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My ledger just came in the mail any experiences with this bad boy? Finally can keep my shit safe WOOO

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gtfo with this stolen ass twitter content nigger

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gtfo with this stolen ass twitter content nigger

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>unironically buying a ledger
you had one job anon

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you can now verify funds with a full node but its still in beta. also hope you dont get robbed from data breaches.

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what's wrong with it?

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hahaha OP your seed words are in the pic you goofball!

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should have gotten a nano x. the newer model has more memory to handle altcoins

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I stole all his btc

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Surely it's a troll.

Anyone check those seeds yet? I'm far too lazy.

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didn't buy SALE, ngmi, what would you even put on that ledger anon

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Can anyone explain what's the purpose of a hardware key wallet if you still need to write down your words?

Sorry for asking something obvious ;_;

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Have fun having to continually punch in the 8 digit password as the damn thing times you out within a minute of inactivity.

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You lie. How much did he have?

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literally the only thing these are good for is being able to forget that you hold x amount of coin so that you don't get tempted to sell or trade it

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nano S is so shit, if youre gonna buy ledger just buy the X

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Your private key is never exposed to your computer with a hardware wallet.

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Nothing leaves the ledger wallet without physical input of approval on the device. The seed could duplicate the wallet but physical input on a linked ledger would still be required.

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Holy shit, you think?

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>Could have bought a Trezor Model T instead
RIP Anon

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who else /keepkey/ here?

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signing transactions offline

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copying crypto twitter troll post is a new low for this board

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This is fucking groundhog day. i can't take any more. the fucking ledger seed joke. i've now seen that 387 times. all i see is ledger seed jokes and fucking chainlink. pic related.

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Definitely should have gotten an x

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formerly chuck words

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Hacking a 20 word combination would take forever and the reason why the 20 words get written down on a physical piece of paper is so that way nobody could ever just yoink the words from your hard drive.

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its funny to read, nothing becomes a good idea on this board . everytime someone does something , you get laughed at.

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Okay, I know there are some genuine tards on biz, so reminder to everyone, NEVER give your seed phrase (your 24 words) to anyone else except maybe a lawyer or family member who can then access that money if you die. Actually guys you should all have contigency plans in case you get rekt IRL

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