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I got memed buying this coin back in febuary, what the hell happened?

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>I got memes into buying this

How the fuck is this even possible? What could anyone have possible said to convince you to hold this trash long term?

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I got memed hard forking into it, but already sold so its all good then.

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51% attack.

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Anon wtf why would you buy this

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people said I should buy and hold
thanks faggots

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>He's not accumulating cheap BTG
>Stays poor holding 0x, AMB, REQ, while BTG moons by 100x

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One of the biggest shitcoins out there.

>muh decentralised

Yet the dev teams monopolized mining for the early blocks.

And now it got 51% attacked.

It is a failure and the team behind should spat on when walking down the streets.

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You are def larping because nobody is this retarded.

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fake and gay

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>literally cucked by CSW and Jihan

Wow anon

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You bought a shit fork that was deigned to fail to hurt Bitcoin Cash's reputation.

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51% attack. it's possible on weak proof-of-work networks.

Bitcoin Gold hashrate:
Bitcoin Cash hashrate:
Legacy Bitcoin hashrate:

Those numbers are a couple of days old. Sources:

Note that Bitcoin Gold has a different hashalgorithm but even if it takes 10k times longer to make a single hash it is nowhere near as secure as BCH or BTC.

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quick math for the lazy:

Bitcoin Gold have 0.0000000000061% of Bitcoin Cash's hashrate.

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>Legacy Bitcoin
also comparing different algorithms is literally pointless

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you prefer Bitcoin Core?

also it's not pointless, Bitcoin Gold's algorithm would have to be several billion times slower than SHA256 to even approach 1% of the security that BCH have. it's slower but not that much slower.

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kys retard, i'm not arguing with you.
I have better things to do.

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That's exactly why I said Legacy Bitcoin instead of Bitcoin Core but you still managed to get upset...

anyway, some more quick math:

14000000000000 sha-256 hashes = 3500 equihashes


Bitcoin Gold hashrate:
Bitcoin Cash hashrate:
Bitcoin Legacy hashrate:

Which finally lands Bitcoin Gold on 0.02455% of Bitcoin Cash in terms of security.

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>turboshill talking about getting upset about names
Sure thing bud.

Just bitcoin is fine, thanks.
You did do a better job at comparing the hashrates this time, well done.
Have a nice day turboshill.

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I called 51% attacks the second we had BTC forks. Like the virus they are in the block chain ecosystem the immune system is destroying the nigger forks. $BTC is de wae. BCC is probably going to be the last one that gets attacked. Followed by the greatest BTC bull run in history.

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i think it's a little too early to say Bitcoin (BCH) and Bitcoin (BTC) myself but if you want me to do that i dont mind

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Bitcoin Gold hashrate:
Bitcoin Cash hashrate:
Bitcoin hashrate:

Wow, that was difficult.
Sure, it does nothing for your propaganda, which I get it, that's why you're here, but it's accurate, which is more important.

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I don't want to confuse new people to crypto. If I just write "Bitcoin" it's unclear which branch I'm referring to.

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kek, its funny because that's exactly what you're trying to do.
Anyway, i'm over it, have a good one Roger.

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This is a beautiful lesson for summerfags that think there are alternatives to Bitcoin.

It was specially nice because their website says "MAKE BITCOIN DECENTRALIZED AGAIN", and with "muh superior technology" all they achieved is a 51% attack and millions in loses. This is the ultimate fate of all alts once it becomes lucrative enough to fuck shit up and go back to Bitcoin.

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POW based alts do face this problem. Mostly though it's just because POW is a shitty way to randomly sample from a population.

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a know a psychic that says it will reach its ATH again someday, was thinking of getting some once it stopped bleeding and actually just goes sideways

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Yeah Bitcoin exists in two forms today, it's just a fact. It's an idea, not a brand. I don't think both forms will survive forever though, may the best idea on how to scale win.

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