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You know, sometimes numbers don't lie.
Bitcoin Cash is constantly leading against Bitcoin in percentage gains. Each time Bitcoin moves up a percent in value, Bitcoin Cash bumps up 2-3%.

Is Bitcoin Cash an actual Crypto? I thought this was supposed to be a scam invented by Roger Jewface.

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Dubs and green ID confirm.
$10k by eoy.
Snapshot this

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Bitcoin Cash is one of the realest cryptos there is, son. Only the OG's are actually in BCH.

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bitcoin cash's 0 conf system is not crypto, but the coin itself is, I don't know if its a scam, but definitely has been heavily shilled by chinese shill farms, I'm not sure if its for profit or an effort by the chinese state to hurt bitcoin. Doesn't matter. Its scaling solution does't work and isn't decentralized or trust less. Might as well use something like paypal or venmo.

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Shut the fuck up fag. You dont know shit

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>he didn't buy at 1:10
>he didn't buy at 1:9
>he didn't buy at 1:8
you are here

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It's an altcoin so yes it's more volatile. Says nothing of the quality of the coin

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It's down more than bitcoin over the last 7 days, 24 hours and 1 hour...
At least you shills have evolved from your retarded "bitcoin CASH" threads though.
That shit was by far the most boring shilling of all the chinks and pajeets.

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BCH and BTC are literally mined by the and set of people. There's no claiming one is decentralised and the other isn't.

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0 conf can work as long as nodes all broadcast to one another and keep track of double spend attempts

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This new tactic of "haha guys I'm with you btrash amiright? but the charts are looking good....." is pretty painfully obvious.

Bitcoin Cash is grossly unknown to be the #4 coin. Meanwhile Bitcoin (what you so desperately want to refer to as Bitcoin Core) may as well be synonymous with "cryptocurrency" as a whole which is why BCash boys want to steal the name so bad.

Make no mistake - Bitcoin is the only coin that matters and it's the one everybody already calls "Bitcoin"

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The bitcoin name doesn't mean much. Sure, it's a "brand" but that brand was irreversibly ruined by the high fees and shitty developers. Tons of brand names eventually filed bankruptcy. Bitcoin is a historical, important piece of technology but so was the vacuum tube computer

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It saddens me that you back a project that won't be around in 5 years.

The network cannot scale for real world adoption at this time of the technology. The closest project to real world adoption is Stellar and even they couldn't handle the load of mainstream adoption without Lightning.

The koolaid must be strong when you start believing Craig Wright is Satoshi.

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I'm talking about 0 conf transactions, bitcoin cash is being developed with the intention of using 0 conf transactions to make it viable for use in point of sales transactions.


But you are ignoring malicious nodes and network congestion. 0 conf is only secure if you trust nodes to report double spend accurately, and miners can unconditionally guarantee they will include all transactions in the next block. The later is a huge if and likely impossible. The former relies on a private, trusted nodes. Bitcoin cash devs fully admit they are assuming retailers will use payment processing services provided from private services like BitPay or Coinbase (which is why coindbase heavily supports bitcoin cash).

This is a different route than blockstream with off chain solutions like lightning network which can provide fast transactions in a trustless, but still not necessarily distributed, environment.

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>which can provide fast transactions in a trustless, but still not necessarily distributed, environment.

Nobody has solved the routing problem on lightning. The only way forward is hub and spoke networks. This is shit, utter shit. I assume miners will work to report double spends simply because it is beneficial to the network health. It is in their economic interest to stop double spends

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Having a hub and spoke network, but still being trustless, is still infinity better than having to route all transactions through coinbase. bitcoin's 0 conf system is no more decentralized than paypal.

Even if all miners are honest, that doesn't mean they see all transactions, or receive them in the same order, there is no conscious on which transaction in a double spend is valid without a centralized server. The was bitcoin cash devs hand wave this issue away is by saying retailers will just use a payment processing service like bitpay/coinbase.

Check out https://doublespend.cash/ if you want to see just how frequently weird stuff happens on the network. Different nodes may receive transactions minutes out of order.

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go follow "influencers" on reddit you retard

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it IS a scam and only trolls and rogers bitchcrew say otherwise.

hell you'll have rogers cuck suckers in this thread even with their cliche BITCOINCASH IS BITCOIN and other lies like SATOSHIS TRUE VERSION. Ignore all that crap and ignore the lies.

Hell i'll by btcc before I buy bitcoincash and his lil scam setup. Hope he gets murdered soon and all his lies and ripoffs go up in smoke

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Agreed, cash will be king. The real btc.

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Satoshi advocated 0 conf. Literal creator of crypto says you're wrong.

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See pic related.

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maybe you should finish grade school before talking about numbers, faggot?

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It isn't trustless period. It is destroying the product and replacing it with the exact thing bitcoin was designed to destroy. They even admit it will end up looking like the banking correspondent network.

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what do you think of chainlink?

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Zero conf and decentralisation have literally nothing to do with each other. Forcing the network to not honor 0 conf by rbf is no more decentralised than agreeing to orphan blocks that don't honor 0 conf transactions. If anything, it's less, because forcing a second layer that is vastly more centralised than the first by not honoring instant pos transactions is another centralizing force.
Lightning is centralised sock puppetry. Szabo is wrong.

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so is ETH, NEO, ENG, ADA, EOS, and hundreds of other coins. this bcash marketing approach is not effective, tellthe marketing team to develop some new material. also, only a cashie cultist would write thisOP. the cashie hive mind has a shilling style that can be spotted from orbit.

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Bitcoin Cash is unironically the real Bitcoin. The real scammers are the ones running around stating bcore is anything like Bitcoin. Go read the whitepaper you moron.

Bcore should have died the moment the upgrade occurred (the Bitcoin Cash fork). This isn't the first time Bitcoin has forked, in fact Bitcoin has upgraded/forked successfully 2 more times since August 1st 2017.

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0xbitcoin is the real bitcoin cash

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Read the whitepaper people. BTC is not what the whitepaper describes.

Read Satoshi's emails and forum posts. They are not describing the BTC ideology.

Lightning is the opposite of Bitcoin. Lightning institutes a network 'similar to the banking system' as lightning devs have said.

Bitcoin was designed to replace the current banking network.

Satoshi was also CLEARLY in favor of large blocks and scaling Bitcoin on-chain, above and past Visa-level. Read his posts and data people - it works.

Bitcoin works.
Bitcoin BTC does not work.
Bitcoin BCH does work.

-2010 Bitcoiner

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every time roger's cock suckers show up and spread more lies ITS SATOSHIS TRUE VISION!

Nah it's not

btcc is more in lines with satoshi's true vision as is bitcoin.

bitcoincash is a scam and will always be a scam no matter how much you go online and tell lies

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nice, what's your opinion of chainlink?

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dont be afraid to update that, turboshill

>Bcore should have died the moment the upgrade occurred
over 90% of the hashrate stayed with bitcoin you delusional cunts. That is called CONSENSUS.
>The real scammers are the ones running around stating bcore is anything like Bitcoin. Go read the whitepaper you moron.
bcash is objectively not the real bitcoin, you retard.

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As always with coreons...

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It's still accurate. The architecture of lightning guarantees it always will be, shit for brains. As for the miners, they are happy to see btc bleed out in the gutter. That's exactly what we want.

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changing your diapers and making you tendies is a large teams full time job. doesnt mean that theres an actual team doing that, just ask your mom. while youre at it, ask her whats phrasing.

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as always with roger cuck suckers and scammers

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what do you think of chainlink

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We insist you actually provide rational arguments or accept that your childish bullshit is illegitimate and you're just useful idiots or shills by definition? Yeah, how dare we.

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>the and set of people
not the and set of people, it simply can't be.

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>coinbase heavily supports bitcoin cash
baseless propaganda. zero evidence to back this claim up.

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Coinbase has recognised core as a failure for years now.

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oh sorry did you say something.... didnt know roger let you fakecoin cash shills talk when it's blowjob time.

And yeah how dare you guys try to scam into something claim it's name and it's the "true" bitcoin and mislead people into buying fakecoincash on the bitcoin website and labeling bitcoin core.

yeah how dare you guys be called out for shitty scammy behavior and being fakes and shit people.

Oh well fire back with more denials and hurr satoshi's true vision even tho it's not. I need a couple chuckles

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126k usd 13th july

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it is not a scam and has the backing of all the people that made bitcoin what it is today

long story short:
+ group A wanted to scale Bitcoin off-chain
+ group B wanted to scale on-chain.
+ group A have control over who gets to merge code changes
+ group B were forced to fork into their own project
+ now we have two competing ideas of how to scale bitcoin

since group B preserves most of how bitcoin originally worked most of the old users now support it.

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emergency difficulty adjustment keeps this Frankenstein Cash alive. Bitcoin Cash would have should have died at birth but thanks to a shady hack in the code. (not in Satoshi's whitepaper) the Frakencoin lives.... it's alive... it's alive.

pic related ... I'm too lazy to bother opening up gimp... ummm jus imagine that Roger Ver is sucking this monster's cock

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When you realise you're in a competition with a competitor you can't possibly beat and it has every intention to rip your throat out, of course you're going to call it monstrous.
Doesn't matter. Won't stop it from killing you. This isn't the playground. Compete or be destroyed. We already know which one you chose.

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bring it on ... I'll be waiting.

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Of course you will, not like you have any other choice. Won't change the outcome though, enjoy your frozen bags of shit.

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>frozen bags of shit

yes, OMG I am scared, someone should hack the code and turn down the difficulty adjustment before it's too late...

>4. ...
come on shillfrend... what is the dot dot dot? this article calls this PWC out yet doesn't give up the goods? your shit content sucks turboshill.

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> someone should hack the code and turn down the difficulty adjustment before it's too late...
Please don't. I'd rather just see your shitcoin suffer its long and well deserved death.
Watching a tennis match on TV has no influence on its outcome, your "full node" nonsense is exactly that. When miners abandon the chain, no new blocks will be minted, end of story.
Real "full nodes" mine, your "full node" is just a shitty archival / relaying node that serves zero purpose whatsoever.

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I dont give a shit and I have both of them. Real estate is the only way to get rich. Keep fighting for the king of shitcoins position no matter which one win Im still rich as fuck tks to those memes haha

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full nodes are the Chair Umpire in your game of tennis. keep spreading lies turboshill

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>constantly leading

BCHBTC ratio has been almost constantly on decline and when it rises it makes lower highs.

Nice shill tho bra.

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Oh yeah? Take your full node and change the code to blacklist an address. According to your analogy, that should mean that nobody would dare submit blocks with that address, because your full node would dutifully police them.
In actual fact your change will have zero effect, because nobody gives a fuck what you think, and rightly so, because you're a waste of fucking oxygen, a load that should've been swallowed, a brainless halfwit whose greatest contribution to the space is a terrible example for other people who might otherwise be encouraged by propaganda to follow your idiotic example, etc.

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Damn those bcash shiller seems like there is always someone triggering them from the back.
Calm down anons y need to chill oit a little bit ok. I dont want people to think all bcash holer is 12 years old kids.
All what I ever wanted is to dumb my bags at 300% roi that all.
We are in this together mah frens keep it up.

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relax, pajeet, the lunch brake is just around the corner. remember, this is just a job, stop taking it so personally.
anyways, if 1 miner alone changed the rules, he will be left alone on his own fork, just like a full node with his own code would. thats whats called a network with a consensus algorithm. so according to you, mining nodes are just as useless as archival ones and youre actually right (by accident). they are just as useless, or better yet, usefull and just as important.

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I can run a BCH node just fine. WTF is everyone going on about?

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>flippening on the 15th of may
say the cultists 1000x until...
>nothing happens
>shift goalposts
the absolute state of the bcash cult

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Its exactly the same as BTC and is mined by the same people... only difference is it will actually scale and can be used as cash

>> No.9691097

you cash freaks keep twisting the definition of cash to fit your agenda. If I buy a $500,000 house payed for with cash do you actually think that I'm giving the real estate agent a suitcase filled with $100 bills? no you fucking idiot. I'm writing a check... a check that takes 7-10 business days to clear my bank. this is where and how bitcoin comes in... it is considerably faster to settle than checks... even bank "certified" checks take 3-5 business days to clear... bitcoin is faster than that. Changing the definition of cash doesn't make bcash any less of a shitcoin. But, using your definition we should call it Bitcoin Change. As in pocket change because bcash is pretty much building their shitcoin empire on the properties of pocket change.

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fuck off roger

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stale pasta pajeet, also payed is spelled 'paid'

kill yoursellf.

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I know for you it's just a job, worthless shill cunt. But for me I've been in this space since 2011 and I watched core cunts sabotage and hijack the best chance this world has got global economic freedom and turn it into a shit tier absolutely useless science project diametrically opposed to the original vision. I'm fucking angry at it and I'm not going to let it slide until I have all your fucking heads on metaphorical pikes for the shit you pulled.
A miner changing that one variable would indeed also fork himself off the network. But there would actually be a new chain consisting of the blocks he made, and anybody agreed with him would be on it too. By contrast all the ignorant cunt coretard non mining "full nodes" in the world would never emit a single valid block, and their chain would not exist at all, and nobody else would give a fuck except for noticing the amount of mewling quims whining about absolutely irrelevant utter bullshit had just decreased enormously.

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Roger please.

>> No.9691414

I.m flattered that you think my writing is a copy pasta... I posted the original fuckface. the anon replayed with counter fitting or some dick garbage like that.

literally the only spelling nazi I've ever seen on this board... and... you have to go back

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Are you fucking braindead?

>Small sizes of cash are not cash

The absolute state of corecucks

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You're posting your own pasta. I guess it's not pasta then you dumb corecuck

>> No.9691844

nice try... you know that's not what I said at all.. on second thought, maybe you don't... and you really are retarded or something.

>shill tactics
never said that it was a pasta... you did.

neither of you have contributed anything intelligent or useful... you keep spreading misinformation and blatant lies. the term "cash" is not some magical phenomenon, and it's nothing new. Satoshi's whitepaper is not a bullshit shield either. The word "cash" in Satoshi's whitepaper does not mean the pocket change theory you halfwit bcash trash claim that it does... ready money is not pocket change. Furthermore, in addition to misrepresenting the whitepaper you have completely ignored it... the emergency difficulty adjustment even blatantly goes against the whitepaper... yet you misinformation professionals fail to disclose this little piece of information during your smear campaign. Even going so far as to hide behind the whitepaper to subterfuge your scam airdropped hyper-premined shitcoin.

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BCH needed to alter the DAA to survive given the hijacking and social propaganda campaign of fuckheads like you, BTC massively diverged from the original plan by restricting on chain throughput to 13.33kbps forever, both are not the exact original plan for the product, but BCH is a damned sight than your hijacked piece of useless shit and you should kill yourself for being stupid enough to fall for it.

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Any of the bigger BTC miners could easily do a 51% attack on BCH.


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>posting a 1 year old tweet
what did blockstream shills mean by this?

>> No.9692133


0-conf does not work.
holy shit, cashies are truly retards.

>> No.9692153

wow, what a rebuttal. typical low IQ cashie cultist

>> No.9692173

yup, same as this guy's rebutal.

Cashies can't have logical arguments without using logical fallacies

>> No.9692175

protip: cashies are simply shills or poor souls trapped in the Satoshi vision narrative.

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>> No.9692639

>BCH needed to alter the DAA to survive given the hijacking and social propaganda campaign of fuckheads like you,

this is not a technical excuse. Basically, without the difficulty hack the cash fork would have died. They however, probably knew that it would die... just like Bitcoin Classic, Clashic, XT and Unlimited. All failed attempts at co-opting bitcoin. All learning experiences.

>> No.9692954

what a good day for this guy to put this video out.


>> No.9693152

Something technically is impossible, but desired by a specific groups, and is possible with a particular change, and making that change is "not a technical excuse".
Got it, so basically software should only ever change in ways that do not completely ass rape your retarded fucking argument.
Neck yourself.

>> No.9693171

smart contract

>> No.9693281

>this is not a technical excuse. Basically, without the difficulty hack the cash fork would have died.

Because this is exactly how it should be, satoshi coded it that way so bullshit forks cannot survive and then get a PR guy to claim their altcoin is "the real bitcoin".

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>LN is so centralized but im ok with my shitcoin being under the control of a Chinese goverment employee

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which part of "the people who mine BTC and BCH are the same set of people" is too complicated for your pipsqueak brain to understand?

>> No.9693787

He coded it that way so contentious forks that were willing to resolve on purely exclusive criteria would do so. This is not one of those forks, which is why Jihan said BCH is a different thing to BTC.
The fact it also just happens to mean that in the long term, BCH might destroy BTC by stealing all its miners, is actually a fatal bug in BTC by any measure, imagine if that hadn't been caught before some government agency found it and pulled the exact same trick with an infinitely inflationary currency / reimplementation of the present fiat system on a blockchain and said "Now this is Bitcoin, and we'll pay our miners way more than anyone else can afford, which will kill the real Bitcoin".
That would actually have destroyed the original chain, but it will accomplish nothing regarding BCH now that bug has been fixed in BCH.

>> No.9693990

How are corecucks so blind? Literally all news for bch is bullish. Corecucks can't even solve the routing problem for their network

>> No.9694023


The kool-aid is stronger when you place the future of Bitcoin in the hands of a toothless literal Bible thumper and a roastie.

>> No.9694047

OMG, are you trying to make my brain bleed from your stupidity?! You have no idea what happened since Blockstream took over. Not at all. They did anything in their power to have absolute control over BTC's roadmap through their control over the repository. They slowly changed the BTC model so it'll use a 2nd layer. When the scaling started to become a real issue and to allow for the LN they avoided hardforking to keep control over the majority chain by softforking in a half assed way which will squeeze for them more tx's per block in a way which will gain them time until the LN is ready.
Again, BTC has the majority of the hashpower because they SOFTforked instead of HARDforking as was supposed to be.

>> No.9694054

>sudo wannbe techno babble
you don't even understand your own shill.

Anyways... No. you failed to present an argument as why bch lowered the difficulty adjusting algo.
>muh sabotage
>muh hijacking
>muh propaganda

More like fantasy and conspiracy theory, not legitimate reasons. Face it bch is the sabotage. bch is the hijacking and bch is the propaganda.

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Newfags get the gas. 0-conf is literally the only way to make bitcoin a currency for daily purchases.

>> No.9694159

Etherum doesn't come close either. Its just everyone knows "bitcoin" in their heads because that's all they've ever heard.

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Anyone confident enough can double spend here:



Protip: nobody has pulled it off.

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I can't wait for Bitcoin Core devs to call for a hardfork and get absolutely no support from the Miners (thus no consensus and ability to do it) and be stuck with a shit chain that eventually dies.

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Mining pools are all supporting BCH. Can't wait for this shit to blow up

>> No.9694252

It also makes higher lows. Its called a meme triangle, look it up.

>> No.9694256

bcash will be less than 5% of btc in around 4 days. screencap this

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Fuck that, get in on this pre-ico for the serious gains: https://www.theaccountingblockchain.io/?aId=7543845-2892534

>> No.9694273

>other implies same team

Kek, you faggots are retarded. If anything this implies there is more decentralization.

>> No.9694314

Feels good man.

>> No.9694390

Maybe it leads against BTC, but it doesn't lead compared to Stellar, for example.

>> No.9694404
File: 102 KB, 1024x694, DcYDwScVAAAq6y4.jpg large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The BCH algo was not 'lowered', it was modified to make it more dynamic you dumb nigger.

Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin. Bcore, corecucks and Blockstream's army of pajeets are attempting to sabotage Bitcoin (BCH).

Guess what?! Bitcoin (BCH) adoption is still growing, rapidly.

>> No.9694515
File: 58 KB, 744x622, vercash.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's funny seeing you cucks specify with "(BCH)" each time you try to delude the public into claiming Bitcoin is something else but what it is.

>> No.9694523

buy the original Bitcoin Cash

The story is wild Bitcoin Cash was forked from Bitcoin. then it forked again and the original chain is now called Bitcoin Core.

>> No.9694531
File: 114 KB, 796x752, 1518771399886.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your ignorance of the nature of a thing does not change the nature of what that thing is. It just highlights your ignorance of the nature of that thing.

>> No.9694538

None of your shitcoins (BTC BCH) gives interesting gains. Who the fuck cares?

>> No.9694572

The only reason your shitcoins exist is because of Bitcoin, and plenty of them should not exist at all, and will not exist at all soon. The culling comes. https://www.crypto51.app/ >>9688575

>> No.9694583



corecuck are delusional. Your shitcoin has NOTHING going for it because the name and network effect. It will slowly slide into irrelevancy

>> No.9694590

yeah... keep cashing out your "gains" to btc bitch or just leave your tether on your binance app I dgaf.

>> No.9694591

chainspl.it correctly has the events:
Block height: 478559 - Bitcoin Clashic forked from Bitcoin.
Block height: 504032 - BCH forked from Bitcoin Clashic, but Clashic kept going on the original True Vision chain.
Block height: 576698 - Bitcoin Clashic upgraded (forked) and renamed as Bitcoin Core (BTCC).
First, it was done so it can run without issues on the same machine with Bitcoin and secondly to add tx-replay protection from BCH.

Notable events:
At block height 552393, Bitcoin Core mined the biggest ever block with size 7,999,183 bytes (bigger than any BCH block)

Not even on Coinmarketcap, but it will be within 2 days. Easy 10x.


>> No.9694605
File: 66 KB, 900x738, 765831.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lmfao they're turning on each other lolololololol

>> No.9694606

Nobody cares. Money is money.
Bitcoin doesn't give any.

>> No.9694638

I use real USD (real money) when I cash out.
Not an useless virtual meme.

>> No.9694668

>not in crypto
yeah, so... who cares?

>> No.9694669

>real money

>> No.9694681

Good thing we agree on the fate of BTC then, and I'll be happy to see it meet it.

>> No.9694694
File: 100 KB, 1200x872, Bitcoin Core.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Get it while it's cheap

symbol BTCC

>> No.9694764


8MB blocks (also the biggest block ever mined at 7,999,183 bytes)
Just broke 100k trading volume

>> No.9694793

Satoshi created a network that allowed community consensus to modify it. If he wanted to lock in his original vision, he wouldn't have given the community the power to change the network, or leave the scene for good. The Bitcoin network is doing exactly what he built it to do.

>> No.9694819


Well I specify (BCH) when I refer to Bitcoin because there is a lot of propaganda alluding to bcore being Bitcoin when infact only Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin. I don't want to confuse anyone.

>> No.9694820


>> No.9694853
File: 50 KB, 655x136, wearechilds.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

out of the gene pool with you.

>> No.9694919

That is the most ridiculous quote I've ever heard. "Can we change the roadmap for this product completely so that it no longer resembles the original in any way shape or form, and have everyone else agree that we were right, or are they all failures? It has nothing to do with our changes, it's really about if people are intelligent enough to obey."
Get fucked you useless cunt.

>> No.9694945
File: 72 KB, 635x1024, 1524233436432.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Bcore block height is 52xxxx aka your 8mb block doesn't exist and could not possibly be 8mb as bcore is capped at 1mb.

I can't be fucked countering your image because it's moronic low grade propaganda like the rest of your posts

>> No.9695006

Bitcoin Core isn't Bitcoin.
It's a fork. You won some if you own Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin.

It's days old

>> No.9695060

you... you literally just made all of that up. you are a despicable piece of human garbage.

>> No.9695104

It's hilarious that you're unable to parse your own brainwashing material in any other way than positive, when it's so blatantly brainwashing material designed to make you not question the narrative, I mean even at the most basic level of "Well if it's not about the block size then why not change the fucking block size you stupid cunts" doesn't occur to you, all that occurs to you is to obey. What a fucking slave, it's amazing you can breathe without being commanded to.

>> No.9695176
File: 249 KB, 1304x752, YouAreBeingScammedIfYouBuyBcash.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is the kind of shit that makes it seem scammy.
i refuse to buy it out of principle.
It could go to 100 million for all i care.
I don't like Ver or how he tried to trick new investers by calling it Bitcoin.
That whole satoshis vision and highlight whitepaper bit does not help at all.

If you buy bch you are being scammed by a crybaby manchild and a chinese con artist.

>> No.9695247

reddit spotted. You dont be long here moshe. When facts are in your face you dont continue to lie. Stop being retarded and claiming the right to life over others, you're a human just like us, albeit a spineless and stupid one.

>> No.9695256

BCH gained more over that time period though.

>> No.9695266

They don't like logic, they like feeling instead of thinking.

>> No.9695317

No bro... I think for myself. you cannot convince me that the network issues back in Dec. weren't "foul play" by big players artificially creating a scenario that would back up their claims... the fork was done out of spite. These early bitcoin investors had the coin by the shorthairs for a long time. I heard a rumor that the original bitcoin client had a built in casino... But, they overlooked something very important... Devs don't (read: Can't) work for free. Enter Blockstream... Maxwell is on record saying that Blockstream was supposed to be a vehicle for Developer Compensation... but, these early bitcoin investors didn't like the new player and the new paradigm and enter the big block scandal . now early bitcoin investors need the large blocks quick fix to keep expanding out and getting more and more customers for whatever "bitcoin" service they've invested in. With total disregard to the integrity of the coin. I run a bitcoin full node. it's a 15.1 client. No SegWit and No Lightning.. see the beauty of what the core devs are doing right now is maintaining the integrity of the chain so guys like me can run a full node whatever version I want. They're saying that even version 9 can connect to the blockchain and continue to make transactions... If you knew anything about software development you would know that backwards compatibility is rare.

So, it really boils down to two differing ideologues. One says Adoption Now at all costs no matter what the consequences and the other says let's take our time and do it right and not blow away a Billion dollar idea all at once.

once again bcash is the aggressor, bcash is the propaganda creator, bcash is the saboteur. and you are scum of the Earth.

>> No.9695351

>incoherent drivel
move all the black dildos off of your keyboard and try again.

>> No.9695378

If your product was half as good as you cashies claim, you wouldn't have to literally try to scam and mislead people into buying it. However you may feel about Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, it is a FACT that "Bitcoin" is abbreviated "BTC" and "Bitcoin Cash" is abbreviated "BCH" Anything to the contrary is an outright lie at best, and a scam attempt to mislead others at worst.

>> No.9695408
File: 69 KB, 680x680, 1d5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> I think for myself
> you cannot convince me
Proving that you don't actually think for yourself and all your beliefs and perceptions are a priori implanted in your head directly after claiming the opposite. Right, just end it you sad fuck.

>> No.9695435
File: 42 KB, 324x400, 1526078594508.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Labels don't define objects. the nature of an object is what it is regardless of what label you stick on it, and what is labelled BTC is nothing like what is described in the Bitcoin white paper.
That would be BCH
Deny it as much as you like, it doesn't make the slightest difference, say it's a scam as much as you like, the nature changes not one shred. All your histrionic tantrums and whining, taken together with all those exactly like you, are worth exactly fucking zero in context of the actual concrete facts and properties and attributes of the things in question, and there's fuck all you can do about it.
What you think doesn't matter, only what is actually true matters.

>> No.9695512

how poetic yet fucking retarded. Have you ever heard of a trademark? how about a Patent? heard of international intellectual property rights? no? fucking idiot.

>> No.9695534
File: 11 KB, 261x320, brainlet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Complete and utter nonsense, which is to be expected from the mind of a cashie
>Labels don't define object
I would love to see how well that load of philosophical bullshit would hold up in court.
>Make a ripoff soda called "Coca-Cola Deluxe"
>Over time, eventually just drop the "Deluxe" and just go by "Coca-Cola"
>Inevitably get sued
>"N-no, it's okay, Judge. Labels don't define objects. My Coca-Cola is more like what Coca-Cola set out to be in the first place, so I am more deserving of the name! It's just a coincidence that I'll also rake in all of the cash from the brand recognition!"
Fucking brainlet, and then you have the nerve to say
>Deny it as much as you like
when you are LITERALLY the ones in denial. I can go to literally any exchange that you can name, and they will all list Bitcoin as "BTC" and Bitcoin Cash as "BCH". Feel free to deny THAT all you want, cashie brainlet

>> No.9695535
File: 63 KB, 666x400, you-have-no-power-here-meme.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> muh state
So predictable.

>> No.9695541

and none of those things apply to bitcoin

>> No.9695565

like it or not the state is here to stay Stephanfag

your mom called she said that it's time for you to go home.

>> No.9695567
File: 101 KB, 1024x768, Dd0KPk5UQAAh7zI-1024x768.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yet more state worship. Take note lurkers, the naked jew in all their glory, they come not to end the state, but to elevate it, and they would enslave the world if it were within their power.
Do not let it be so.

>> No.9695582


>> No.9695594

show me the trademark, patent, or IP claims then.

>> No.9695602
File: 77 KB, 480x480, 1524453516621.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not for long, hillaryfag. That's why we're here and what we're doing, and there is fuck all you or your blockstream crew can do about it.

>> No.9695682

wow! such anarchy. you should take all of thet hatred you have for your government and start a movement... call it anarchy cash the real anarchy

>> No.9695687

It's an allegory meant to illustrate a point, cashie brainlet. I'm not suggesting or advocating that the state can, should, or would step in to enforce any type of intellectual property laws against Bitcoin Cash. But (most) laws are not arbitrary; we don't just have laws on things like this just to have them. Laws reflect morals, and we have such intellectual property laws on the books because we, as a society, have come together and agreed "You know, if you build this great product and people know it, recognize it, and buy it because of a certain name, it would be wrong for someone else to come along, steal your name, and slap it on their own product for profit."

This is what Bitcoin Cash is doing, and this is the problem that people have with it. Why don't you cashies just admit that you're co-opting the name because you want the brand recognition? First you named your fork "Bitcoin Cash," so you had the name, but that wasn't good enough. Now you want to rebrand Bitcoin into "Bitcoin Core" and drop "Cash" from your name so that you're just "Bitcoin." It's all about stealing the name for your own profit. Can you admit that?

Btw, you sound like a lunatic with your conspiracy talk. Yikes

>> No.9695763

Actually its Bitcoin (BCH).

>> No.9695790

Bitcoin Core is a fork of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Cash (DAA) is a fork of Bitcoin Cash (EDA)
Bitcoin Cash (EDA) is a fork of Bitcoin


>> No.9695801

Don't know anymore if core shills like this is an actual persons meaning or just anon accumulating bch. No one can't be this stupid?

>> No.9695824

Show me one, just one exchange that lists Bitcoin as "BCH"

>> No.9695910


grab 100

>> No.9695944


>> No.9696188
File: 157 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Having argued continuously against coretards for months now, I assure you that they both can be and frequently are.

>> No.9696216

Bitcoin Core (BTCC): an Altcoin That Proves a Point

>> No.9696451


No, it's a predictable washtrade. Market activity has no correlation with utility, it could be an ERC20 chuckie cheese token. My bot loves it, it drops - buy. Rises - sell. Increases my real Bitcoin stack nicely. Kinda like EOS, fake whale pumping is profitable as hell. I've also run correlation analysis against the market as a whole, there's other similar coins too. Not giving em away kek.

>> No.9696724

I need that algo.

>> No.9696770

You obviously don't do this because you don't know what the fuck you are talking about.

>> No.9696792
File: 781 KB, 1860x3984, Bitcoin Wars The Fork Awakens (A New Hope).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>your outdated image

the "other" slice is at 28% today.

>> No.9696827
File: 935 KB, 1280x4752, Who watches the Watchtowers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bitcoin Gold hashrate:
Bitcoin Cash hashrate:
Legacy Bitcoin hashrate:

14000000000000 sha-256 hashes = 3500 equihashes

Bitcoin Gold hashrate (rebalanced):

Which finally lands Bitcoin Gold on 0.02455% of Bitcoin Cash in terms of security.

What I'm saying is, sure you need only *11% of BTCs hashrate to 51% attack BCH right now. However Bitcoin Gold does not even have half a percent of Bitcoin Cash's hashrate. Just because Gold was attacked it doesn't mean that Cash will be, you would need to consume 4000 times more electricity to ATTEMPT a 51% attack on Bitcoin Cash (plus hardware of course).

Even if someone could provide that, at that point you'd make way more money to just spend the hashrate on mining BCH like normal. You'd get half the block rewards every single day. Besides, a double spend attack is an attempt, if it fails you would have wasted your double spend money, which would need to be a very big sum to make it worth while attacking rather than just mine normally.

It's btw unlikely for several miners to band together from BTC and try to attack BCH. First of all it would involve trust among parties. Second, any time they spend attacking BCH is time not spent mining BTC normally. Third, if BCH is proved vulnerable at this point it would damage BTC's reputation among people that are not tech savvy. All they will hear is that the same code that BTC is running on is apparently vulnerable, they won't understand the hashrate difference.

Hashrate sources (numbers above might be a little outdated):

>> No.9696844

have you ever read the white paper? longest chain with most pow is bitcoin, fucking dumb cunt

>> No.9696845

wonder why they don't call it Bitcoin (BCH)

>> No.9696853

No it didn't. Also only reason this shitcoin pumped was due Bitcoin's run.

>> No.9696878
File: 957 KB, 3840x2160, B for Cash.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

*I should mention that in theory you only need to move 5.5% of BTC's hashrate over to BCH to be able to attempt a double spend attack. This is because you decrease the required hashrate to profit on BTC while increasing it on BCH, in theory this might push miners over from BCH to BTC which eventually leavs you with half the hashrate on BCH since so many miners switched over to the now-more-profitable BTC blockchain. Still, this theoretical situation is only true for existing BTC miners (those that stand to benefit the most if there are two blockchains to mine on), if someone new wants to attack BCH he will still need 11% of BTC's hashrate. To get a feeling of how big the attacking miner would be, estimates in 2015 show that all of Google's servers could only produce 1% of BTC's hashrate.

>> No.9696891

Is this how you cope?

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