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How many monero to make it guys?

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an unknown amount

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at least 20 anon

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moon when?

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Depends on your definition of make it. If you're talking about one million plus I'd say at least 100.

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Any price predictions for XMR in next bullrun?

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easily $800

i hold 20

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you mean when in the midst of the GFC bail-ins go global? you do the math...

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I have 26XMR, 1BTC and 25ETH apart from my link stack. Should I become a LINK/XMR chad?

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t b h I feel like just holding this coin can cause you some trouble and more attention. not many people in the world connect to its nodes which makes you part of a very small pool of users thinking theyre anon and most of them are probably doing much worse things than you are

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i have 8 monero when will i make it

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1000 minimum

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1 to 5k$ in the next bullrun

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What if I’m behind seven proxies?

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Don't put all your eggs in one basket! I would invest in XMR, GRIN and STEGOS

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Linky here. I want to start a Monero stack, but haven’t done much research.

Can you all give me a quick rundown? Any substantial FUD that might actually be true that I need to know about?

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World Governments will ensure that Cryptocurrencies get regulated, this will lead to mass surveillance - knowing that centralized issued Cryptos are under their full control. All your spending habits will be tracked and there will be no financial freedom. Don't forget that you'll automatically get taxed or have your assets seized by the government, at a click of a mouse.

Sucks big time that China will have a head start on this. Privacy coins like Monero, Zcash, Stegos, Dash and so on will be in demand in the foreseeable future

This will be a billion/trillion dollar industry, so start stacking this

Keep a close eye on this sector

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Nice Pepe edition, remind me of Soviet Union. Have Monero bags, planning to grab some Stegos during IEO

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Absolutely based and redpilled

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I just don't get why it keeps bleeding sats.

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not sure I don't follow it super closely. But cryptographers and securityfags like snowden have called it amateur and supposedly if you are the largest transaction in the block it is easy to deanonymize the rest of the transactions. Personally I think traffic correlation is easy for someone who can record and rewind and play back all the traffic of it's relatively small network. I had some but got rid of it because I felt like it would bring me unnecessary suspicion, it would already be hard enough to explain I live off early accumulation of dog and frog meme coins.

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Oh yeah and the other reason was because of Japan banning privacy coins from exchanges, UK starting to do similar. If the same rules for banking end up being applied to exchanges it's possible privacy coins get banned all over, serious risk. But we once thought the same of btc too

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All this shitcoin does is go down in price. That's its usecase.

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Dash isnt private, if they can track btc mixer coins they can track dash, it's the same tech. Mixing for anonymity seems risky anyway, you're probably mixing your coins in with people far worse than you. Too bad zcoin didn't really catch on, destroying and creating new coins seems like a better solution

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it's just another inflationary shitcoin, it's literally a utility token.

when will you newfags get it?????????

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literally the sketchiest asset in the world, which is a veiled compliment because the anonymity is real with monero

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buy phantasma soul 2.8m market cap with a game launching on steam playstation and xbox lol easy moon

cosmic swaps
main net live

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I work for a government (top 10 iq country), every coin except for XMR consists of traceability. Monero is the only pain in the ass for a government.

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>what is cash, Alex?

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mooon when?

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Lol at trusting CIA with privacy recommendations

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monero is probably the last riddle of mankind.

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thats a little cryptic anon
i would definitely say the establishment of a decentralized, fungible, digital currency will be one of the largest factors in solving many social/governmental problems. the control of money more or less has dictated past hundreds of years of history. to take that power away from the rich elite could very well establish more peace and prosperity

gas the kikes race war now

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monero is a honey pot trap for idiots who think it's actually anonymous and untraceable

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Is it weird that I see a merchant hidden in your chart?

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fucking based and pilled

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this. kind of like the internet itself

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let him burn.

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Monero will never really moon. It is just something criminals and rich folk will use to hide money from the tax man.

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exactly : ******

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Yeah corrupt politicians would never use it.


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>he doesn’t know

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