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You do realise blockchain crypto’s will be made illegal and everything will be run on Hashgraph simply because of the environmental impact right? Game over HBAR won you guys are just in denial at this point
$50-100 EOY
$150-500 by 2023

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Don't invest into a bubble. Invest into the future with HBAR.

See you on Mars.

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I tell you to sell
Other try to bring you fucking shit

>don’t believe in this scam, a lot of trash on biz today
my friend always tells me - want to mine and get income - use not eth ecosystem
>take a look at ENQ, this is top eco for this year

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If this hit $100, its market cap wouls be 35x the market cap for all crypto combined.

Take another bong toke brother

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hollllyyy bot

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Google IBM and other monopolized companies are on the governance panel? I’ll pass

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Kys pajeet

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>39 term-limited companies, members from top universities, each region and a variety of industries
>equal votes
>need 2/3rd majority to pass a decision


>a circle of developers most no one knows

your brain on plebbit, make sure to invest in GME to stick it to wall street, retard

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Also don’t forget the fact they are term limited, they have to be VOTED to stay on by the other companies and they can only stay on like 6 years

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Based hashie

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That sounds bullish af desu, I don't give a fuck about descentralization or other ancap memes.

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hashies, i was doing some non-hbar token swinging to increase my hbar stack, but im thinking of just all ining at this point, do i do it?

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is 50$ eoy really realistic?

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i'd wait for another of those juicy dips if you already have a stack of hbar

no, but the conservative estimates lie between 1-5 EOY

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i dont know, is ethereum dead? does the sun rise in the morning?

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Sub 30$ is fud

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I hold both ADA and HBAR though. I'm scalping ADA to buy more HBAR but still

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I have 103k HBAR
will I make it?

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Does a bear shit in the woods?
Does a nigger steal your car?
Who can say

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that's the suicide stack + 3k

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Im thinking of putting 2 eth into this. Convince me to do it.

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tucking retard streetshitter
you make it too obvious

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I want to trade my GRT stack for an HBAR stack. I'm verified on binance but I've never used it yet. Do I need to exchange my GRT for BTC and then send it to the Binance exchange wallet then sell the BTC and use USD for HBAR? Or is there an easier way.

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I took a bunch of graphs and converted it to BTC, sent it to Binance, then bought HBAR-BTC

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Is Grt dead or something? Biz loved this coin a month or two ago.

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i mean it did a 10x, now people are moving on to the next 10x

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More nation-states are working with IOTA than Hashgraph. Fuck off with your VC scam faggot

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you can trade BTC for HBAR directly

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Okay, stay behind

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Oh I thought it was a 10 year hodl not a Pump and Dump.

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>simply because of the environmental impact right
this has got to be the dumbest thing I've red on this board in a month

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Fuck it boys Im aboard. Sold 2 eth for it. I am now the proud holder of 25,250 HBARs. Sell target - 1000 dollars.

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Do you underestimate the power of globohomo?

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Ahhh iota has cute little DAG. Father Leemon thinks it’s cute

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Are you a burger? I don’t want to get ass hammered on taxes so I have to keep all my Grt for a year

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simple question. if you guys are so smart, why are you still poor?
if you are still poor, why will I want to be like you. i literally buy bnb or ada and be rich than be poor like you. i don't want to be like you

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Great job shilling your bags!

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I’m a leaf. We don’t get raped financially but every few days Trudeau will stop by and rail me up the ass as the mounties hold me at gunpoint.

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because i started 2 months ago, already 10x'd my initial and am looking to 10x it again nigger? also here is the biggest spoon you could ask for, we might be poor retards, but we're poor retards that stumbled upon the next gen blockchain

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I am far from poor.

500k HBAR stack here, its peanuts to most anons here yet you can't even afford a 5k stacklet.

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>t. Charles Hoskinson

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>mentioning TPS


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ngmi, bootlicker

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nah the real scammers are the ones actively opposing adoption by companies, nations and the masses only to be able to continue their ponzi schemes over and over

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lol fucking poor retards

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suck my dick Michael you fucking faggot ruggie

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Thanks for the feedback

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closed source coin

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but anon, I also have bags of bnb...
I'm here to make profit, not to be an idealist retard.

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Why is it struggle today to go above 0.12400?

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open review, you just cant use it


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BTC pampin

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I'm here to make money though

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buying more so when this hits 10 i'll be a millionaire

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