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Can you reliably make good money gambling?

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It's like what biz does except for social people who don't hate themselves.

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>bet 100 dollars on black
>bet 200 dollars on black
>bet 400 dollars on black
It's impossible for the roulette wheel to stop on red forever. You just need enough money to go until you win.

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Sports but you have to watch a lot of tv

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Every day there's a nugget of truth in the thousands of posts i read. Congrats today it's you.

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I witnessed the roullette whell land on the EXACT same number 3 times in a row. the odds of this happening are literally 1/100,000 yet i witnessed it in person.

Crazy shit can happen anon the universe is chaotic

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Maximum bets and green will fuck you up if you try this

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>dont hate themselves

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Poker you can. I made 300 bucks and wouldve kept going had i continued, once on a roll never leave the table as the next day i lost half of it. Buying in with big amounts helps too

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You don’t know gamblers

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aspiring professional video poker player here, AMA

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If its against retards, playing against the house is always risky

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depends on what you mean by:
'good money'

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Professional poker players do, they just play against noobs for a few hours and wipe them out.

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That's true, professional poker players dint consider it gambling, the consider it gaming.

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No. Gambling is the most retarded thing in the world and anyone addicted to it literally has it out for themselves to sui. Gambling is literally the devil and by mechanism is addicting and sucks all your money away. You could be a pro poker player but you have to stomach the occasional 45 buyin downswing.

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Reliably? Your only option is poker because there is skill involved and you play against other people.
Best chance against the house is blackjack or roulette. However I had a dealer hit 21 seven times in a row once, so you know what, fuck blackjack

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Going to Vegas soon. Any tables a shit player like myself might have a small chance at? Not trying to make actual money, just looking for fun.

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Absolute mid-wit

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Cool, video poker simulations were my pet programming project in school. I've forgotten the statistics but IIRC my general rules are
>only play Jacks or Better
>hold face cards if the hand has nothing else
>hold 4 cards for a straight/flush

Is it more or less retarded than day trading?

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Yet here you are chasing moons and buying shitcoins

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gambling on roulette? no
gambling on blackjack? yes if you can count, but most places will watch for that and tell you to leave when caught.
sports - very easy if you follow sports.

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The only game I can stomach is roulette because it's over and done with fast and you either win big or lose it all. It's just like shitcoin hunting.

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Small stakes on weekends. Avoid the daytime- that's when the sharks play.

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Day trading may have a skill element to it that i am not aware of.


Vegas is nit-ridden, better off hitting up the 2/5 games on friday/saturday nights looking to spike some huge pots against shitty whales.


Haven't bought a coin in my life (except bitcoin 10 years ago). I come here because I find crypto interesting and enjoy following the markets.

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martingale betting doesn't work. ffs.

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I've witnessed 14 in a row.
>t. lost $2000

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Oh nvm I thought you meant color.

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All these answers are retarded.

>Casino games

No. Unless you encounter a roulette wheel with no maximum, and have $10k to bring with you, and are only willing to play in $1 increments, you cannot win at any casino-game long-term. This is because of Expected Value. On a fair coin flip, you have a 50% of winning or losing, so if you bet $1 on Heads, you have a 50% chance of winning or losing a $.

>.5*1 - .5*-1 = 0

If you did this a million times, you would end up with a change of $0, or something very close to it.

In a game of roulette, the math for betting on red is

>.42*1 - .58*-1 = -.08

You are losing $0.08 for every dollar you bet on red in roulette. Sure, in the very short term, anything can happen. Red can be spun 10 times in a row, and you can turn your 100 into 102,400 by letting it ride. But, in the long term, and often in the medium term, you will lose.

Double betting on roulette is also dangerous. Table maximums exist to prevent you from doing this profitably.

>bet $1
>bet $2 (spent 1)

And so on. All it would take is one run of particularly bad luck (which WILL happen eventually) to wipe most people's finances out completely, or otherwise hit the table max, and you would be doing this just so you could win $1.

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Sshh natural selection.

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you're pretty much correct, I always do jack or better. I can generally win 100 bucks off of 70 or 80 in the machine, not great but able to make a living if I play perfectly. Problem is I usually drink and fuck it up

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I am a professional sports better. I’ve been doing this for nine years and I have made about $3 million from bedding. I’ve also made about $2 million just from holding bitcoin. I’ve never really been big into bitcoins, but I need to use them for depositing and withdrawing to different gambling sites.

I like my work but it is pretty demanding. I don’t think it’s so difficult that not anybody can do it, but sometimes it can be stressful and the swings especially will take their toll on your emotions if you’re not disciplined. The bad swings of course are pretty heavy, losing what one person mix in an entire year in a single day. But the good swings are kind of fucked up to. I feel it is taken some of the joy out of every day activities when I know that there have been days where I made $100,000 in a single day.

Overall most people will fail because they won’t have the discipline, but for the few who can do it it’s a great gig

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Oh and by the way, most of the comments in this thread are absolutely fucking retarded. There are very very few professional gamblers that make their money in casinos. Some do it playing blackjack, but that’s a pretty hard life even for the very best. Nobody is ever winning anything playing roulette, you would need a biased roulette table, and the tables that are biased get caught very quickly by the casino. if someone tells you they’re professional gambler and they’re not a sports better or a poker player, be extremely sceptical

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Oh great, a Martingale fag.

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i play horses semi-professionally. tons of research and took me years to be profitable but i keep meticulous records, watch tons of replays and studied my ass off. my best ticket, i turned $600 into $90,000 in 6 races.

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Isn’t forex trading like gambling?

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Both these paid off today AMA

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Yes it can actually.

Mathematically you lose over time guaranteed. They don’t build those big shiny buildings by giving back more than they take from people.

Roulette and craps ate 50% and blackjack is 49% in your favor. If you play the numbers you break even. I’ve sat at roulette playing odds and broke even for hours straight. It’s the low probability stuff that gets you both ahead and out of money. It comes down to luck.

The only game where odds are (potentially) better than 50/50 is poker but that’s a different thing entirely.

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What do you think of MyRacehorse?

Also, Any tips? I use twinspires P/L odds and Try to understand PPs. do you think jockeys have more or less that 10% involvement when it comes to a horses performance? Tyler Baze big favorite of mine

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Yes, if you own the casino.

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You cannot win long-term playing Jacks or Better. There are sites that literally tell you what games are profitable if played perfectly, and you will only win at them at a rate of 1% per $ put in, so you're mainly relying on comps and shit.


I just spent most of a post saying why it doesn't work.


How would one learn proper sportsbetting? I could compile a bunch of data on players and teams myself, but aside from taking a totally math-based approach, I'd have no clue how you'd profit from it when the moneyline odds all have super high vig.


Poker is difficult. Most people fuck it up, because they don't understand the math.

The game started in France (it was called pour quer, Americans misheard it), and it was just the face cards. It got imported to New Orleans, which imported it through riverboats. Gamblers added more cards and colors to the deck so they could better trick people into thinking they could win at it. Texans took away the limits, and added community cards to add even more gamble to it.

The result is a game so fucking convoluted, that people build high-end PCs to run $1000 software to simulate games so they can have a .01% edge in $1,000,000 buyin tournies against other 200IQ nerds.

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I don’t have much of an interest in encouraging people to compete against me, but you made a fairly decent post so I will throw you a bone.

The great majority of sports bettors do not use particularly fancy math. We just copy the math that other people do. There is lots of different places to bet, so not every site always has the same price. If you can compare and consistently find the best price on the market in better, you already are a big advantage

In many ways sports betting is more about trading then being an actual expert in sports. I for example may watch only three or four sporting events in entire year

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Nope. Even if you do figure out a system that makes you money you will just get banned from casinos. They will notice, 100% guarantee.

Theoretically you could make decent money playing poker, but for every person who makes a living playing poker there are 10,000 people who failed trying and lost their entire bankroll.

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This doesn't work because the green gives the house the edge. You really think casinos are going to let you win at a fucking dice roll game?

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I have made close to a million dollars playing poker. I have played with many pros anyone who follows poker even slightly will definitely know; 5 different bracelet winners.

I won 8 bitcoins in a new years eve tournament at seals with clubs in 2013 or 2014, I forget which year

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btw I have coached people who never played poker before to make them winning players, women even. I met my last gf on twitch when it first started just browsing the catalog and finding her playing and offering to coach her. I will sell people the materials I made for her. All the plays and odds and how to calculate them etc.

It will literally make you a winning player over night

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my name was jamatrix btw, jewgle "jamatrix poker" and you can find me

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This is way too much shilling.

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Any good I mean fantastic online crypto casino games?

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I'm not shilling anything bud, have fun staying poor though.

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Playing poker is like sitting there thinking really hard for a minute before you roll the dice.

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only at poker (take money from other players giving the house a cut). the house wins at everything else.

with that said, it's degenerate. you add nothing of value to get that money.

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My "crypto" investments has seen steady gains since the 2017 cycle so... yes

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I am also a software developer and built bots. I stopped playing because I decided forex is basically the exact same thing with way bigger pay outs. I rarely play poker for high stakes anymore unless I just want to go to the casino to get shit faced and have some fun. I wasnt shilling I just tired of giving shit tier people things for free my whole life and I have trained many people to make shit tons of cash playing poker just out of the kindness of my heart or for fun. If you are good at something never do it for free. Enjoy being poor though bro.

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Thank you sensei. I shall research this.

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Though most people think it is blackjack, craps is actually the best odds game in the house if you know how to bet right. I am a winning dice player and it is one of the funnest things to gamble at the casino

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Of course you can make money! I have been using the application for more than one month, https://betsofa-review.me/ which allows you to make the most profitable bets at a good odds and also offers its users to play a variety of games from the best developers. The casino is licensed and meets all the required parameters

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Well, no. First of all, I adore gambling. And I usually play big. I just feel it and sometimes make huge bets. And yeah, sometimes win. But is it a reliable way to earn money? I doubt. Even if you play on safe gaming platforms like https://fairspin.io/ or similar ones which are based on blockchain. You can be sure that your payoffs won't disappear. But odds of winning aren't in your favour so keep this in mind and play responsible. Maybe my approach to gambling isn't usual but I think it's safe at least.

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