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Did I make it?

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sorry anon, we have all moved on to ethertanks

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I think you will be able to sell every gen-0 for at least 1 ETH so I suppose so.

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no I'm sorry, but thanks for giving us a bit of eth

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Only if you at least wait till the end of next year to sell

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I'm curious since I've been following since the start. Will these actually be sellable? All I've seen so far is that they will be tradeable, and even rentable..but no mention of being able to sell.

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You will make it op

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you can set price in the contract

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Apparently next week there will be a trading / battle update. My eekape will pwn.

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"Trading" and selling are the same thing. Trading and renting are done in ETH. You can't trade mon-for-mon directly like in Pokémon. Check the github smart contracts to confirm. All the battling details are there too.

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Omnom is monmo reversed. Monmo is character from the hentai Fairy Tale, who is a cat based on the real life cat "Monnmo." Monmmno was a cat in West Africa during the 1850s that was reported to have been owned by the patient 0 of Variant Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease at that time. Coincidence would have it, that Monnmo is an amalgamation of the Bantu words "Mon" which means to destroy and wreack havoc and "Nmo" to mean the head or specificaly when referring to the brain. The owner named it this because as a kitten it would shit, piss, and tear up his hut and continued to do so well into adulthood. Variant Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease causes the brain to swell and then the host to die, but not before giving them canabalistic urges.

It was also confirmed that patient 0 recieved this disease from ingesting river water contaminated from upstream by, at the time, warring clans that would smash open the heads of their enemies and distribute their brains into the water so their minds, where the Bantu clans believed the souls were, could never be whole again and would forever be apart of the earth.

It is not coincidence, however, that Omnom is both a water type and a mystic type, paying homage to the warring Bantu clans' beliefs and Variant Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease. As to the picture, I've got no fucking clue why the designers chose to give a rare candy eyes and a tongue, maybe it was a fetish.

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I cant wait for battling

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