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Hello /biz/,
I've created a coinbase account and bought $40 ethereum and $40 chainlink but I haven't really got a clue about how to make any profit, is it really just buying things that are red on a particular day and then sell when they're green?

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It’s more sell in bear and sell in bulk. Too late OP

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It’s more sell in bear and sell in bulk. Too late OP

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You could let someone else trade for you

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No it's about holding shit for long enough until regardless of whether it's red or green, you're already 3x or more in profit. Better yet you should have bought eth or chainlink for $40 last year and be riding nothing but profit now. Swinging but only basing it on colors alone won't cut it, and if you're only looking at days, it's too slow.

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I have roughly 60 k aud already from inheritance, I'm keen to start investing but yeah I don't really know what I'm doing.

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Lucky bastard

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The top is getting closer and closer by the day with fucking threads like these GOD DAMNIT I'M NGMI IN TIME AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH

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What are you talking about anon?

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Quit while you're ahead, your mindset tells me NGMI

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>thinking you know my mindset

What should I have typed itt if I was going to make it, in your opinion?

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Just proving my point

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>selling winner
>buying losers

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Wait and sell when you feel comfortable. You’re probably better off looking at coinmarketcap or coingecko and finding what coins have the smallest market caps on Coinbase and putting into those. Also looking into what you’re buying first and determine if it’s an investment you agree with.

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He's just an asshole, ignore him. Start slow, lurk /biz/ like an autist. Read every whitepaper in the top ten, then top 20, etc until you understand what you're buying. Then read them all again. You should be able to explain what a blockchain is to a 5 year old. As for starter investments, buy LINK, GRT, BTC, and ETH and just hold it for a few years. Buy some XLM or ALGO you wanna roll the dice a bit. Don't make any large investments outside of these until you have a deep understanding of crypto. Chainlink official youtube is a great resource to start with. Finematics on youtube is another good one https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh1ob28ceGdqohUnR7vBACA

Good luck, Bruce, and don't get scammed. Be patient. And switch over to coinbase pro as soon as you can cuz fees are brutal.

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Yes. But also build a time machine to mine and buy bitcoin when it was under $100, then later diversify that into ethereum, then diversify that into link.

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Thanks, what's a whitepaper?

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Anon, you need to learn alot, how to send and receive, wallet addresses, simple shit where you can lose a transfer because you didn't check the address, never ever give out your seed phrase, that shit. I never used coinbase, I just use binance. >>30107630 this anon is right, don't just throw money at something because some pajeet told you to, you have a steep learning curve ahead, knowing when to buy and sell isn't just watching candlesticks

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Also watch out for gas fees on eth, they can be rapey. The white paper is basically a product description for lack of a better word

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so i have double citizenship, greek/italian, coinbase asks me which citizenship i should use for taxes etc. how do i learn which one is better regarding taxes etc?

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If you're using coinbase the white paper is listed in the overview section of a coin. It is right below the green/red part that shows people buying/selling. Just click the whitepaper and save the pdf into a folder on your phone or w/e so you can read them whenever.

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How about just googling each countries tax codes?

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