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Did some digging and found out there's a wizard to help you start building your own decentralized application. It's called "HC Scaffold" and you can start building the "skeleton"/DNA file for your dApp.

Sample Version:
>This is a web interface which walks you through the basic steps and approach for building a holochain-based distributed application. Remember, these applications are completely peer-to-peer with no server or nodes elevated above others in any privileged way, so you need to think about data integrity differently and instead of centralized enforcement of rules, mutual enforcement of shared rules.

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Needs to be seen

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Unironically not the OP. Here are some more or less related links.


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We must bring knowledge to biz. Not just memes.

I have a dream.

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the new pajeet coin of the week

please shill somewhere else

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>Calls it a "coin"

Still too many retards here.

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i am just trying to help out. token or coun doesn't matter - u get pajeeted either way kek

that feminist project has been pumped and dumped already, liquidity will be zero soon.

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>Help out with absolutely no knowledge.
>Think throwing around the word "feminist" makes you smarter
>Using "kek" and "pajeeted"
>Throws around "Pump and Dump" when this was litterally the opposite of a PnD

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You're rolling in shit with a pig, OP.

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Here is a door that just needs someone to kick it open. It's ready for dapps to be built. Oracles, dapps, and smartcontracts are going to take crypto to new heights. Holochain has the right idea to help make dapps come to life.

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the dev team seems to be part of a religious cult or fetish, thats really worrying guys.

ONT, IOTX and Elastos are the real winners 2019

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Why do people fall for this holo ponzi? Literally retarded

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