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There's going to be a one or two year period, after the first couple of major industry integrations, where there is a sudden "dot com bubble" pile on of companies into smart contracts, where the CEO has finally seen "smart contracts" in the business papers and said "Why aren't we doing this ourselves?"
It will have lots of dud integrations and nonsense bullshit, just like the dotcom bubble, but what comes out of it will be an entire new business structure. Sergey is right to draw analogies with SaaS, it was exactly the same sort of issue. The speed at which it went from "too risky and experimental" to "you're fucked if you don't have it" was incredible, and automated backends will simply be too profitable to ignore. There's no moral stance you can take against it, no "it's too disruptive". You simply will not be able to compete with a smart contract powered competitor.

I can't stress to you newfags enough how early you are. How cheap $10 LINK is, $20 LINK, $50 LINK. The "dotcom" bubble of smart contracts literally hasn't even started. Why are Oracle and Fernando awkwardly trying to onboard nobody projects onto a half baked platform? Why are they racing to get this ground level traction? Because Oracle, Microsoft and others want to be the smart contract "App Store". That's how early we are, the app store for this stuff doesn't even exist yet.
And if Oracle, Microsoft et al are trying to be the app store, what does that make Chainlink? It's the operating system. A monetised operating system that you HAVE to use, and you HAVE to pay, just to play the game.
Play whatever DeFi liquidity farming bullshit ponzis you like, but please, please, buy and hold Chainlink and hold it until the entire fucking world is standing, mouth open, at the absolutely immense disruption of the fourth industrial revolution, powered by Chainlink.

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Take your meds cultist

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Lol retard
I'm not buying at these prices

Let it dump to $3 or $5 I might buy some

Link is way overpriced

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help i poo pood

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bosting in ebic thread XD
But microshit isn't onboarding anyone, and oracle startups stale as cat shit

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Imagine being as based as sergey. We’ve already made it frens.

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Thanks for the blog post buddy! Keep them coming...

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