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Is this thing a scam? I saw some threads a few days ago about it but didn't read into it.

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Don't know, but there has been one anon who's been obsessively posting about it being a scam for no reason. It's either fud or he's that one dude who lost 10k trying to buy some kek or more likely just bored.

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How the hell do you lose 10k trying to buy an altcoin?

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>How the hell do you lose 10k trying to buy an altcoin?
Some guy ws trying to deposit like 10k worth of bitcoin into Stocks.Exchange and accidentally made multiple Bitcoin wallets and the one the bitcoin got deposited into then became unavailable to him because of that, talk about JUST.

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And after that, he's gone mad and accused the community manager to be associated to the exchange

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What the hell, how could somebody be that stupid?

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I'd be bitter too honestly, but that retard has nobody to blame but himself
Right? You'd think he was trying to buy Chainlink kek

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What leads people to believe that it's a scam?

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Like Bitconnect, they're promising way too much.

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>What leads people to believe that it's a scam?
I think it's the anonymous devs and that it's not open source (yet anyway). There's other stuff but those are the big ones that I've read about. I don't even know why so many people are harping on it honestly, devs have met all their deadlines so far. It's do or die in a few days anyway so no need to speculate anyway.

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>Like Bitconnect, they're promising way too much.
Not really imo, besides if their idea of an exit-scam is a messily few million for all the work they have put in already then their to small time anyway.

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