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BCH, for all the bluster and squealing has barely any actual users, adoption that amounts entirely to dummy apps to advertise for BCH itself, and an active marketing team comprised of embittered egomaniacs who failed to take control of Bitcoin development last year. It's a squeaky wheel, that's all.

Only Bitcoin matters, and make no mistake, it is the one everyone already calls Bitcoin. The ONLY legitimate Bitcoin blockchain proceeds from an unbroken chain of majority consensus starting at the genesis block in 2009. That is Bitcoin, period. A BCH coin is not compatible with the Bitcoin blockchain from any time 2009-2018, pre or post fork. It's a completely separate network and coin altogether.

BCH relies on an appeal to the authority of the whitepaper and retrospective interpretation of Satoshi's intent to backfill validity for their knockoff as "Bitcoin". The problem is, none of that is binding. The whitepaper prescribes, and does not define. Code defines; consensus is the ONLY binding governance. And BCH completely fails on every objective measure to actually BE Bitcoin. All it can do is make arguments and hope subjectivity will eventually trump objectivity. The futility of this scheme is akin to jumping off a bridge and trying to convince the water not to kill you when you land.

Make no mistake: there is no actual debate. It's not even that Bitcoin won, it's that the big block takeover never got off the ground in the first place. The shadow of that minority cabal still lingers because of embitterment at such a complete and humiliating loss. They failed to unilaterally influence development in their sham NYA, as they should have. All that remains is squealing by the same handful of very conspicuous stakeholders running disinfo platforms. It's all smoke and mirrors.

Bitcoin is Bitcoin. BCH is a counterfeit, and no appeal, no authority, no argument, no expert, nothing will change that. Don't fall for the social engineering campaign.

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He's going back to jail. Cap this.

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why do you even write this, no one gives a fuck about bcucks

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Nobody cares about bitcoin anymore. It's old tech.

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I guess we'll find out by EOY, won't we?

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how can i get into blockstream's payroll? :3

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Nice try. Literally all data confirms my position. I repeat: ALL. Asking me to provide data points is like asking me to prove the sun exists. I could, but I'd be playing into the same rhetorical game I mentioned in the beginning. My evidence is total, BCH's is literally nonexistent. Don't try to wedge fallacious symmetry into this discussion.

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bcore does not work as a currency, its a neckbeard project. piss off neckbeard

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bitcoin is p2p electronic cash (currency). bcore isn't a currency, therefore it can't be bitcoin. Is that objective enough?

Diverting from the truth by making a bunch of useless arguments based on concepts that are not fundamental will just waste your time friend

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1-2k EOY

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ok, if you are not in their payroll, can you hire me as a shill? seems pretty obvious you would benefit from it

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"BCH relies on an appeal to the authority of the whitepaper and retrospective interpretation of Satoshi's intent to backfill validity for their knockoff as "Bitcoin". The problem is, none of that is binding. The whitepaper prescribes, and does not define. Code defines; consensus is the ONLY binding governance. And BCH completely fails on every objective measure to actually BE Bitcoin. All it can do is make arguments and hope subjectivity will eventually trump objectivity. The futility of this scheme is akin to jumping off a bridge and trying to convince the water not to kill you when you land."

Thanks for playing directly into my hand.

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BTC is also not compatible with the original blockchain, that's what a hard fork is.

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BTC is the same speed and has the same fees in sats as bcash. They're both pretty lousy as everyday currency for small purchases.

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BTC is the fork not BCH... Bitcoin is a chain of signatures not a hashchain (segwit) and doesnt rely on lightning to scale.

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BTC hasn't hardforked since satoshi did it last, you're just outright lying.

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They are both forks of the original Bitcoin chain of which is dead.

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I don't understand the obsession with claiming the Bitcoin Name. It's just a fucking name. Being bitcoin doesn't guarantee infinite growth.

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How else are they going to sell a scam coin that is slower and technically inferior to the majority of altcoins? Hijacking an existing brand is all they have to work with. It wouldn't even make top 100 crypto list without trying to trick users.

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that would be true if the protocol was never upgraded. The dev team can write code that sends all coins to invalid addresses and make it unusable and brainwash everyone to agree it's a good thing. Since everyone agrees, it's bitcoin xD.
Your argument doesn't work because the consensus rules change over time, making any one of them meaningless since it's not truly decentralized and enforceable by code, as long as you force people to download all the new clients.
Irrelevant to what I said

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That's all they have.

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>Irrelevant to what I said
Ok then, since they are around the same speed and TX cost how is one a currency while the other isn't.

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I never mentioned bitcoin cash in any of my posts. I'm sorry if it was unclear since this thread is about bitcoin cash but I don't care about any shitcoin. I will always use usd until I see a clear economic benefit for most people to be using shitcoins, which I think it won't happen ever, but if it does, I'm browsing and keeping up with the scene since I trade

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To add to my post, my stance is that the only possible bitcoin is bitcoin cash. Whether it does what it promises or not, they're are the only ones trying

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we already found out - Bcash lost

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What exactly have they done that is trying to make it more of a currency? It's slower and scales poorly compared to many other crypto.

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Daily reminder that the routing problem that lightning is trying to tackle is unsolvable and even the tier 1 isps and internet backbone has to rely on a non adversarial trusted environment. Aka. Not one that will work with money. Maintaining a routing table of changing balances is impossible and frequent collisions and payment failures will be common with any volume.

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BCash would have gone further if they weren't so hellbent on the disinformation campaign.

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Stellar seems to be making headway just fine in terms of their Lightning implementations.

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Lightning might fail, still no reason to buy into the bcash scam, better alts around with promising scaling solutions.

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they have 0 conf. transactions which works fine for small transactions and waiting 10 minutes for bigger ones is not a big problem. I'm just talking about the core vs cash debate. I'm sure a lot of other cryptos have better ideas and not claiming bitcoin cash is the best, just a possible way of salvaging the original bitcoin idea. Other cryptos can do it as well though, I don't care, but something a bit different may be needed

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Get a real job loser.

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That is because you don't understand the difference. They are using the same end client routing. That is like your computer telling the isp what path to take. It might work for stellar because so much is held by them compared to Bitcoin but it will still have the same routing issues at scale. Tell me genius how do you maintain a routing table when the capacity for every routine changes constantly.

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thank you for advertising Bitcoin Cash.
reminder that weve already won

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Yeah, that is because you don't believe in Bitcoin anymore. You want Bitcoin to die. We still believe in Bitcoin and want it to be the world currency that it deserves to be.

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There's really only room for one PoW blockchain to succeed in the end and if Bitcoin Cash continues to increase blocksize it will fail regardless.


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All of the developers that wanted bigger blocks have abandoned BTC for BCH. I don't see anything happening on BTC, no excitement, no future plans, nothing at all to discuss. Just hopes for Lightning Network to actually work one day. Even if they backtrack now and actually increase the max blocks I doubt any talent will forget the past and come back.

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Don't worry, bitcoin won't be sad if it fails - It's an inanimate piece of software

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block height 478558 marks the block where the bitcoin network split in two. Every block before that shares the same history on both networks. One of the networks implemented segwit and the other simply raised the max blocksize. Segwit to enable bitcoin scaling with existing economy. Raising the blocksize to let bitcoin grow a new economy. At the time the “fork” happened, the segwit version of bitcoin had most support and money behind it. It still has, but what makes you so sure it will always be like that?

An economic shitstorm is on the horizon, and it is a fucking big one. When the storm hits, we will see which network people trust their money with. Satoshi began this project after the last economic crisis, to let us create a new economy, we all are a part of. The segwit network, “Bitcoin” or “BTC” will be destroyed under a new financial crisis. “BCH” or “Bitcoin cash” might actually be able to survive such crisis and supply a new economy to the whole world that is in need. Bitcoin can fix so many different things for humanity, just so sad to see brain dead idiots like you slow the process down. Fuck you.

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>Every block before that shares the same history on both networks.
478559 was the first block that BCH mined. So every block before and including 478558 shares the same history on both networks.

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There is only room for one PoW, the winner will be the one that the miners support. When was the last time Jihan shared a stage with blockstream?

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If you believe in the tech and not simply claiming the name "Bitcoin" why don't you look at superior technologies such as Stellar? SCP is vastly superior to PoW and PoS and it's a non-profit and the source is completely open.

I'm not seeing where you're coming here if it's all about the tech.

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The irony about this meme is that BTC will become an even more powerful sith lord and cut BCH in half in a couple decades

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>in a couple decades

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It's over for Bitcoin.

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you're admitting that the BTC fork is evil and will die in the end

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because this shitcoin pops up in every BCH fud thread. fuck off. i'm not buying your bags faggot and neither should anyone else

>b-but i don't own any stellar
>i'm just here to discuss the tech


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I have a bridge to sell you if you think BCH is at all superior to Stellar in any way, shape or form.

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It's not all about the tech, but also the economic principles that pow brings and how bitcoins history and ledger is. Don't know much about SCP, but doubt it brings a better economy than Bitcoin will. That's if Bitcoin is allowed to grow.

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I don't think we're ever going to keep a truly decentralized currency and if that happens it's likely going to be Bitcoin.

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fuck core they lost all relevance

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Social engineering campaign appeals to authority of idiot beards and implores clueless assholes not to listen to nonexistent social engineering campaign from opposing viewpoint that literally just wants to execute on the original vision for the project and is annoyed at the obvious hijacking and sabotage.
I wonder if people here are stupid enough to fall for this.
Let's see.

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get a load of this salty fucker right here.
something strike a nerve in OP's post did it?

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Pretty cool desu just one faggot >>9652068 getting wrekt by everyone else. That'll do biz, that'll do.

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When the intended method of scaling actually works it's not just appeal to authority. Don't you ever question why blocksizes are being capped at 1mb?

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Did I speak too soon or did someone throw up the core shill bat signal...

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>Bilderberg Group

You're not helping your cause.

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It's a fact

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Take that cashews.

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>Only Bitcoin matters, and make no mistake, it is the one everyone already calls Bitcoin. The ONLY legitimate Bitcoin blockchain proceeds from an unbroken chain of majority consensus starting at the genesis block in 2009. That is Bitcoin, period. A BCH coin is not compatible with the Bitcoin blockchain from any time 2009-2018, pre or post fork. It's a completely separate network and coin altogether.

imagine being this technically illiterate

unironically kill yoruself you dragons den shariablue cunt

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The USA's CIA appreciates your continued support. Our current plan is to continue to sell as we have bills due from our most recent foray in Syria and a major push upcoming in Venezuela

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>b-b-b-b-b-b-b-but Satoshi wanted BTC to be a currency and BTC is not a currency because pgnweng
Fuck off. Satoshi is a moron. His idea for the blockchain is innovative and his idea to apply it to a digital, P2P, decentralized currency is genius; but his idea doesn't make much sense:
>a currency whose price is determined by the market
>if there's too many transactions, the price drops (this is not a technical limitation but rather how the market works) and the transactions take longer (this is a technical limitation)
It doesn't scale. Just like a lot of Internet protocols, it does the job good enough but fails when used in the real world because the author couldn't foresee how it would actually work IRL.
BTC and BCH still have their uses, but the e-drama that ensued is fucking pathetic and totally useless. What the devs are doing are just small patches that won't fix the overall issue of BTC: it doesn't scale up.

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Don't forget that bcashies have bought the bitcoin.com domain and use the bitcoin twitter handle and masquerade as the real deal as well.

Roger has even whined about not being treated favorably on reddit and i'm sure that faggot would have loved to own the reddit bitcoin page as well.

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It doesn't scale when you put an artificial capacity limit on it for no reason whatsoever, anymore than your car doesn't perform when you try to drive it while leaving the handbrake on.
That doesn't mean it can't. That means the operators are stupid.

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>It doesn't scale.
How do you know?

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It literally doesn't. You can try to patch it like the BCH guys are doing, but that doesn't fix the issue. The problem is in the architecture and how the fucking market is supposed to work.
You would need to either rewrite it, find a magical solution or keep patching it until it ends up being an abomination like X11 or modern web browsers.
Because even the patches made by BCH would cause trouble if the number of transactions keeps upping.

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hey turbo shill nice to see you today.

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Do you really think "it literally doesn't" is going to slide with this audience? That's literally not ah argument. Satoshi did the math back in 2008 for visa scale. BU has been running a gigabyte testnet for some time now, and the presentation they did on scaling bitcoin goes into all the architectural inadequacies of the core client that currently hamstring it.
If you seriously want to convince anybody at all in light of the above, you're going to have to do much better than "does not".
But let's be honest, you're not going to do that because there is no argument.

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>our God did the Math and it is His Word that the Holy Network can scale, so it shall be so
Then why didn't he make sure it could scale up? The only fact here is that the shit he did cannot scale up and what the BCH guys are doing is just a small patch. The network realistically shouldn't grow enough to give them problems in the next decades, but the fact that it's just a mediocre patch stands.
It does not solve the scaling problem, it just moves it to a future date. Which is kind of what programmers like to do nowadays, but it always comes back to bite the user's in the ass.
I don't even care about BTC, btw.

>> No.9653879

You're still not saying why it can't scale.

>> No.9653880

bch has half the daily transactions of doge
it's a dead shitcoin and shills use half cooked conspiracy theories and identity politics to appeal to 95iq Brainlets who think they know it all

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Solving scaling problems in production technology deployments is *all about* moving the ceilings back to the latest practical date at the lowest possible cost without compromising the value of the system. That you fail to understand the value of the system and think moving 99 percent plus of transaction volume off chain where it can't be easily seen and audited and is subject to whatever behind the scenes manipulations parties may subject it to doesn't mean those things aren't real risks. It just means you never actually understood bitcoin.
The fact of the matter is that it is both practical and desirable to have an on chain throughput level vastly superior to the artificial cap forced on bcore, and the only reason this hasn't been done is Maxwell's bloated ego, blockstream's business plan, and their investors salivating about taking control of this new market with the illusion of grass roots ground up support while they offload the festering toxic assets of the old economy onto idiot bagholders "chasin dat paper yo".
That is the real purpose the 1mb block limit serves.

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Note the continuing lack of actual arguments, but the emergence of random idiots chipping in with witless one liners that effectively reduce to emotional exhortations and tribal identity signalling. This is what an attempt to manipulate emotionally looks like.

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The real reason is long term dissipation of block rewards and necessity of keeping fees sufficiently incentivising for miners.

It's still a valid argument.

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you have no argument, just cramming a lot of bullshit into your posts
btc is bitcoin
bch is another failed Fork
majority of the community is behind btc, the ones who aren't only care about their own personal interests (bitmain and ver for example)
tether prove me wrong you literally cannot

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No. It's not. More on chain throughput equals more fee paying transactions for miners, more adoption and use means more price growth which in turn makes providing network service even more valuable, and so on.
Maxwell's vision is so economically ignorant it's not even wrong, and his proposed solution actually courts the result he fearmongers about.
Artificially imposed on chain caps and moving the majority of transactions to another layer and closing out channels on chain almost never, however, certainly actually does pose extreme and potentially intractable problems for mining, and thus by extension the entire core rube goldberg machine.
Credit where it is due though, this is at least actually an argument, just not a good one.

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Majority of the community is not behind btc. Prove me wrong, you literally cannot. See how astroturfing and manufacturing consensus works? Anyone can do it and without a sybil proof signalling mechanism it's just people making unbacked assertions.

>> No.9654118

daily reminder that all bcash supporters are just morons who bought in ATH during one of the 2017 P+Ds because they fell for


imagine being so insanely stupid that you base your investing decisions on biz memes

>> No.9654126

>BCH is literally marxist gaslighting

>> No.9654146

>Majority of the community is not behind btc
For fucks sake, at least try.

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10 billion transactions a day with 1/2 cent fees makes miners just as much as 10 million transactions a day with $5 fees. Though if fees are $5 nobody is going to use bitcoin. Even if it's just to charge up my lightning wallet once a month I won't be using bitcoin if it costs $5 to do so.

>> No.9654267

nice non argument
the market has spoken
btc has 10x the use of bch
deal with it

>> No.9654513

>Majority of the community is not behind btc.
Yeah, you're going to have to try a lot harder.

>> No.9654690


nobody will use it to buy a coffee sure, but for a small million dollar order of coffee beans it doesn't really matter if it's $5, $0.05 or $50. we don't so much need adoption from people as we do their money, right now we see ethereum with higher daily TX but more money still moves through the bit coins.

>> No.9654703

i have good word from higher up within the us that brian armstrong, ver, and charlie lee will all be arrested soon

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BTC marketcap is less than 50%. That is, by definition, a minority.

>> No.9654850

>create shitcoin with 100b supply
>trade a single coin on yobit for $10 back and forth
>Omg 1t marketcap
kys dumb fuck

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May as well start "turbo shilling" now that I'm here.

>> No.9654859

If BTC is a minority than no crypto is a majority. The majority here is the highest dominance.

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BTC has minority market share. Deal with it.

>> No.9654891

btc is the biggest market cap and has actual money in it unlike the countless inflated mc shitcoins that are worth literally nothing other than the fact some retard will give up his btc for them

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File: 1.27 MB, 1098x1086, 1526332474703.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


That's correct. But the majority of the "community" does not back BTC.

>> No.9654900

prove it

>> No.9654902

Bcash is under 900 dollars. Deal with it.

>> No.9654906

you're an easily manipulated fool, read up on the history

>> No.9654915

$800 EOD.
$100 EOW
$0.01 EOY

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File: 301 KB, 1511x1481, 1526212577529.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


What do you think the other 60% represents?


And? BTC is also under an unspecified arbitrary value.

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bcash is a lame attempt to hijack a name.
bcash is trash
bcash is shit
bcash is roger ver
bcash is faketoshi
bcash is to be avoided

>> No.9654948

you think market capitalization is an indicator of "support" or anything other than total irrelevant bs
you are a literal brain dead retard and I am done here
glad to know that idiots such as yourself are the reason it's possible to make money

>> No.9654955

and screencaps of reddit posts you saved from 4chan are not an argument
Gg no re cash cuck, see you at the next flippening attempt

>> No.9654956


Not an argument

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Cool argument bro.

>> No.9654976
File: 854 KB, 3968x2976, 1526219544825.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You're absolutely right. They aren't arguments. They're independently verifiable facts.

>> No.9654988

>screencap of 4chan post
Lmao you'll never make it dude
enjoy those bags you bought at the peak of coin base bch pnd

>> No.9654992

Haha. Whats bcash now, 800? What happened to the flippening? What happened to roger and craig and jihan all dumping their BTC into bcash LMFAO :D

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>gets triggered by information

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Haha yeah lol ROFL xD

>> No.9655027

The bcash shilling is growing as the price implodes, must be getting close to where the entire crypto market dumping squeezes bcash backers into capitulation. At some point if BTC and bcash prices decline too far Jihan and Ver will be unable to afford to prop up bcash at a loss.

>> No.9655035

... is that image supposed to be relevant? Bcash is $800. will it be $700 by the end of the week? Is it going to be flipped by ETH?

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File: 1.14 MB, 1106x1012, pepelooking.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>are facts supposed to be relevant

You faggots are the definition of greater fool theory. Bitcoin is just some speculative asset you plan to dump on some other fool when you get your le ebin moon

>> No.9655066

>Still posting half baked shill images he saved from 4chan (all within same time period too from filenames)
the state of bcash bag holders

the 15th was almost half a month ago
flippening when gay lords

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Relevant? Are you implying that I consider any discussion with you meaningful?

>> No.9655103

I assumed you'd at least try to be cohearant or have some logic to your posts, but I guess you prefer schizophrenic rambling. Typical cashie :D

>> No.9655129

btc has same fees as bch
lightning network is a secondary layer
only gigantic corps can run nodes on bcash network
exactly, so therefore LN is irrelevant if it's a secondary and optional layer

anything else in that shitty shill image I need to debunk?
nice how the part about the longest chain with most proof of work done being bitcoin is left out... seeing as that is the actual definition and not subjective bs from late adopter shills

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>I'm going to post multiple times and really let them know how I feel about these images


My posts are fine. Maybe you have difficulties with reading comprehension? :PPPPP

>> No.9655157

You said you dont care about being coherent, how is that fine? I didnt think even cashies were that clueless

>> No.9655158

>Imagine reality were not reality
reddit post discarded
you should go back to your echo chamber normie site kthnx late adopter

>> No.9655195

>It's a squeaky wheel
and its getting the grease

thanks, just bought 1k

>> No.9655218


I don't think any reasonably intelligent person reading this thread thinks you successfully debunked that image. By the way, the "longest chain" part is highlighted in red. I assume you know what the color red looks like?


>if it's an intellectual exercise it must be invalid

Well done on demonstrating that you are stupid.

>> No.9655235

I've already debunked it
you can highlight whatever you want and say whatever you want but it doesn't make it any less false

if btc can't be used as cash why does it have over ten times more use than bch? check and mate faggot

>> No.9655240
File: 968 KB, 760x1520, 1524417730666.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Mmm... forgot to post a redpill.

>> No.9655260

eth actually has the most "decentralized" dev teams
and btc has countless more times devs than bch
and most btc devs do not work for blockstream
take a look at the github some time yeah

bcashies confirmed for retarded Polcucks who can only consume "redpill" shill images and fail to actually process any information

>> No.9655266


Nope. All you did was state a falsehood, that fees are the same, then a couple of facts that were never in dispute, and then some drivel as a result of your colorblindness.

>> No.9655273


>> No.9655295

Lol youre just going to not reply to me? Probably a wise strategy when youre getying btfo

>> No.9655303

both cost under a dollar to use
I'm not wrong
enjoy holding another ver backed failed Fork

>> No.9655310


Hi. How's it going?

>> No.9655321


So all numerical values under $1 are the same? Interesting.

>> No.9655332

Hey seriously, Bitcoin Cash is pumping hard right now guys. Its going to go over $1,000 before the night ends!

>> No.9655348

You haven't really said anything.

Do you remember the beginning of the year?

>> No.9655361

Buy now sir! Bcash very good coin! 1000 EON

>> No.9655372



>> No.9655403


I'm going to elaborate on my sarcasm for the readers benefit. BTC fees are roughly 10c currently. BCH fees are roughly 1c. Might not seem like much on paper but that's 10x. More importantly, when BTC is under load, fees skyrocket. Not true for BCH.

>> No.9655446

because bch never sees any load
may as well just use doge if you care that much about small fees... it's faster, cheaper, more widely available, and has a longer and more secure history

>> No.9655447

Bcash is dumping (again)

>> No.9655488


And also will never ever be taken seriously by businesses and commercial entities.


So it is. Have you taken a look at the rest of the cryptocurrency market by any chance?

>> No.9655703

>So it is. Have you taken a look at the rest of the cryptocurrency market by any chance?
Why does it fall more than the other top 10 cryptos?

>> No.9655874
File: 147 KB, 555x478, proof of work.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>By the way, the "longest chain" part is highlighted in red. I assume you know what the color red looks like?
cashcucks are braindead retards.
i highlighted in red why you're a fucking dumbass.

>> No.9655951


Do you seriously think 1% more than ETH is meaningful?


So uh... how many blocks is LN going to add to the PoW chain? Checkmate atheists.

>> No.9656015
File: 776 KB, 450x450, 1500062307587.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is absolutely no way anyone is this stupid on accident.

>> No.9656065


Not going to answer the question then?

>> No.9656196
File: 240 KB, 1534x828, TotalWorkDone.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Even if a hundred trillion quadrillion billion blocks worth of transactions go through LN, BTC STILL HAS MORE WORK DONE.
You can't magically make bcash have more work done because people use an optional 2nd layer.

>> No.9656670

>Do you seriously think 1% more than ETH is meaningful?
Well yeah, it's consistently one of the weakest alt coins, the second the market is slightly bearish bcash usually drops 2x as much as BTC. This is not how something with demand behaves, it looks as though it's being artificially inflated but only when its cheap to do so.

>> No.9656972
File: 1.16 MB, 250x272, 1525062174648.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Bitcoin.com & @bitcoin both pro BCH
>masquerade as the real deal as well


Bitcoin CASH

>> No.9657044
File: 37 KB, 394x440, 1524057284340.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.9657144

It was spammed for one or two blocks, it didn't even work the first time they tried because miners were rejecting 8mb blocks. Bcash can barely break 100kb for most blocks due to lack of interest. Fill the 32mb blocks for a week and it might be interesting.

>> No.9657623


>> No.9658567
File: 2.11 MB, 2160x2567, Screenshot_20180529-110050~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9658589
File: 199 KB, 595x934, 1527074431097.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9658633

That's a cute wall of text bro. However, if BCH did flip BTC then normies wouldn't give a FUCK which is the real bitcoin. They only care about prosperity

>> No.9658641
File: 618 KB, 3840x1595, Screenshot_20180529-111019~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9658665

categorically, observably false.

I've even been generous in that chart and left out the absolute shitshow of payment slowdowns when the 1.3mb blocksize was getting saturated at peak marketcap.
>hur nobody is using BCH
If people do, it has greater room for transaction capacity.
If more people ever use BTC again? Pay higher fees or you have to use LN. Crypto is not about what is happening right now. It's about what could be.

>> No.9658695
File: 55 KB, 440x743, iXfZJwn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this the corecuck form of desperation? "It's going to be ok, the government will save us".

>> No.9658701


>> No.9658703
File: 146 KB, 851x474, screen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have you guys seen this?

Roger Ver out there doing God's work. What other crypto people are out there actually talking to key people in power and spreading the word? You don't need to be a genius to understand where this will go, Roger got Bitcoin to where it is today and he will get people to understand that Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin.

>> No.9658805

Roger ver told everyone their money was safe in the hands of Mt got and they were totally solvent
get fucked

>> No.9658965

he is likemost salespeople - ignorant and easily programmed into dishonest shilling... but he is also a sociopathic scam artist

>> No.9658976

that's bcash with their software patents. cashie fucks have no critical thinking skills

>> No.9658981

he never said they were solvent he said the fiat payouts were delayed by banks and not by gox. the word solvent was never said

>> No.9658993
File: 16 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

12 hours later and still on the core side note histrionic tantrums than a Jacob vs Edward thread on an exclusively tween female twilight forum, and nary an argument to be found.
Feels comfy boys.

>> No.9659411

Yeah, BCash sucks, right?

>> No.9659589
File: 150 KB, 1200x900, Ddc2ExNVwAEDb94.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know man, the purse.io guys seem pretty competent to me, what exactly do you take issue with?

>> No.9660130
File: 392 KB, 1029x1099, Bitcoin vs Coreiath.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He made a comment about that in a video, which I don't have unfortunately, but he made it clear that both him and MtGox really did believe everything was OK. The whole incident is how the malleability bug was discovered so of course everybody was taken by surprised. I lost 40 BTC on MtGox myself.

Regardless it doesn't change the fact that Roger Ver has all these connections and is actually out there promoting Bitcoin Cash. Meanwhile what do legacy Bitcoin have? Speculation meetups where nobody even uses BTC? Just blind hope that Lightning Network will someday make the price go up randomly. If people aren't using BTC today they aren't going to magically start using Lightning either.

Here's another nice recent video to for peolpe to watch:

>> No.9660555

It's amazing to me that so many supporters of Bitcoin Cash are against Lightning.

>it may come SOME day but we need to be able to use it as a currency NOW
>we cant wait FOREVER for lightning
>looks like lightning is never going to be complete

Once Lightning comes out and is fully adopted by exchanges (which is going to take some time, this is a very new space and adoption is just now happening) it is going to make the vast majority of coins obsolete.

If there is no interoperability with Bitcoin Cash for Lightning it is highly probable that BCH fall out of the top 10 by 2019.

>> No.9660871
File: 21 KB, 263x200, 1497046215252.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is the level of desperation and mental gymnastics that cashies have.

>> No.9661225
File: 345 KB, 852x464, bch solution.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why lightning network is a bad idea even if all its issues were solved:

1. you have to set up your payment channel with on-chain transaction. if you have to deal with on-chain transactions anyway you might as well just scale up on-chain instead

2. if someone else use your payment channel they can deplete your funds to a merchant. if there are no other channels, which is likely since otherwise your channel wouldn't be depleted, you now need another on-chain transaction to make a new channel

3. the network will inevitably develop backbone nodes that nearly all transactions pass through. this "solves" the routing problem but makes the whole thing completely centralized, just like internet is today (with master backbone nodes).

bonus: 4. once you put your crypto into a channel you're basically trapped in the system. it's designed so that you would never want to take it out. eventually there would be almost no in/out on the bitcoin blockchain and at that point bitcoin is essentially dead and you can be sure that there will be talks to just drop it completely in favor of some kind of issued lightning network token

another bonus: 5. it's possible to make solutions for micropayment channels on-chain instead. someone needs to figure out a way for the sender to be able to construct a transaction but he cannot broadcast it, the reciver on the other hand can't change the transaction but he is allowed to broadcast it. the payment channel is then either closed by the receiver with the latest state or it is closed by a timeout with a full refund to the sender.

TL;DR i wouldn't want to use lightning even if it worked

also bitcoin (cash) works for payments today. we don't live forever and every year we delay crypto adaption is another year the banks will adapt to instant online global payments. no need to reinvent the wheel when there's no god damn need to and it only helps the banks.

>> No.9661279

>It's amazing to me that so many supporters of Bitcoin Cash are against Lightning.
Implying that the only problem with lightning is that it is too slow to be implemented. No, that is just one of the problems with it. The primary problem with it is that it is a re-centralisation of the network focusing on making it back into just another banking network, the exact thing Bitcoin was designed to disintermediate.

>> No.9661397

Saying that only BTC matters because it has more transactions means utter shit.
The only reason BTC isn't congested is because worldwide adoption isn' there yet. As soon as there are more than 7 tx/s, the network will be congested and people disappointed again.
The real competition begins when the masses actually start using them. BTC with the LN bullshit will have no chance.
Firstly people will experience that the BTC blockchain itself is slow and congested. Then they will find out that they have to start building links to use it properly. Why would they bother, when they can use BCH instead which can already accept about 200 tx/s on-chain?

>> No.9661473
File: 133 KB, 722x626, DBWunVZV0AAvbL9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As someone who constantly travels the world and always has to set up new banking arrangements in new places of residence, the way this works is exactly how the classical banking system works. Oh you've arrived here, now you need to find yourself a bank which will impose all financial regulations and snooping on your finances and act as a locus of control by the state for your official affairs with the state.
Small oligopoly of massive lightning hubs that dominate by the design of the system imposing the exact same system as a single unified global financial entity is so obvious it's amazing coreons fail to see it. They LARP revolutionaries while acting as the vanguard of neoliberalism and crony capitalism in an explicitly ancap space that will have none of their bullshit, and then scream they're being attacked.

>> No.9661576
File: 935 KB, 1280x4752, Who watches the Watchtowers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>200 tx/s on-chain
a more realistic number would be 150 tx / sec (average 350 bytes per transaction). even that might be a little generous judging by the current average tx size in a block.

still far better than BTC's 6 transactions / sec after segwit

>> No.9661648


This. I don't actually hate it - it's got some good ideas. But the fucking level of obvious paid shilling.....holy fuck, such a red flag.

>> No.9661714
File: 957 KB, 3840x2160, B for Cash.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where would I even be able to find such a job? It's not like all these millionaires that made Bitcoin what it is today just banded together and went "let's make a scam lel". They've been trying to increase the blocksize for years upon years, if the guys that control the github refuse to merge with your code what other choice is there than to make your own project?

Satoshi himself might have been refused to merge code into his own project. Think about it.

>> No.9661761
File: 47 KB, 550x800, flat,800x800,070,f.u1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you have any evidence at all of actual paid shilling whatsoever? Because despite claims of this constantly, I have seen none, whilst on the opposite side, the CEO of blockstream admits he has full time teams dedicated to "correcting the record" shareblue style on this issue.
The truth doesn't need shill brigades, it doesn't need propaganda squads, it just needs passionate defenders who know the arguments and have shut them all down continuously to simply spread the information and let that sink in.

>> No.9661906

>CEO of blockstream admits
I've not read this, do you have a link at hand?

>> No.9662037
File: 160 KB, 1003x578, paidshills.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9662661

i don't see it as definite, could just have been an expression. "babysitting that boy is a large team's full time job". doesn't mean that there is a full team to do it, just that he think he is having his hands full in disproving people.

i did however find proof of shillbots:
clicking /u/horseeating shows that it was banned

>> No.9662772

admitting that something is a large team's fulltime job in the context that you're the CEO of a company is a pretty damning statement that you have a large team working on it as a fulltime job, especially when that pretty much meshes with what we know of dragon's den, et al.
By contrast there may well be the kind of shilling that you highlight from characters like whoever is in control of horseeating, but that is more likely to be directed by some random pnd group than the actual people running the projects being shilled, because being found out as having actually done that doesn't outweigh the advantages you get from employing shillbots. They basically only work on morons at this stage, note every thread like this, the only people convinced by the core position have nothing to lean on beyond group affiliation tribalism and emotional exhortations that the outgroup must be shunned etc etc. They literally have no arguments left, so they have nothing to lose by employing shillbots (very likely) and mass scale censorship to push their agenda (that one is a flat out well known for years fact by this point).

>> No.9663249

BCH is the Donald Trump of crypto.

>> No.9663263


This desu phampai

>> No.9663313

More like the rob kardashian of crypto

>> No.9663660

Don't you have some Alex Jones videos to watch?
Buy some of those manly supplements and water filters with BCH while you're at it.

>> No.9663709

>Majority, is by definition, a minority.
>Majority vs Absolute Majority

The absolute state of B(rainlet)CH advocates.

>> No.9663869

No matter which way you spin it, most of the market believes BTC is full of shit, that's the simple fact of the matter. You can try and DnC it all you like and claim they all think they have a better path to success, but they all agree on the central point that BTC is a failure.

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