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Any advice on interviewing people if you don't have an office?

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Do it in a coffee shop near loads of office blocks

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Also, cracking pair of tits. It's a shame she looks mentally ill.

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you can rent a meeting room for cheap, you can even get some fancy office...I usually do interviews in rented meeting rooms when I want to impress clients, i'm an accountant

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yep we hire and fire in starbucks. Only once did a lady kick off when we sacked her unproductive ass in such a public place.
>plenty of free napkins though for tears.

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who is that?

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Chainlinks headquarters is in an iPhone repair shop/nail salon I heard. You could do something similar OP.

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49% boobs 51% bra

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Where do you usually do your interviews then?

Can't remember her name but she was barely new to IG this year until she deleted it recently for whatever reason

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those eyebrows, ugh

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What is the type of work you're in?

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just google rent meeting room MY GOD DUDE

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I'm pretty sure that's a dude

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A casting couch

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Make sure to not discriminate and fuck both male and female applicants

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I think queen paraskeva

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Trim your eyebrows

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It's not her. Funny enough this chick and Parakesva both deactivated their IG accounts around the same time. I think they got scared of the whole IRS reporting thing.

Anyways I'll help you guys out and found out who the chick is but I do believe she's 17

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Try it with me and will you have two extra eyes by the end of the day l. once I put two extra 9mm holes in your face, incel.

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do tell

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looks like a sex doll. that is not a compliment

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wow, you a faggot,

dubs confirm

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OP here

Ok I found here, her name is Lucy Laistner

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very interesting post.this is my first time visit here.i found so mmany interesting stuff in your blog especially its discussion..thanks for the post!

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