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Extreme dumping in progress. Isn't it about time to admit you made a huge mistake?

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if you was stupid eunogh to fall that garbage you deserve to die

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>Down 10% when everything is shitting the bed
>Holo FUDers are now geniuses!

You guys are pathetic.

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How much further will it go?

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stop with those negative vibes, man, you're like disrupting the ecosystem of inner peace and spiritual prosperity.

on a more serious note I agree with the initial premise that useful DAPPS on blockchain are impossible but I can't help but think there must be some glaring faults in their setup given the devs obviously demented mental state

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There is only seller. just a bag holder from ico wanted to cashout. nothing special

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Still over 5x ico. I bought at ico, sold most at 10x, now waiting for the dump to end to buy more. Just don't buy the fucking top... do people actually think that price reflects the project and price going down means it will fail? The price is set by emotional idiots who fomo in the top and panic sell the bottom. I bet 90% of retards here don't even research what they are buying. Most projects aren't even going to do anything for a year anyway so why the fuck does the price matter now? If the current price of holo matters so much then you are only technical trader and if you get rekt you aren't skilled enough.

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it's literally going to be $6000 a coin eoy. I'm going to be a millionaire at the end of the year from this coin.

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I would start to ladder down from 100 but no one really knows. Check the chart 2 times a day for signs of support. Only go fully in if strong support is found for a couple of days and btc is not on the brink of shitting its pants again.

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check the roadmap, $6000 eoy is in the roadmap. it's literally a legally binding contract from the devs.

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has any top autists scrutinized their project?

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Yes, is moon

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