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It seems pretty clear the whole market follows BTC and BTC can't pump unless there's something new that can be shilled at normies. Only thing on the horizon is Lightning Network, so when does that happen? Why is it taking so long?

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3-4 years (when it's already dead)... we already have better technologies like Liquidity Network... btc is a dead project, bch will pursue the dream of bitcoin.

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becuase btc is a boomer coin that refuses to die
do people really believe that bitcoin has demand from institutions with all the manipulation and no adoption going on?
its death will free the crypto market.

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aint gonna happen.

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It's already happening. Then again, there's no demand from normies to transact with it, Bitcoin is for big fortunes to hold unconfiscable money at. If low IQ altcucks understood this they wouldn't hold any alts hoping their shitcoin will get used to do groceries with.

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>t. late adopters dreaming about astronomical gains
sorry lads you have been too late. wait for the next btc bull run and get some ICOs going for your kind of retard

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>doesnt even have an argument except mih bullruns

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What are you smoking? The market runs on ethereum.

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The last bullrun began because of ethereum. It obviously runs on eth

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psychology brainlet. The only reason for the shitcoin rally have been Pajeets and Niggers who dreamed about having bought into the bitcoin ponzi in 2011. Watch out for the delisting apocalypse.

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>bitcoin ponzi
thanks for agreeing with me

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it's so obvious the entire biz hates btc (let alone LN) because they were too late to make gains on it but since there is a new low cap shitcoin coming out everyday the rich-quick is still alive.
I can't wait to see LN actually work so all those "bitcoins but faster" get BTFO and bagholders will go fuck themselves

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>muh bullruns
this is all bitcoin boomers ever say

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Kek, this is what pajeet corecucks actually believe. LN doesn't solve a single problem BTC has.

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there is a better chance to get rich off of bitcoin's bull run through institutional money hyping it and selling to boomers and also a better chance for adoption as a payment method than all the other shitty dapps combined or some centralized quasi blockchains with goryllion tx/s (on paper)

but of course to make it with btc you probably need at least a few of them, and since most of biz are poorfags with laughable portfolios they would rather cling onto the dream of another 100-1000x (which they all believe it's the coin they hold - out of thousands to choose from) lmao

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why would institutions buy bitcoin?

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I hope it the LN never happens
t.BTC legacy hodler

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>I can't wait to see LN actually work so all those "bitcoins but faster" get BTFO and bagholders will go fuck themselves
Poor deluded corecuck. He wasn't told that Lightnigger Shitwreck is already made obsolete by 2014 tech, i.e. NEO. I'm not even talking here what kind of assrape awaits your dinosaur shitcoin when Hyperledger is out for blood.

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Everything has already said been before. If you don't understand why Bitcoin has value you will continue showing up on these compilations in the future.

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>a point-of-sale box that you can provide to retailers for free
>a business model based on provision of an optional low-fee fiat gateway
LN enables this.

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That's irrelevant, what's relevant is that the news of it's impending release will generate news coverage which will generate interest and investment, leading to a bull run and general interest in the whole market

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>bch will pursue the dream of bitcoin.

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yep no argument

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>because they were too late to make gains on it
I got into btc in late 2010 and I hate btc now. It was supposed to be decentralized p2p money. Core turned it into a pointless settlement layer.
All in ETH now.

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I swear everyone in crypto lives under a rock
LN is usable for anyone with 80+ IQ and currently has more use than bcash

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why do you think all the banks are setting up their tradin desks/custody solutions/etf's/index funds etc?

to sell it to stupid boomers as part o their portfolio

I'm not a corecuck I don't give a fuck about the bcore-bcash battles I'm just looking into things that can make me more money, I couldn't give less of a fuck what's gonna benefit the society and crap like that, if you believe centralized dapps platforms with no usage will make you money then go for it

bitcoin doesn't even have to deliver any tech because the jews can push the digital gold narrative and make it moon, good luck finding someone to pump your neo/eth/shitcoin bags

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lightning network is already up and running you moron

the reason you didnt know this already is because its so shit not even the people shilling it want to recognise its existence because its fucking WANK

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boomers will be dead or dying in 10 years

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>why would institutions protect themselves with the only true decentralized unconfiscable asset from the unpayable debt clusterfuck they've created?

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>sells bitcoin for cash
>"look mom i made gains"

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>muh bullruns
thanks for proving my point

>only true decentralised unseizable asset
theres nothing special about bitcoins blockchain that gives it this property

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be quite ffs, I get my summer bonus in 2 weeks

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You can't even receive more than you spend on any existing wallets, try it.

"Can I receive payments with Eclair Wallet ?

Not yet. Being able to receive payments means that you have to monitor the blockchain and react when your peer publishes an old state, which is both costly to implement and requires to be online typically once a day everyday, which may not be possible for mobile wallets that could be offline for days."

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imagine if lightning came out on it's own. No BTC fanboys to promote it and hide it's flaws. It would be a colossal failure.

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> Lightning Network is too gossip to scale

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>imagine putting all your money on Segwit/Lightning coin

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aint gonna happen

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I think you can fuck right off, since you're clearly a btrash shill.
If Roger couldn't flippening BTC now that it's dropped 75%, then you have no argument

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This is whats going to save bitcoin? Here, piss money away to play Pokémon or make internet graffiti. Wow revolutionary!!!

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if you had actually tried to use Lightning yourself you'd know exactly why it's taking so long

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Never. Blockstream has already created a side chain with 1 minute block times to "fix" the problem. You just onload and offload your coins with a proprietary protocol that can only be executed by central exchanges.

the maximum liquidity of LN is very low, so even if LN were to be released fully today, it would be pretty worthless

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>limited supply of bitcoins gives them value

There's only one of you, but you're still a worthless faggot.

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eh, that image is saying that Lightning Network is a terrible scaling solution for BTC yet still talk ill of BCH at the end even though it's literally the same as BTC just with working on-chain scaling

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