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hey fellow leafs anon,

why are you not investing in HMMJ and other cannabis ETF?

why ETF? Because it's hard to time the market. Just buy the market and dollar cost average.

Cannabis will only grow in the next ten 30 years. It's like buying pharmaceutical companies when they first came out in the 1930s.

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I bought some IGC shares on Robinhood. Did I do it right?

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yes, if you are a pajeet.

we are all going to make it.

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anyone project this to grow? seems like it hasn't done much in 5+

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what is IGC?

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weed stocks are a speculative bubble that are already bursting, enjoy holding my bags though

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I'm balls deep in Aurora Cannabis.

I believe they will be the premier global marijuana company.

How big do you believe the entire market will get after legalization? 100 billion?

Remember, at its peak, crypto was at 800 billion with bitcoin at about 400 billion.

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What do you think of the Shopify stock?


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Its not like that at all, nor as lucrative.

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i've been interested in investing in Canada's MJ markets. how do i do this without getting scammed?

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I just told you. Buy ETF which has a asset of companies not just 1 company.

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Don't listen to this faglord, if you buy individual stocks you will get a much better return.


Any top 3 pick is great right now. Canopy Growth, Aurora, and Aphia are all great. One of these companies will be the next Philip Morris.

Remember Altria (Philip Morris) is still the best returning security in history if dividends, splits, and spin offs are included. This could literally make you rich just like it made Philip Morris' secretaries rich in the 80's.

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I'll do research from this. Thanks anons

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this, wait off on the weed stocks a bit
crazy growth, good stock to pwn
id hold off a bit on some of those, right now canopy for example has a market cap close to that of air canada (and higher when the stock was trading in the 30s) when air canada has 2.4b in revenues 300m profit canopy has 40m revenue losing money for now

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This isn't an Airline stock. You can't compare it to anything right now as it is a brand new industry.

If you wait to buy until there are reasonable valuations, you're going to miss out. I believe the 500x P/E ratio is valid considering the massive growth potential.

Also, it's a huge meme. Bitcoin, the ultimate meme, hit 400 billion market cap and it produces literally nothing and has no tangible assets.

That is enough basis for the marijuana industry to at least hit 100 billion from meme power alone.

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Friendly reminder that the legalization on July 1st is far from a done deal. There is a lot of pressure, with good reason seeing the state of readiness, to delay things for a while or opt out. Weed stocks are shilled a lot, so I'm guessing some are starting to be valued fairly high, but what happens if legalization falls through?

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500 P/E? Jesus I don't let stocks with a P/E of 13 or above in my portfolio. How will they massively grow their revenue to justify that?

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HealthEquity had a P/E of 100x because HSAs are a new industry. It was growing 50% YoY.

Marijuana companies could see 100%-400% growth YoY.

In comparison, Twitter, Snapchat, and Redfin all have negative P/E. Weed stocks are valued at a better price than these meme tech companies.

Really makes you think.

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weed stocks are gonna flop desu i dont see them beating the black market

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There have been two hype based spikes. One last March/April and another larger one from November 17-first week January 18. That last spike retraced 30-60% depending on the stock. Sector is now in slight decline/flat mode. There will be another run later this spring to mid summer.

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Right I also don't like these tech companies. But there are solid small firms with nice single digit P/Es and high interest cover.

Your really relying on massive growth if you wanna make money here.

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What legal weed does already is give an opportunity and a "safe" environment for normies to enjoy the product without having to deal with some asshole drug dealer who tries to rip them off.
Instead they're dealing with some legitimate business asshole who rips them off legally.

It's about acceptance in the public eye and access for the average person.

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$10K is Horizon's weed ETF, 10% in a week, should have bought more.

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i dont know man the combined market cap of the 84 canadian public weed companies is well over 100b, you can fomo in but ill wait to buy on dips. the slightest delay in legislation, or when legalisation does happen will probably dump, ill grab these on dips. im dcaing hmmj anyways started buying it at 8 bucks. idk with all the companies and how much the govt will tax weed what the price of pot ill even be. seems like the market will be flooded.

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July 1st is off the table. Current schedule per bipartisan senate agreement is:

>bill c45 second reading vote on or before March 22
>third reading vote on or before June 7

That puts the law on the books officially late June and open season on sales to commence late August/early September (online sales in some provinces could potentially be allowed right after bill becomes law).

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Those companies have single digit P/Es for a reason.

Unless you're Buffet and can control the company, you're not going to make it buying single digit P/E companies.

I'd even say you're taking just the same amount of risk on a single digit P/E company than a higher P/E company. At least the higher P/E company has growth potential.

4chan is full of college kids who just don't get it. I'm sorry to call you out, but I'm getting frustrated dealing with kids on here. I only come here now because /biz/ shilled me Meme Ultimate (crypto) back in 2014 and I made out well. Trying to return the favor and educate you all has been challenging, albeit, extremely frustrating and depressing.

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Canadian marijuana is one of the ways I plan to grow what I cash out of crypto.

I mean none of us are breaking a big scoop here, it’s an obvious growth market, but I can’t wait to jump in.

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Something tells me Trudeau and the Liberals will turn this whole legalization process a disaster.

I'm glad that most of these major cannabis companies are involved in medical cannabis and have access to Europe. Even if they fuck up, there is still some revenue coming in from these markets.

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CannabisCoin is the only one that might be used. I only have $300 in that coin just don't trust it

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BecaUse the market is in the hands of incompetent politicians. They won’t get legalization done before next election in which Trudeau loses to Scheer. I sold last week with 100% gains.

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I don’t have any money

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This unironically.

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lol dont act like you know anything, what if he has a few hundred k in a portfolio and likes fundamentally safe companies paying a nice dividend with a stable dividend payout ratio. lol dont make assumptions. someone naive enough to say shit like this
>I believe the 500x P/E ratio is valid considering the massive growth potential.
has night to say
> but I'm getting frustrated dealing with kids on here. Trying to return the favor and educate you all has been challenging, albeit, extremely frustrating and depressing.

kek, you may make money buying in a 500 P/E but dont think its because the 500x valuation is fair and youre smart for realising that, its just the greater fool theory. some other fucker just wants to buy the stock cause of fomo, you can be right for the wrong reasons. anyone who kows anything knows they know nothing, keep yourself in check anon, that hubris is gonna just you

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Hey no need for the snobbishness.

Historically markets overestimate growth stocks as you can see from the graph. Randomly selecting some low P/E and high interest cover stocks seems to be a relatively safe way to make decent gains over a few decades.

Single digit P/E is a tad low though I do agree.

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The LPs are targetting an average price of $10/g (CAN). I say average because there will be a quality range, some cheaper than that, some premium stuff more expensive. Medical, as far as i recall, retails for around $8/g right now.

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Kek look at this fuckin dumbass, thinks he knows anything.
keep buying weedstocks faggot, don't stop hahahah

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The conservative party does not have the votes to stop it. Also, this isn't the 90's anymore. Marijuana has a decent lobby with a lot of money backing it.

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thats still quite pricy for the amount of pot that will be in the market. i read an article about a company that will sell for 1 to 2 $ /g of midgrade thats before whatever govt tax. how much % is the govt tax on weed?

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It’s standard street and store price right now, I don’t see it as unrealistic
Quantity doesn’t directly relate to price
If there’s demand for weed at $10/g, then the price will stay around $10/g

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>Quantity doesn’t directly relate to price
anon, do you even into economics?

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>durrr what is demand

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I'm not sure how valid historical P/E analysis is since assets are now more expensive throughout the market.

The FED airdropping money has significantly made cash less valuable, even if inflation is kept in check. Volatility is what causes the most inflationary impact, and if institutional money hordes it in assets, inflation will not be seen.

It's not only that the companies in the market are doing well, but it's also the value of the dollar going down, giving larger P/E ratios.

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*Velocity, not volatility.

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Weed stocks are mostly a meme, the average weed customer is a broke loser young person,so how much money can you realistically make?

Canadian oil & gas stocks are undervalued right now and will skyrocket during the coming oil price moonshot

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> Those companies have single digit P/Es for a reason

Today this is increasingly the case. Back in Buffets day, stock markets were much more opaque and many stocks traded at prices vastly separated from intrinsic value. Today everyone has instant access to EVERY piece of info related to a company, and are able to buy/sell stock with the click of a button. Markets are incredibly efficient today and those stocks you see that appear cheap are really value traps for one reason or another (obsolete business models, getting bodied by competition etc). If anyone thinks they can beat the market just think this: hedge funds today are using AI to scan speakers at investor presentations and political speeches in real time for positive or negative keywords to gauge sentiment to adjust forecasts in their models--we're literally down to pricing in the published word in real time. And whats hilarious is that even the top guys fall below benchmarks in the long term. If your actually doing something that generates alpha, everyone else will copy you leading to an overcrowded (underperforming) strategy

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Boomers will make it so that there will be a big initial surge, but things will quiet down soon after. If you know what you're doing, there's definitely the potential to make money.

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I wanted to call out a few options for those looking to invest in cannabis stocks.

* YOLO ETF: gives you exposure to Canadian and US cannabis stocks. This actively managed ETF has an 0.75% expense ratio. Source: https://etfdb.com/etf/YOLO/#etf-ticker-profile

* MSOS ETF: gives you exposure to US stocks (growers, distributors, multi-state operators). I prefer US operators over Canadian ones, as the largest US operators are profitable. This actively managed ETF has a 0.74% expense ratio. Source: https://etfdb.com/etf/MSOS/#etf-ticker-profile

* eToro's CannabisCare fund: an actively managed ETF with a focus on medical cannabis producers and distributors (includes Canadian, US and UK companies). Interestingly, this fund has a 0% expense ratio and is only available through eToro. It also requires a $5,000 minimum investment (as at March 2021). Source: https://trustedbrokers.com/uk/etoro

I'm keen to invest in US producers as it's a fast growing industry, with recreational use around the corner. Once it is legalised, you can expect to see institutional investors buying in, driving prices and valuation multiples higher.

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