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Although we are still in the early days of blockchain development, it is clear that technology will radically change the way business is done in industries ranging from finance to government to video games, and entertainment is no different. Modern creatives are smart and careless, always looking for the next new development that can boost their work, and blockchain projects like Earnbet, the first decentralized online casino, where you can play with a wide variety of crypto currencies and generate dividends in a safe and totally transparent way, because it works under the blockchain.

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The world is changing because to the rise of blockchain technology. Cryptocurrencies are not the future, they are the present!

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Cryptocurrencies are definitely the present! But it is still hard to sort out all the information about them. How to understand what currencies to buy and how to use them? I do not think it is reasonable just to keep them in a safe place. The value of each currency is changing day by day. That's why it's important to play with them. I mean, to manipulate them and multiply. I also consider gambling as a way to get more income from cryptocurrency. Crypto casinos like https://fairspin.io/ are a great example. I have not tried the casino you mentioned, but I can trust the platform I play on. And I should say that using blockchain in gambling is a significant step!

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