

Introductory tips:

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Interested in any Bodyline print jsks, size 2L

Email me with what you have and your price :)

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Feeler for pic related. I paid 580 euro for it.

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I know a few anons were looking for this might wanna post in the DD thread (I'd happily pay 580 but I'm looking for the green version)

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I recently got the JSK in this colour so now I'm looking for the cutsew or skirt in green too

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Selling a BTSSB Sugar Bouquet Shirring Princess JSK set with KC and socks on LM

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Old thread is in autosage >>10271326

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Selling Vivienne Westwood x Melissa collab RHSes on Lacemarket. 400$ + shipping starting bid. Size 8 (but fit big).


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When no one buys your lewds edition

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Seconding this. Did you promote them on LM at all?

>> No.10301890

I didn't. Have so many people stopped checking LM?
Nah, not going to pay to get my items featured.

>> No.10301891

I only check the newly posted items, not discounted ones. And I filter out the US.

>> No.10301903


I check LM once or twice daily if I am not busy and I check the new items and price drops if I see something in the price drop category on the home page that catches my eye.

Are you sure your stuff is cheap? You could post the price and a link to the BST thread or just post an image in the price check thread to see if people think it's fair/have the same impression of what's cheap.

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Your dad should have hatefucked you while he had the chance.

If you enjoy calling your lover "daddy", then don't moan when your dad wants a piece of the action. You're a younger, prettier version of your mom.

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Con Horror Stories

>at a con making new friends
>meet homestuckers
>I’m sure they’re not as bad as the stories
>let’s give this a try
>one of them was a clinger and became oddly possessive of me
>she tried to break into my hotel room when I wasn’t there and yelled at my friends inside the room

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Wow that poor girl all alone just wanted to make friends and you ditched her

Fuck you

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you're a whore lmao

>> No.10301972

She had her mom, dimwit. You can't tantrum yourself into having friends

>> No.10301977


when you were a teen did you wanna go to cons with your mom?
when you were a teen did you ever act immature and throw temper tantrums?

>> No.10301978


You're trolling, right?

We didn't even see the girl, so we couldn't have ditched her. We turned her mom down lmao. And honestly, if she had approached us herself and asked if we were willing to take her in and hang out I'm pretty sure the answer would have been yes, even if she was at least six years younger than the youngest in our group. But if you have to have your mom beg for someone to hang out with you, you're not ready to spend time with adults anyway. There's so many better options to making friends than having your mom try and do it for you.

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>When 4chan users post stories, be they autobiographical, obviously fictional or pseudorealistic, convention dictates that the post be made in green text (one of the limited alterations to the basic post format that the website allows).
>Greentext stories come in a variety of forms and tropes vary from board to board. Stories can be long and detailed but are generally presented in a staccato rhythm.
>Most stories tend to be shorter and of the “be me” type, these 2nd person vignettes usually take a relatable everyday event and add comedy by introducing an unexpected and often bizarre twist.
>For example, the spaghetti story is a memetic form of 4chan story in which the main character finds her pockets overflowing with spaghetti in an otherwise banal situation.

>> No.10300874

A large number of the stories posted to 4chan take mundane, everyday scenarios as their subject matter. Many have pointed a de Certeauan “polymorphous carnival” of everyday creativity that digital technologies often afford, but how do greentext stories fit into this rhetoric?

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Demon Slayer real Nezuko Kamado

>> No.10300848

That's just an asian in a cosplay bro.

Anime isn't real.

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A thread for the discussion of Japanese shopping services. Chinese shopping service discussion should stay confined to the Taobao thread.

Which shopping service do you use?
Which one would you recommend?

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I use FromJapan for everything unless I need to buy something very quickly. For that I just make a Japanese account on said website and enter Big in Japan's address.

>> No.10301335

I despise FromJapan. If anything goes wrong with your order good luck with dealing with ther customer service. They once ordered the wrong dress for me. They were ignoring the whole situation and refused to offer a return, even though I had countless of proofs on my side. It might have been the case that they did actually order the right one and the mistake was one the side of the brand and they sent out the wrong one, but acting like it was none of their business was really shitty customer service; also since the dress I got in the end was less expensive, so FromJapan actually owned me money in the end. But of course they acted dumb/ignorant and refused to do anything about it. I canceled my account since then and only use personal SS since then who I know will be responsive when there is any issue.

>> No.10301877

Did anyone notice a weird change in their shopping service before? Like suddenly their way of communication and invoices became way worse?

>> No.10301878

>enter Big in Japan's address

>> No.10301904

FJ is ass. I have used Japonica for years on a regular basis and they’ve been wonderful. In my time with them I’ve missed out on listings from mercari not even enough times to be a handful. Before when I used other SSs like FJ or chibitenshi I missed out on a lot more.

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Shall we have a thread about lolita boots?
Which pair you like most?

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i have hoarded many photos of jfashionistas that i think have artistic value beyond the usual coord shot or selfie. i would like to share some. they will include all kinds of Japanese alternative fashion, and subjects may be any age or gender; and they will NOT be images from publications such as KERA, Fruits, etc.; so i hope there will be good inspiration for a variety of seagulls.

this is a continuation of 2 prior threads, which reached the image cap:


in the last thread, i shared trends such as close-ups (>>10293442), faceless portraits that can preserve anonymity without having to censor the photo (>>10293464), portraits using reflective surfaces (>>10293550), how subjects may be isolated within crowded spaces (>>10293582), how angled portraits can not only isolate the subject but shape the relationship between them and the viewer (>>10293962), the trend of "dining with the subject" (>>10295589), the very popular choice of park settings for portraits (>>10295861), moody portraits in narrow color schemes (>>10297702), and portraits that consciously over-expose or use brightness (>>10300641).

there are some more trends to explore. many photos use color to showcase the alternative fashion style, and i want to go through a rainbow of portraits to see what patterns might emerge.

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blue makes a good hue for black or grey environments. this wooden structure probably was brown or grey, but transforming it to blue helps keep it in harmony with the subject

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Current crossplay thread is kinda dead so I'll just post some open ended shit here

>be me
>wide shoulders
>strong jaw (masculine face)
>big italian (and part Jewish) nose
>muscle defined arms despite not lifting
>unstable hand (difficult to put on eye makeup)
>want to crossplay as akame
>don't want to look like pic

>> No.10300704

>don't want to look like pic
You and me both boss, but you can't do it. Post a selfie if you want but some people just can't pull it off.

>> No.10300705

You can contour your nose to make it smaller

>> No.10300775

You can try characters that wear some sort of mask like K/DA Akali to cover your jaw and nose. I feel you I have the same issue. I look so masculine I don't even bother trying.

Either use a mask or go full macho mode with a beard and shit.

>> No.10300787

How is it dead, it's brand new

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Love Japanese Fashion ! UwU , Can we get some talks about types of Japanese fashion?

>> No.10300619

There are individual threads for lolita, nanchatte and fairy kei. Did you want to talk about something besides those I guess?

>> No.10300622

X3 welcomes! *glomps and nuzzles u* hehe lol sorry I’m so random ;D. What kind uf Japanese(sugoi o:) kawaii keis do you like? Kei is Nihonese for style btw! I wear lolita, specifically I am a sweet loli!!! But I love all lolis!!! I get a lot of fashion inspo from Kuroshitsuji!! It’s my favorite lol. Grell is my husbando X3

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We haven’t had a thread for this in a while and as I got a crazy flight deal last week I’ll be going back again in March and want some ideas of more places to shop and go to (for EGL, vintage toy/figure buying/BJDs and secondhand stores.) For anyone going in the near future or who has been, discuss your experiences and ask questions. The last threads like this were a wealth of information and finding good places to shop for lolita/cosplay/weeb shit is always helpful.
Avoiding summer 2020 with the Olympics and general summer humidity would be smart though.
Some discussion topics/questions:

>Good places to eat that are not tourist traps (other than themed cafes)
>Best places to shop for lolita/Jfashion other than brand stores and Closet Child
>Cute themed cafes that are actually worth it
>Good places to buy collector's items and goods
>Is Tokyo Disney worth it if you've already been to Disney Sea
>Are there any events that are worth hitting up in the next few months/year?
>Different areas of Tokyo and what to do in each
>Good places to see related to our hobbies
>Best places to get legit weeb shit/cosplays/merch and not get ripped off.
>If you start out in Tokyo is it worth going to other cities/getting a JR Pass?

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I’ll be in Japan in January. I’m looking for recommendations for aesthetic cafes in Tokyo and Osaka other than the obvious ones (Qpot, Aoyama flower market). I’m not really into kawaii/cutesy ones like maid or character cafes. Any recs?

Last time I was there I saw some Japanese (I think) lolitas in Marui Annex and tourist lolitas around Harajuku. I wore it in Disneyland but I don’t think I’ll bother bringing any this time. It takes up too much luggage space and I found it kind of a hassle when travelling.

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Reitaisai is in Shizuoka this year, you'll want to head up there in all honesty. Shit's fucked for the olympics

willer bus has a 3 day pass for 100 USD, worth it imo

Cafes as in themed bars or just sit down teaparty shit? I know a few but some are bars where you just chill with other cosplayers and shit

>> No.10301738

I mean tea party shit. I’m interested in bars too but didn’t think that’s really relevant to this board.

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Where's the best place in Tokyo to buy old fashion & craft magazines? 80's and older. I have really hard time finding information in english.

>> No.10301909


I know they're mostly new fabric and stuff but maybe Nippori fabric town? They may have vintage or secondhand/specialty shops?

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