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This OIN presale requires "investors" to send pictures of their ID, a selfie, residential address AND their signature on a clean piece of paper.

Who in their right mind does that

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Seems legit

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Exactly, let me send them my credit card number as well while at it

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Lol its literally a chink scam, all of the devs listed are fake people

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Why do they need this?

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Fuuuck that.

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More for me I guess :)

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To increase their scammed earnings after the rug pull by impersonating you and stealing more funds / selling your information for other scammers to use I guess

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OIN is chink team xD

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I think that instead of using a signature on a piece of paper, you could automatically stamp the papers. I always use a stamp instead of a sign of some papers at work. It's more comfortable for me. You could design it on https://mystampready.com/en/constructor/. This is an online stamp maker. Also, they deliver to you your order. A great advantage of this platform is that the delivery is free and very fast. The last time they delivered the stamp to me in one day. I am satisfied with their quality.

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