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I'm a 28 year old millionaire. I inherited most of my money and made 800k after taxes with crypto in the past 17 months.

I haven't had a job since I was 24, I'm literally going crazy from laziness and doing whatever the hell I want whenever I want.

I need a job, but I don't want a 9-5. What is a job I can do maybe 15-20 hours a week from my home?

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got a link for that picture?

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Software development is an easy one if you have a reasonably high IQ. You could also become a columnist, a lot of wealthy trust fund babies do that.

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I don't want to do a lot of work. I just want something to give me some sort of schedule and sense of purpose. My life is just eating, fucking, and traveling. It's getting very old.

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Get creative and read, make music, travel to white countries, meet people.
I can kind of understand your situation but you just have to find a passion and go!!!
With that money you could do something to help our people even full time.

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Well you have to do that for yourself you dumb faggot. It takes a month and after that it comes naturally. Leave your shades open and get up when the sun rises around 6 am and go from there. Hit the gym every day.

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Force yourself to work one month at subway, while living on a subway paycheck.

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I'm incredibly well educated, and I read a book every two or three weeks.

You guys seem to be misunderstanding my problem. I am bored of doing whatever the hell I want whenever I want. I am fit, read a lot, travel a lot, have friends, etc etc etc. My problem is not bettering myself, it's that I've maxed out all stats and need to start new game plus to get some kicks and motivation going again.

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Sounds like suicide and respawn is the next logical step anon :)

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Meditate, think about what you like, and do that. Try going into a sensory deprivation tank if you have trouble focusing, it doesn't cost much and it's awesome. You'll figure out what you want to do; you have to, no one else can for you. You're in a situation a lot of people wish they were in. (I'd tell you to take LSD to figure out the meaning of your life, but if you're sitting on piles of money and free time, stay away from all drugs as if your life depended on it).

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That’s actually a good idea and sounds like something rich people would love to “experience”

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Become an open white nationalist. There’s no more fulfilling cause than serving the white race

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American mainland colonial Jews imported slaves from Africa at a rate proportionate to the general population. As slave sellers, their role was more marginal, although their involvement in the Brazilian and Caribbean trade is believed to be considerably more significant. Jason H. Silverman, a historian of slavery, describes the part of Jews in slave trading in the southern United States as "minuscule", and writes that the historical rise and fall of slavery in the United States would not have been affected at all had there been no Jews living in the American South. Jews accounted for 1.25% of all Southern slave owners, and were not significantly different from other slave owners in their treatment of slaves.

>I'm incredibly well educated

at least be educated when claiming to be educated, jesus christ.

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It would do him better to spend a year working in a fucking farm or anything shown in "Dirty Jobs", but hey, baby steps.
Also, yes, you can probably make money out of rich parents scared that their kids will get too spoiled by providing a "school of hard knuckles" summer camp or something like that.

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Get a PhD. It will keep you busy.

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oh right, I forgot the hivemind jewish conspiracy.
kind of how the same way niggers blame white people for all of their problems instead of just moving on with life, does the hypocrisy make you feel less or more retarded?

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Is there anything that drives you in life? Something that makes you want to live another day?

It sounds like you just maxed out your stats for the sake of it and now you feel like you finished the game so you're just spending time not doing much, not sure why you even continue.

If I were you I would think about the future, both in terms of your life and the world, try to figure out what kind of future you wish for and from there it should help you see what you should be doing to get to live that kind of future.

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Why not pay for law school.

Even if you stay a NEET afterward at least you're a fucking Chad lawyer.

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go full /pol/ and destroy your social life, start from scratch and begin working towards the national rejuvenation

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but zionism IS all about jewish supremacy, anon
jews who aren't zionists aren't at all bad people in my eyes or experience, but objectively speaking, one should look into the author before they go trusting what they have to write

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I did stumble across this video. Very enlightening.

It's about how Hitler basically did nothing wrong


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Real estate agent
your high net worth will emit an aura that you donn't care if the client buys, therefore they will buy more
put on your site: crypto millionaire. doing this for fun. Other crypto millionaires hmu.

After you've had a modicum of success, start a youtube channel around how this is how you sustain yourself.

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>You guys seem to be misunderstanding my problem. I am bored of doing whatever the hell I want whenever I want.
Nice larp, nobody is getting pissed off at your troll thread. the answer is suicide

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>I just want something to give me some sort of schedule and sense of purpose
bruh you have a much deeper problem that will not be solved by working 15 hrs a week. you need to do some soul searching.

(look into buddhism)

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Don't forget to sign the SWEAT pledge lmao.

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Watch Greatest Story Never Told, listen to Myth of the 20th century podcast

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write music
take psychedelics
find The Despair Code (good luck)

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have fun with real estate

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things get old. no shit, asshole. start a family like a normal person. this isn't rocket science.

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>high iq

Most developers are literal retards that can code and not much else. I’ve worked with tons of them. Almost no exceptions to this across all skill levels and ethnicities.

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Sources are literally in the bottom left corner.

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get a hobby you retard. do something like gardening or some shit and do it correctly with research. if you get a big enough plot of land, maintenance will be at least an hour a day.

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I suggest you try IV cocaine. It's great fun.

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that's the video I linked.

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Become a sheriff. You get to bust nogs and white trash while getting drugs and guns off the street

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You don't need a job, you need hobbies. Start working out every day, discover and pursue your desires, sports bike, gaming, painting, hunting, comp sci.... Or if youryo a man get a wife, ND youlyo have to work after she spend half, leaves you and gets the rest...

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Such a fucking meme. Maybe it's because I traveled a lot in the military, but it generally doesnt interest me. At any rate OP I've been in the same boat as you for the past 5 years except I'm not as rich. Spent that time going to college and partying. Dropped out last year and sat around for pretty much the whole time. Basically started going crazy plus I just moved into a new place with my gf. Anyway found a job that is only on call so I dont have to go in unless there is actually work and I get paid all the same. Try and find something like that. It's pretty great. I might also pick up a remote job doing operations coordinator tasks from home. Fingers crossed on that one, but would be legit as fuck and if I can pull it off right I can still respond to my on call work when needed and have my gf cover for me at home.

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>a jew historian blames whites for Jewish slavery

Sure thing, champ.

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sources in the pic are dead

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Agreed 100%. Traveling is a meme.

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>cant refute or offer any actual information of their own
>"lol that sounds liek a jewish name, IGNORED!"
Literal retards

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And yet """"white nationalists"""" and the average Trumpkin continue to focus their attention on black and brown people.

MLK Jr. on the topic:
>...it may be said of the Reconstruction era that the southern aristocracy took the world and gave the poor white man Jim Crow. He gave him Jim Crow. And when his wrinkled stomach cried out for the food that his empty pockets could not provide, he ate Jim Crow, a psychological bird that told him that no matter how bad off he was, at least he was a white man, better than the black man.
>And he ate Jim Crow. And when his undernourished children cried out for the necessities that his low wages could not provide, he showed them the Jim Crow signs on the buses and in the stores, on the streets and in the public buildings. And his children, too, learned to feed upon Jim Crow, their last outpost of psychological oblivion.
Oldest trick in the book

>the southern aristocracy took the world and gave the poor white man Jim Crow
Pic related

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black and brown people are objectively trash and any society comprised of them in large numbers is also objectively trash.

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>source is in the OP
>Jewish holy texts literally describe how enslave goyim and how it's a good thing for the goyim are to serve them

Try harder, you gotta apply yourself.

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Who do you think brought slaves to the US?
Who do you think owned the ships?

is this libchan lite or something????

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>15-20 hours a week from my home

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I’m in a similar position. So I signed up for a code bootcamp just to do something.

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Sure, but they get into white countries in large numbers because Jews push it and propagate to the masses that having in group preference for other whites is "racist" and evil. When it's literally just a survival mechanism that applies to all creatures.

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lol look at this kike s c u m

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Source is not in OP
Links are dead

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>white nationalist
>whining instead of making money and moving to Estonia

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Travels overrated. The world is full of shit countries, shit food and shit people. Wandering around aimlessly to experience things is so underwhelming.
OP I suggest two things. Start a business. Keep it on the down low but over the next year come up with ideas. An invention, a brick and mortar business, an idea for an app, a toy for kids. Don't be hard on yourself, don't expect results straight away. It could literally take months. BUT, you will get eureka moments. Set aside time to focus on this. Sit in your study with a pen and paper. And start doodling. At some point you will come up with shit that's actually viable. Especially if you've got funds to get them off the ground.
So after a year, look at what you've come up with. Do a cost and time analysis, back yourself and take a leap. You don't need to prove yourself to anybody, but as you said you're bored shitless. Fire up parts of your brain that are dormant.
I'm a poorfag, a single dad who had to stop work to look after my sick child who needs 24 hour care. I had to come up with ways to make money while I was wiping butts and dealing with social services. In that first year I came up with twelve different ideas that I knew could all be my ticket to better things. I'm now at the point I'm turning my first one into reality. I'm loving it. This shit keeps me motivated, inspired, I sit up at night with coffee organising my plan of attack and shilling for seed money. I've got a purpose I never had.
Seriously dude, give this a go. For me, I had no choice. For you what have you got to lose.
Wish you well in your endeavours.

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jews pretty much owned all of the slave trade ships.

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I've seen this larp probably twenty times at least.

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larping consultant

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>/leftypol/ """memes"""
Ooga booga nigger. You have to go back.

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holy shit, my thread has been marked by the mark of the kek

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do you consider yourself in the top 1% of happiest people on the planet?

is every moment of your life full of joy and fulfillment?

do you consider yourself enlightened with your sole desire to help other people find peace?

no? then its my opinion you've focused on maxing the wrong stats

will sell enlightenment for 1 btc, reply if interested. or dont idc, remain lost and chasing shadows like everyone else.

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why would you want to do anything beside what you want to do? it's a contradiction

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congratulations to me

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This anon is right. Go the spiritual path since you are yearning for a sense purpose, though ditch the Buddhism path. Its core morality is inherently evil. Go look at Christian monasteries instead and request the person in charge (abbot) to live the life of a monk at least a month. There you will find out that material things and wealth isnt the only thing in life.

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all of the moral shit dressed up as beliefs, I repeat FUCKING BELIEFS, are unnecessary and additionally, the creation of an illusion for yourself.

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>from my home
You're not fixing the problem by doing this. Pick a part-time job that involves with doing something in the community. i.e. summer camp counselor or something like that.

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>anon is having no sense of purpose and having an existential crisis

People like you is why the west is falling. You can't see beyond materialism and wealth.

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>Pick a part-time job that involves with doing something in the community
Also this OP. You lack purpose and this will give you one.

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You're a retard m8, just because you're okay with getting by on a negative, nihilistic life doesn't mean an entire society or civilization can survive on it. Take your self centered atheism somewhere else.

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Look: all I'm saying is that you're trying to fix a crisis by constructing an illusion instead of finding out what the substance of the crisis is and tackling what's problematic about that.

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why do you assume I get by on a negative, nihilistic life? I just prefer not to think logically or factually wrong thoughts - and I think getting rid of the illusions would do good for civilization.

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I'm a non believer too but man, remember something like 80% of people are religious. They need it to live. Society would collapse if you took that away from them. Any solution for spiritual trouble needs to come from religion for them.

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Don't you people have any dreams or hobbies?

I don't know. Make some power armor. Build a nuclear fusion reactor, called a fusor. Has to be something. Fly a drone. Build one.

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His problem isn't an illusion though idiot, that won't be fixed by a psychologist as well. What he needs is truly a sense of purpose, to appreciate the simpler things in life and travelling to a monastery to forego material things and live simply lome a monk is an instant fix to that. You and your pseudo-intellectual edgy atheist ranblings is why atheism is viewed as a joke nowadays. Go back to r/atheism.

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Find a modest girl and fall in love with her. Take care of her and support here. Having to look after a loved one gives purpose.

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addendum: I actually think religion is and especially was useful - although not so much for the ones practicing it; beside the illusion that, if you're a good lamb that follows, you'll get to enjoy things when dead and if not, you'll fucking burn in hell, sinful bastard

>> No.9997182

Run for public office
Those bastards don't do anything

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How do you predict the downfall of society? I guess you have a fictitious outlook on how the transition would play out. While it's true that there will be initial confusion and suffering when realizing that most of the actions of one's life were built on a lie, the negation of the illusion, if thought out correctly, will result in the realization of reality. The main difference that would then occur is that one does not relate to an illusion when acting in reality but to relate to the objective findings about reality when acting in reality and I think that's a good thing.

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yes, and I never said his problem is an illusion; what I said was: you're trying to fix his crisis WITH an illusion. I'm also not propagating atheism; I just wouldn't like to have illusions as a foundation when analyzing reality.

what's problematic about the purpose to feel good?

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Fuck all these tards Op.
Here is the true answer. Either you do it the sober route...find a humble job or volunteer and get busy

OR if that still doesn't work
Everything will be enjoyable again. You'll trade shitcoins having a blast, you'll want to read up on loads of things. You'll throw porn on and feel like it is the first time seeing it again. Then fap and jizz so hard you'll hear it tap on your monitor from the initial burst. Slowly it'll get more mundane and not as fun. And you'll end your habit with all your blinds closed and a hair brush in your ass fapping to trap porn.
This is where you respawn in life and start fresh again..... what could be better

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>fuck all these tards

fucking degenerates

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>falling for the jewish plot and being so fucking stupid you still don't understand it even when it's explained to you in plain english
imagine being a stormnigger.
they brought the negro and profited from him
they disenfranchised him, made it illegal for him to learn to read, vote, or participate in economic society, and profited when you decided you hated him instead of realizing that you and the poor slave are the means of production

>> No.9997254

Swing trade for a living.
Donate your profits to /biz.

>> No.9997281

Pussy boy
Stick to your weed stems. You want no part of real pleasure

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Black people and brown people are objectively trash, whether they live amongst white people who "oppress" them or amongst themselves free from alleged "oppression".

>> No.9997301

I 100% support the meth route.

>> No.9997307

Lel real men do meth. Fuck of degenerate i had to live among your kind most degusting experience in my life.

>> No.9997321

I like you, you're way smarter than the pol invasion.

>> No.9997332

become my slave. I won't even pay you, but I'll give you stuff to do.

>> No.9997337

> black people are only objectively trash because of oppression, once we have communism they will become supermen
> evidence: Michael King's inane ramblings.

He's actually very, very stupid.

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join the military, move to asia and teach english, start a business, take up boxing and try to win a tournament, etc. just take up a challenge.

>> No.9997363

yes, you forgot the hivemind. which is a real thing, you fucking idiot. but no matter how much jews conspire you’ll be like IT’S JUST A COINCIDENCE SHUT UP NOT ALL JEWS

>> No.9997394

and the best religion is planetary tantra/fallen goddess scenario. even if you dont practice it but only study it your life will be infinitely better, because it has the best and most reasonable founding myth

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I'd highly recommend giving photography a try. It's a serious passion of mine and you can do it whenever, wherever. Since you have a lot of time on your hands, it would be easy to plan out photo trips and the like. Might be worth looking into!

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>allowing niggers to participate in society instead of segregating them into shitty communities = communism
no, you.

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except that white people were also oppressed by the jew
it's just fucking funny but also a little sad that you don't see it. i just can't imagine being as lost as you

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Blacks are trash in their own societies. They have been allowed to participate in (white) society and have been found to be trash there as well.

Michael King Jr. was a plagiarizing communist theologian.

>> No.9997669

The responses I've gotten so far really confirm that biz is a bunch of basement dwellers with no life experience.

>> No.9997682

Depends on: Are you an introvert or extrovert ?

Do whatever in life, don't be a "tool user" (technical) by specialising generic subjects such as software / coding. Don't go for software even if it pays in short-term. Pick a job that teaches you strong domain knowledge (supply-chain / finance / healthcare etc) and aligns around your primary values (pick top 5 values you care for)

Some generic suggestions:

1. Naturopathy
2. Hydroponic Farming (setup takes time. But if you automate-20 hours work)
3. Librarian
4. Teaching anything
5. Fundamental Stock Analyst

>> No.9997775

there is no way this is true

nobody actually believes this OP image right

fucking /pol/fags... get off my board
havent you been shaken out of crypto yet

sage and report

>> No.9997969

Good goy. 2c has been deposited in your account.

>> No.9998387

Society doesn't function like that though so you thinking that human beings function on logic alone is what's illusory and unrealistic. Like I said, atheists like you are pseudo-intellectuals. You probably became atheist because you thought it makes you smarter and it's the "cool" and "hip" thing to do.

>> No.9998432

Pol was right again...

>> No.9998443

absolute state of poltards, getting offended by someone asking for sources

>> No.9998448


Start a business you dumb cunt.

Fucking anything, Like pizza? Start a pizza restaurant.

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