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SkyCoin vs. HoloChain
Which is going to be huge?

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Holochain is a vaporware erc20 token like the rest.

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>The State of the Non-Holo'er

They keep coming folks. Like zombies. They lost their brain long ago the poor devils.

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This isn't even a fucking debate. One is another shitcrypto and the other is a groundbreaking new framework for distributed apps.

Fuck off even trying to compare Holo to this garbage.

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Sky says the exact same thing about Holo thoug, so which one is right?

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>new framework
>erc20 token

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>new framework for distributed apps.
Working within the confines of ETHs already established framework.
Just like I am the best looking guy EVER in the history of the world.

Within the framework of my bathroom.

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>new framework
>is neither new nor a framework

skycoin aside, holo is doomed.

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the erc20 token has almost nothing to do with what Holo will eventually be

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i dont even hold holo but you completely made this post up

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unironically NKN and none of these.

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>we will transcend our shitcoin. Eventually
Mate thats the oldest trick in the ico book you really are a newfag huh?

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It's so weird how people prefer promises instead of already working products with low market cap that just need time and attention to grow. Just go all in sky.

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It's so weird how people can't be bothered to do research and can't see something huge when its cheap and right in front of them.

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I have both NKN and Holo but I would never go anywhere near Sky.

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Let's presume that you're right and Hot will be the new internet or whatever.
Currently it is an erc token while sky is already running. They have a very similar market cap (110MM and 90MM). Why would you rather bet on an underdog when there's no gain from the risk? Hot might be the better option in the long run, but as of now, it's more likely that Sky will succeed because of years of head start.

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> Biz only shilling holo, sky, 0xbtc

Biz is truly fucked with pajeetery lately. Sad sad ...

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Nice 3D concept drawing but it doesn't actually exist.

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Sky is already running... A shitty VPN. Meanwhile Holochain alpha is available for anyone to download, with Holo mainnet ready in a couple of months.

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buy peng

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Shitty VPN? It's fast as fuck and it's better than TOR.

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holochain can talk when they have something,
they are airdropping from a ethereum contract give me a fking break LOL

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It's shitty because it's a VPN. Nobody gives a shit.

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the fact alone that the majority of /biztards shilling sky while fudding the holoboomer-minority is clear evidence that holo is the real deal
case closed

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>Chosing two vaporwave projects instead of a legit one
The absolute state of some anons, and I don't even own any SKY

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every single coin/token holder will say the same exact shit about their coin to defend it, but truth is truth, dog.

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It's a decentralized encrypted p2p VPN network with currenttly about 5000 nodes around the world. The nodes are incentivized to offer good software and hardware bandwidth. It is a legit alternative for PoW.
I'd say it's more than 'just a VPN'

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