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Wow so edgy. This isn't even Lolita. What a try hard kek

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if you think this is edgy i'm genuinely worried

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U ok anon?

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this is the funniest larper post I've seen so far

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Is this Milk?

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Which is closest to your body type, cgl? Which do you think would be ideal for cosplaying?

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I like the autistic aura of 16

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none of them are fat and that one has the biggest boobs

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Improved chart since op has never stepped outside and seen a real human before

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5 and your body type doesn't matter for cosplaying. You will look like a freak anyways

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The good, the bad, the ugly, the slutty.

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I thought the crown was supposed to make you princess like

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Fuck I really want to cross dress as a maid. But I'm 6 foot and pretty masculine, wide shoulders, and a manly face. I wish I could be cute and smoll for a day just to feel it

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I'm a tall woman with similar features. Just wear shapewear and learn makeup.

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How do you find the confidence to expose your nerdier side when you have social anxiety? Being more open about the stuff I like and losing all my friends and not bein able to make new ones is my biggest fear. I feel like I am going to have a heart attack just thinking about it.

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Forgot the pic, I derped

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FORGOT IT AGAIN. This new captcha will be the death of me.

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I drop nerdy dogwhistles to see if anyone reacts. For example, I say that I minored in Japanese and that I studied abroad in Japan (which is true), the only people that minor in Japanese and study abroad there are weebs, so just about anyone that's a weeb will go "oh, so you're a weeb?" just from that info. After that, I mention I'm into sewing (which sounds feminine but really doesn't have to be; if it's a dudebro, dress it up as you like to make custom streetwear). Sewing + being a weeb is a flag for being a cosplayer/interested in it.

Another common method is to bring up more normie examples and then drop progressively more and more "deeper" examples. If I like to game, I'm not going to come out and say that I like to play something niche, I'll start out with Call of Duty and then talk about niche-r and niche-r examples.

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Honestly normie don't cares, and on the opposite are sometime curious about those kind of creative hobbies. Just don't be creepy or obsessed about it.
If anyone would make a fuss on a hobby, then it's not probably a good friend to start with. Most people don't really care

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Go into some online group full of nerds. It's that simple. Forums, chats, facebook groups, whatever. That's the easiest way to meet other geeks.

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Can we have a good old thread for nice gothic lolita coords? I’ll begin by posting my favourites.

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doesn’t look like anyone else is going to do this, so here goes.

If I miss any or do any repeats, I apologize. The last anon’s posting format was a bit confusing. I will be omitting captions for both my sanity and time-saving purposes.

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Dump anon, while I appreciate you posting, the thread has saged so dumping is pointless now.

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Yeah didn't notice the limit was hit early on in the dump but whatever someone can repost in a new thread or not

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What’s the point of posting when you can barely see the coord because of the shitty edit? Also those tights don’t match at all


This is really cute and the trainers actually work!

Also rough, the colours just do not go together, pick the red or the blue, not both it looks messy

Very cute and polished

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Tbf most models are in fact hideous.

This bitch literally looks like a troonish troglodyte.

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new thread >>10688454

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I'm wanting to do a genderbent cosplay of Coconut from Nekopara. I am having a hard time figuring out what the male fashion equivalent of pic related would be. I already made the cat ears, got the heterochromia contact prescription, and made the cat bell choker. The outfit is the only thing holding me back, so I'm hoping to find some advice on what the genderbent outfit would be. I could ditch the genderbent angle and do crossplay instead; but I'm not looking for that experience.

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Boring characters like this are impossible to crossplay. No one is gonna recognize you when you have jean shorts and a pink shirt on.

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we have a thread for that. search the catalog next time >>10650530

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What are some good cosplay ideas for a medium build bald men with a beard? I'm kind of getting tired of going everywhere as Aang.

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Walter White

>> No.10687291

Lex Luffa

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>I'm kind of getting tired of going everywhere as Aang.
Tenzin then

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bald and beard is cringe. go full shave

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shave, carry around a cowbell and scream at unsuspecting drummers it'll be great

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Last one >>10677283

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desu you should just learn to sew. it's not a complex shape. if you absolutely refuse to learn, maybe try etsy

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Where can you get generic patterned socks? I'm looking for vertical stripes and diamonds. I know AatP does them but they're never in the colours I want.

>> No.10691010

anywhere??? just google the pattern you want?

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Well maybe I'm having really bad luck because all I can find are either horizontal stripes /argyle (not what I'm looking for) and costume-y stockings.

>> No.10691028

Try a lingerie store

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As a normally fairly masculine guy how much can you reasonably get away with crossdressing?
I know it will be gay, but how gay and could it be too gay?
Carneval (european haloween) is coming and i like to prepare shit before the end of january, i know (normally masculine) people who have crossdressed for it before and nobody holds it against them at all.
Could i get away with it without it staining my life for the next few years?

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we have a crossplay thread. look at the catalog before posting a new thread >>10650530

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It's getting closer and closer to the time when ANYC is finally upon us.
Anybody have any plans? Expectations? Hopes? Any particular cosplays you're planning or making, or any nearby after parties you wanna go to? Any artist ally folk? All discussion is welcome.

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What meet-ups are people interested in going to?

>> No.10690918

Going to the smt one and my gf wants to go to the AoT and Sailor moon ones

>> No.10690969

will there be a rave?

>> No.10691048

Gonna be at the naruto one, look for a black Minato

>> No.10691102


theres a sonicboom box after party and another with otakus with attitude, i think the sonicboom box one is sold out though, youll have to look for the other one

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Previous >>10676543

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nayrt but there are huge supply chain issues rn in like everything cars clothes etc

>> No.10690966

It actually kind of pisses me off that they are releasing a lookbook in celebration with models wearing (so-called) popular prints/series. It's as if they are directly saying "look at all this great stuff you can't buy anymore!"

AP hasn't run into any disasters so far though. There haven't been any major delays with the MTOs they've offered. If supply chain issues were actually bad enough, we wouldn't even be seeing a new release every week.

>> No.10690968

>There haven't been any major delays with the MTOs they've offered.

This is because the SC is already done and the others aren't prints. ie: the other fabrics are far less likely to be affected by the CCP mandated power cuts and the garments themselves are also now sewn in the Philippines, which is far less affected by the CCP's shit policies that have totally wrecked production speed. Covid hasn't helped, but the number one culprit here is the idiotic policies of the Chinese government in the last 4 months.

These things also tend to be retro-active. AP would have started securing materials for production shortly after announcing the MTO, since they took new stock photos, meaning they already had samples made and had selected suppliers for their materials. Moving forward, they will probably end up moving their fabric production out of china into one of the new developing fabric printing markets in Indonesia, the Phillipines or South Korea.

>> No.10691008

anons here usually say it's for "exclusivity" purposes, to make the brand more desirable or something. it doesn't make any sense to me for a business to turn down tons of money tho

>> No.10691044

I haven't bought AP for a while, but aren't most of their solids domestically made in Japan?

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prev thread is archived

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Yeah anon, if you do actually care about them then it's best to not defend them at all when shit like this happens, or at least subtly take a more 'neutral' stance on it in favour of them. You can't defend people on this board outright without drawing more negative attention to them and coming across as whiteknighting.

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I mean... sure, it looks accurate but who in their bleedy mind would want this as a room piece?

>> No.10691032

I would. A lot of people on this board would. All the people who bid would.
You sound like you have a really boring house.

>> No.10691037

Just adding on, I'm pretty sure they spoil her due to her chronic illness. How did you guys miss the number of times she's been hospitalized? Id spoil my kid too if i knew they had a higher chance of dying soon.

>> No.10691041

Careful anon jannies will ban you for drama if you accidentally look like you're wking her kek.

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Planning on cosplaying part 2 Kaiji for Halloween with a friend.
Anyone have experience cosplaying FKMT characters that can share their recommendations?

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You're not worthy enough to cosplay kaiji.

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>tfw will never have the body type to cosplay ginji

>> No.10687588

Is this natty?

>> No.10690836

It shouldn't be that hard, you just need that bitchin' air force jacket

and make your nose pointy

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>Interview with WW Libre https://libre.wunderwelt.jp/en/17217/

Last thread autosaged.
>Tyler was disinvited. Organizers do not mention her by name when doing so. https://prettyprincessclub.substack.com/p/its-time-for-community-accountability
>Anons worried about cigarette smoke at the MGM Grand
>Same weekend as Sin City Anime
>Code of conduct bans "a coordinate or piece from any brand or nationality that uses nazi, fascist, or alt-right aesthetics or symbols, defined broadly.".
>No-questions-asked refunds are being given

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Enchanted Dream Couture will be in the show, which is the one that might put something decent together. But yeah, I was also seriously confused on how half those brands were going to be participating in the fashion show. Especially when they don’t even make clothes…

>> No.10688836

They’re not mentioned on the website list. Maybe a last minute addition? But yeah I was also confused. The one girl literally just makes pins and buttons?!? This must have just been everyone who applied.

>> No.10688842

>you can get their $65 pettis on eBay for literally $10
Glad I’m not the only one who noticed this.
Seriously? Maybe they’re just vending and not in the fashion show, like kaneko. Their dresses look acceptable but a bit shiny. Head and shoulders over the rest though.

>> No.10689156

No, they are in it. I actually didn't see them on the special guests page, but they are on the fashion show page.

>> No.10689219

New thread >>10689175

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Old thread from 5 months ago is finally autosaging >>10607901

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I'm the anon looking for orange, but this is not the correct cut. Thank you though!

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not a dream dress, but a kc to go with my dream dress :)
anyone have the black sugary carnival kc from this year's MTO?

>> No.10690843

I might have an extra one in a couple weeks, bought a set that I didn’t need the KC for just wanted the dress

>> No.10690844

sweet! :D feel free to email me once you get it if you're still interested in selling it to me

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i think it really shouldn't be this hard to find one under like 28k jpy????

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Hey guys! /a/ here, spooky season is upon us once again and I have a question for you anons over here in our costume board. I'm going to disneyland with some friends and wanted to dress up as picrel. I was wondering if someone could guide us on how to make the costumes. like what fabric should we use and if there was a template online somewhere that would help us cut out the eyes. We're not very good at arts and crafts so any help would be appreciated!!

>> No.10683284

We have a Halloween sticky

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Why do you actually date IRL?

Would you rather date a chad nerd or normie chad?

Do cosplayers ever “settle down” or is this just endless attention seeking?

>> No.10683102

In /adv/ there is a thread specifically for asking the opposite sex questions. Useless thread, hidden.

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File: 9 KB, 221x228, 7F870C8B-5FA2-41BF-9A78-F02AD7C3C8DC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wasn’t talking to you loser

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>Is Bodyline even relevant anymore Edition

Well anons, what do you think? We're coming closer to the year of our Lord 2022 and Bodyline still honors the man who brought joy and misery upon the scene.

Do you still wear or buy Bodyline pieces? If so, which one? Pic related is happening as we speak, even long after Yan's departure.

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Recently sold off some basic pieces and accessories I got from Bodyline since I replaced them with better quality ones and ngl, I'm highly surprised how sought after some of them are.

>> No.10688138

Yeah it's cheap and there are lolitas out there who will only buy cheap stuff since they're constantly complaining about how expensive the fashion is. Some lolitas just want pieces to fill in their wardrobe with and don't care about quality or want items they can wear a ton without having to care if they get ruined.

>> No.10688142

most of my pieces are moitie, so i get basic bodyline in gothic/kuro styles to wear out casually without worrying

>> No.10688145

I don't think it's just that, I've noticed it sells a lot faster than Taobao. When a store shuts down there is usually an increase in interest and clearly Bodyline isn't going to restock their lolita things anymore so it is a dying "brand".

Cheaplitas relied on either Bodyline or Taobao but Bodyline has a more traditional lolita style, it doesn't look so clolita. So I think there is nostalgia for the old days of Bodyline. Like it makes me think of the really old Princess Peachie videos when her entire wardrobe was just Bodyline and it didn't look too bad. I think it's a lot harder for newbie cheaplitas who instead of having a Bodyline phase are now directed to Devilinspired which in comparison has terrible hiked up prices, all costumey conlita OTT looking things and a huge lack of basics.

I have had both a Bodyline and a Taobao phase and despite Taobao sellers having way more appealing pictures I have had way more busts with Taobao, specially when it comes to recieving things that look absolutely nothing like the image, on top of having had to wait months for them to reach.
It's why I think why Bodyline sellers on LM usually show a real picture of the clothes but Taobao ones tend to use the super photoshopped stock photo as the main one.

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>items they can wear a ton without having to care if they get ruined
I can see that, but

>buy cheap stuff
is something that doesn't quite align with the experience I made.

While bodyline certainly isn't close to the average brand piece in terms of market value, some people who have bought my stuff weren't exactly holding back when it comes to splurging on it. Everybody's laughing or screaming at scalpers who are selling bodyline in truckloads for, in cgl's opinion, prices that are way too high, oftentimes above purchasing prices/retail prices. When I put up my stuff for sale though, I was shocked that like 80% of it was sold in literal minutes, mind you while pricing them taking scalper accounts into consideration too. On top of that some of the people who bought from me weren't hesitant to pay the same, if not more, for shipping around the globe than the items are worth either. Means if there are people who will gladly spend 20 bucks and more to get some socks or accessories like simple wristcuffs or bows shipped, prices can't be as much of a deciding factor as it seems. So I wonder if nostalgia or style choice like >>10688145 said are playing into this a lot too.

File: 92 KB, 474x693, 1eea900b09c19239c9eacd5282a08c13--pastel-grunge-pastel-goth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
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What is your dream dress? Not one that exists, but one you would immediately buy if it did. This dress and it's accessories were designed specifically for you with the print and colorway you chose. Is it a OP? JSK? Salopette? What is it's style and colors? What brand makes it? Describe it to the best of your abilities.

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>> No.10684952

Oh gosh crystal Tokyo would be gorgeous as a print

>> No.10685479

I want a white, pink and gold jsk with actual jewels sewn into the dress on the crown and scepter print

>> No.10686110

Last night I dreamed about finding an AP jsk at some physical store for only 20 something dollars and being shocked about it. It was white with sax pinstripes and it had red heart accents
I'm not actually from the lolita side of the board, but I am extremely curious if there is a dress like this because it'd be a literal dream dress. Maybe I saw it, forgot it, then dreamed about it

>> No.10686202

It might exist in the future.

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File: 49 KB, 530x430, luxury-crystal-beaded-wedding-dresses-romanticm_530x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Crystal bodice jsk with crystal lace on the hem

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