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With con season and international shipping starting to return to normal, this hobby might start to see a revival in the West. Its popularity never waned in Japan and there are some new trends going around.
Itabag FAQ and Guide:
Buyf/a/g Guide
Bootlegs are never OK to buy and use, don't be a poorfag.
What have you been working on lately? Got anything in the mail?

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End dump. I have more shit saved but I'll wait.

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Old one was autosaging.
>shortened hours, no dance, masks to be required
>tons of vaxx sperging
>no industry guests from Japan, sadly
>anon wants to sleep in a park
>weather forecast is calling for the 90s all weekend
>schedule is up
What are your plans, gulls? Are you cosplaying? Going solo or with friends? Where are you staying? Any meetups?

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Here's some of the programming that was posted in the last thread.

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Cabinet list.

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I’ll be your friend Anon, I’m bringing my brother and friend and we are pretty cool

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>Dressing up like superheroes and Naruto and little maid children and stuff
Quit it with all this nerd shit and play some sports, you weirdos.

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What's the password

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Anyone ever been?

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Not me.

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Not me, have a bump though.

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Thanks babe

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Best glue for 3d printed props?
Pic related
Material is PLA.

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can someone recommend me cute ouji? princely, but maybe with some pastels and some cuteness instead of the shitty dated aristocrat look? no skirts, no dresses, anything else is okay. i’m 5’6’’ and 107 lbs if that helps. first thread here

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what is that

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fanplusfriend you silly billy

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To Alice does it frequently.

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Post candid shots and pictures of lolitas in public

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I’m feeling hella nostalgic so this thread is for all of the drama or incidents in Lolita fashion from back in the day.

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Before behind the bows, there was lolitasecrets

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who lolitafashion.org forums here?

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There was another funny part to her story, her dog ate some buttons?beads? something and she waited for it to shit them out so she could find and use them again. My memory is fuzzy, please help.

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No, that was pinkzombies, the one who had stomach surgery to lose weight and was bragging about gorging herself beforehand. She posted photos of herself in AP with stitches popping out because she was too big, then sold it on the comm_sales as "like new condition."

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Ah you're right, it's been a while since I thought of these people

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No, this is patrick!

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It's photoshopped thot #985684271661 hoping to make easy money off of clueless incel simps.

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"Are you winning son?"

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Last thread: >>10582710

>TQ: show and tell us about your current project, regardless of which state it's in right now

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>as well as how to prevent players from just showing up in loads of kit rather than naturally accumulating it over a few events, if that makes sense.
Are you just worried that players will show up with fifty grenades and enough BB's to snap the average person's spine, or is there more to it? Because the former is trivially solved by including some rules for maximum starting equipment.

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It's more that I don't want a player showing up wearing too much armour to be honest. I'd much prefer a smooth sense of progression from fairly accurate uniform to individualised and armoured-up trench raider, but I might just be overthinking it or inventing a problem where one doesn't exist.

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Made this hood, it still needs some work though. I did cast the moon-shaped button thingy myself, same as the piece in the centre that's going to be a razor one day

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If all else fails, just put that exact quote in your rulebook.

You could maybe try some kind of upgrade system where they can upgrade one piece of their uniform after each session? That would mechanically enforce the thing you're looking for but would immediately get quite rules-heavy. Completely freestyling here, but a kind of sanity system tie-in might be cool. Players start as smartly dressed recruits, and slowly grow into practical but jaded veterans in the trenches.

If you're not going to mechanically enforce it though, the best you can do is clearly tell your players what you want to achieve and hope they play along.

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I reckon that's what I'll end up doing. There almost certainly isn't going to be one jerkwad who shows up looking like shit Ironman, but the thought does keep me awake at night.

I've had the design doc together for 6 months odd, and the more I tinker with it the more I'm tempted to run something a bit more classic first before I run the WW1 game. The idea of running a bronze age game, maybe set in Glorantha for anyone here who knows runequest, is pretty tempting, especially as I havn't actually done much airsoft so don't want to dive into that for the first time by running an event. Something like pic related for the rough aesthetics, lean into the dragon pass/celt look more than the Greek stuff.

Looks good anon, what's it for?

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Would it be easy to be a sexual predator at cons. Every time you lewdly touch someone and immediately apologize and blame it on the cosplay's bad visibility is it possible? Asking for a friend.

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You don't have to go that far back. Around about 2007 right before social media exploded.

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You wouldn't be as subtle as you think. People would know what you were doing.

But >>10653743 may point to something important, it might depend on your gender. It's probably easier for females to be sexual predators

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No one ever liked that even back then. Ive kicked scrotes in their dicks and i will gladly still do it

>> No.10653885

thank god more scrotes are being raped. Shoutout to female and male predators abusing teenage boys

>> No.10653901

I would say the same applies to staffers in general. Guests are even worse. The worst offenders are sleazy VAs and con DJs.

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What's the rationale for girls cosplaying as male characters? What are the reasons they do?

Guys would you make out with a cute girl cosplaying as a male character? Last anyone know who are those characters?

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Girls make for better guys than guys do. Scrotes are obsolete.

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idek … most of the male characters in sengoku basara have the BODIES of men

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because I'm gay and I like the female attention, retard-chan. Also I suit them better personality-wise.

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Same reason some guys crossplay as girls. Because they think they're cute.

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suaki.rin on instagram ...

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Let's go! Kino is back on the menus, texas friends. anime fest is go

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Anyone else feel like this was out if left field? They announced they canceled 2021 back in April and then announced its on for a week before Christmas 4 months out???

>> No.10654092

they did say they were going to try to do it this year. just the previous date was canceled.

>> No.10654124

They were probably forced to run it in 2021 by the hotel. If they don't take place, they have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages, causing AnimeFest to go bankrupt.

>> No.10654125

It's not the bloated monstrosity of the masses that A-Kon's become.

>> No.10654200

Typically the contacts are for the dates agreed to, and if they somehow had a clause to postpone why not announce that when you cancel? Why wait until so close to the event to announce its happening?

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Post 'em

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Ok aside from the fact that she looks like string wrapped ham what is it with black and wannabe black women and not blending out their fucking eyeshadow

>> No.10654606

Me too bestie. Me too.

>> No.10654607

Someone tell the foundation that one of the entities escaped

>> No.10654673

genuinely worried for her health desu

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Aesthetic preference

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Has your corset arrived yet?

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Haven't seen a mail thread for a little while. Share your recent purchases!

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Here's what I'm waiting for at the moment. Very excited to receive Hawase Doll!

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Plus a small Taobao order and some random accessories

>> No.10653424

other than the pink blouse, this is great anon, nice taste.

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haven't been buying much lately because im saving up for my first out of north america vacation, but i got these two recently

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Mostly accessory haul because I don't have enough, but I found these skirts and couldn't resist. AaTP 3 way headbow is massive irl and the red x White headbow is actually black x white, couldn't find stock photo.

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Explain why the catalog is full of Lolitas? What's the appeal aside from "Mee cute" is there something more to it?

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we like frills. that's literally it.

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I'm a dude. I like lolita because it's more fun and interesting than the standard archetypes of modern dress of
>Art Hoe
>The 1950s with a twist.
>Sweatpants and uggs
>active wear
>clubbing attire
I like history and lolita has very obvious Baroque and Rococo influences. I like that it's a serious hobby and not a trend. It's like the model trainset but for women; the level of quality for lolita things is nice because...high quality things are just nice? I don't know how to explain it. I can appreciate craftsmanship and effort without actually needing to like the thing. Niche hobbies are just interesting to observe.

But in the same way I'm not going to buy a model trainset, I'm not going to buy a dress. I'll just ask my friend who has a model trainset my questions when they come and listen to him when he wants to splurge model train information.

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t. salty ass cosplayers and moids
Try dying mad about it.

>> No.10654408

You will always be a sad, bitter, balding incel who can't have sex.

>> No.10654424

I like gothic lolita because it allows me to express certain feelings and keeps me away from things related to sex in this terrible coombrained world.
I love the bittersweet, the somewhat innocent feel, the romantic style, the themes, the culture around it, the music. Not gonna lie, at times I had the feeling it was a bit tacky, but it really isn't and nothing compares to it in terms of alt fashion imo.
Gonna get a lot of hate for what's about to come next, but as a trans girl it serves as a distinction and complete dissociation from what a lot of other trannies do, aka sexualize themselves as hard as possible and sell their bodies.
It's also something I would like regardless of gender and stuff, because of the themes.
Classic is the second best, but I just haven't experimented much with it yet
Sweet is pretty but I don't really feel it represents me and my feelings and stuff

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I've always had that question, maybe someone can answer

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