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Hey /biz/ so are we headed for an economic collapse and another great recession? I keep hearing the economy doing great but it all seems like bullshit to me. What are your thoughts?

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get ready for a DECADES long bear market


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Kek demands an answer.

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What? Your research says economy is great but you, anon, think they’re lying to you? Well, hm, I wonder if you are on to a huge global economic cover-up or just so fucking dumb that you actually suck Intelligence out of people like a retarded vampire? Probably the latter, huh? Probably need to shut your mouth now? I agree, and enjoy the first live investor’s market in nearly a decade.

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Just trade options. You make money in any market. Different strategies for making money when it goes down, up, sideways, or just stays near the same place for a given duration of time.

It’s risk is more higher than regular holding of stocks. Far less riskier than shorting and hoping it falls more as the only money you lose is the investment of the contracts itself. Don’t trade naked options that you can’t fill and you’ll be fine.

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