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Alright biz, most of these Y-coins are fucking scams. But they make money. Next up is YFDAI. Let me make it simple.

7,770 circulating.

Liquidity locked in Uniswap until December 2021 -

Team, marketing and staking just locked today through smart contracts.

Staking starts tomorrow.

Rumors are influencers are preparing to shill.

Team has been transparent and followed through so far. Don't be fuckin dumb, biz. Buy and catch the ride up to over 1k.

Uniswap: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?inputCurrency=0xf4cd3d3fda8d7fd6c5a500203e38640a70bf9577

Dextools: https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0x84e34df6f8f85f15d24ec8e347d32f1184089a14

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those locks are better than half these other scams at least. ill go in for an eth fuck it.

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I tried, biz. Went from 170 to 240 shortly after this. Still not too late though. This is going to 1k and above.

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You're wrong. YFRB is the next YFB

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Rakesh, please stop when I'm trying to actually do some good here.

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Hope you bought the fucking dip, biz.

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