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Those who are hungry will be the ones who will make it. Those who actively FUD us will not make it. We will break all of the barriers that you all have imposed on us. We will make sure that you all eat your words for FUDDing BRAP to get a lower price. Our primary Goal is MAIN STREAM ADOPTION. and we will be the ones to do this. I swear to god , that this will be the one of the last things i do. If you are with me... SAY BRAPPPPPPPPPP and remind others that they will rue the day that they ever doubted us.

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Daily reminder to tell Brad to go fuck himself.

Also check these digits.

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>want to buy this coin regardless of whether I profit because I can stand to lose a few thousand on a novelty
>never traded before
>can't find clear instructions on how to buy it; confused by the user interfaces on the exchanges
>no one will make a simple A to Z guide
What if I gave someone some coins (if there's a way) after they help me buy them as a thank you? I just want some fart coins.

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Aside from tonight’s coin burn, is there anything concrete coming into play for the Brap team? Exchanges? Models... etc??

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i'll help you

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I've registered a few domains...I plan to setup a forum on one so we can chat. I'd like to have a whale-only section where only 100M holders can chat so we can plan this out...

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Okay, state what you think is fair compensation and a throwaway contact address.

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There is a guide out there we can share in the telegram.

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Hello sir I am calling from your local cryptocurrency exchange sir how may I help you sir

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No, you check THESE digits

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Why is the volume plummeting?

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I might be new, but I can always smell the imitation of a pajeet
I don't even know how to use Twitter never mind telegram

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wow...how ya do that?

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yeah thats why I want to setup a regular old forum...telegram is fine but doesnt lend itself to long-term project planning / management

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10.000.000 ~ 5.000.000 BRAP

[email protected]

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It went down by like 10 bro, chill out, lol.

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You don't want to believe. You'll believe when you see the shortened brap links on IG.

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Checked the price is like .00009 their is literally only up from here

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Down by 20 ETH since this morning, cope harder.

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Ever traded on a DEX before? If not, you'll need a wallet that is compatible. I use Meta Mask as it's worked well for me thus far for IDEX and EtherFlyer (where most Brapper volume is).

https://etherflyer.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360009592953-MetaMask-will-be-available-in-EtherFlyer-this-month-here-is-the-MetaMask-tutorial - Detailed MetaMask setup here.

https://www.etherflyer.com/help.html - Instructions for connecting MetaMask, Trezor or Ledger.

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Weak FUD, brad.

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E-mailed you, thanks.

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It's a fact, work on your cope game

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Let's do this boys, I'm going to shill tf out of this when the time comes. Iron hands

Brap me up, Scotty!

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following what this anon said...one thing to get about dex's is that you need to transfer in 2-steps...one step to your "wallet" then a deposit onto the dex wallet...and reverse the same way out...this is usually the biggest stumbling block for newbies.

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Binance when?

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Thank you both as well

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Newfags first time getting scammed, welcome to biz

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Ah, I forgot to mention it! The link that point to etherflyer.com I believe mentions it.

Welcome! Glad that >>14688146 is helping out 1 on 1.

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np, remember to reply to the same email always
visualize hard somebody filling the 3 gwei orders

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reminder that la familia discord is under investigation.

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weak cope Charles

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It'll be nice to have that filled. Still, didn't get enough Braps, so I've got a buy order there.

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Typical Brad.

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I believe that I got almost 140mil braps from the very first airdrops on biz. I would like to know more about supposed rumors that pop up. That is all.

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typical Charles

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