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I have 250K. Will I make it?

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you will make $2.5k
$250,000 if kek is with us

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What’s the suicide stack

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Try to get to 1 mil ASAP there’s barely over a million coins left in the uniswap pool

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250 k not bad. If everything goes as planned in a month it will be worth ~$700

I recommend to get suicide stack of 1 million which are still cheap.

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I can help you get to 12mil+..

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Where do you buy this garbagrv

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I have 1 million

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1 million is the current recommended suicide stack.

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I can part with 12mil, for 35eth

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Nulink.org i recommend using uniswap.To be honest yes.It's a garbage.And yes.It has potential not to be one.

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I don’t see this on uniswap >>17439580

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find the contract address on etherscan and copypaste it into uniswap

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Never mind I see anon was right

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Is there a discord?

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Just go to nulink.org and the links where to buy is in there.

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I have 500k considering doubling it

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The price isn't getting any lower anon.

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