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can someone explain this thing to me? i've heard it has a giant premine, so is it another xtcc-level cash grab pajeet scam?

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ssshhh not yet I'm accumulating

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why are you accumulating a scamcoin that's not going to go anywhere?

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Please keep fudding, I have 3k USD coming in 5 days to buy before the update

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Sure you do.

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lol k

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>ask if is scam
>on second post, speaks like he thinks is a scam


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2 million premine
Yearly DERO mined 150k
Premined 15 years worth of coin
Runs on ASIC dominated and exploitable cryptonote algo

Shitcoin, buy Peepcoin soon to be DAPS

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oh look it's the local peepfag

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Yep, made 500k

while you're busy buying some pajeet's premine

suck my cock punk

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Let me guess you "hodled" through the "Dip" Lol

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Exactly. Dero's premine is literally 50% of the entire coin's supply. They have NO marketing team, meaning that have no idea what they're even doing, and they haven't delivered on ANY of their promises. What's stopping them from dumping their dero all over everybody?

Obvious scamcoin is obvious.

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lmao just my peepcoin stack is worth more than your whole portfolio

>desperately depositing 3k fiat

yeah, I'm sure you still have all that money kid

too bad you put it into DERO, maybe you wouldn't need to be despoting more of your wagebux into coinbase

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>Coping this hard because you're poor as dogshit
Your transactions prove that that $750 was all you had to your name and you made piss money with it.
Just so you know I put all my money in the stock market once it dipped and made another 15k since then meanwhile you were getting shit on by the boggs.

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>that level of weak desperate FUD
The absolute state of peepjets

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>call it FUD
>don't refute any of his points

Good job

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>Muh muh p-peepcoin is worth more than your whole p-portfolio
Yeah and you fucked his mom too didn't you?

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>i-i have so much money
>depositing 3k dollars on a non-wire deposit

sure you do kiddo

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I've refuted it many times in other threads. All it comes down to is that he can't math. 2 million dero will be mined for the first 8 years and the dero the devs are given is locked in intervals.
>hurr why don't you market buy a coin with low volume
Dero isn't a pump and dump scam unlike peepcoin faggot

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>2 million dero will be mined for the first 8 years
I meant 2 million mined per year for the first 8 years. Then after that 157,000 will be mined per year after

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If it's not a pump and dump, why is it dumping so badly right now? It's already almost at $2 again, hah.

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>price go down dat mean it pump dump

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Look at these jerks: >>9629694

The Dero devs are literally begging people for donations now, even with their massive premine.

How pathetic!

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this whole thread filled with desperate FUD just confirms my investment was sound

>3.4k stack here feeling comfy

excited about the Atlantis update in next two weeks, whose with me?

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I'll admit that begging for donations as a development team is dumb although It's kinda cool how they're offering bounties to the community.

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You dump fuck the premine is locked right now, do you know what is mean ?

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Hold on, am I correct in assuming peepcoin/dapps has no github for dapps?

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Literally dero

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Well, he did and found out it's preminend. What are your arguments on this?

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premine is locked

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Moar liek "Knock-OffPajeetcrap", amirite?

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What's the problem? The premine isn't big compared with other ones. The truth is that there isn't any project with private smart contracts more promising than Dero.

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Dash has a marketcap of 2.5 billion and has a way bigger premine

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I sold at $6

Shitcoin...goes in all the fields

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>MUH, 10% premine
It's a acceptable percentage. Even Ethereum had a 17% one. What is unacceptable is a 50% total supply held by the team, like Enigma and Wanchain.

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DERO is slang for homeless. Don’t believe me? Look it up. Buying this will ultimately lead to that. Is this a road you want to go down?

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Don't regret it when it reaches $500 in two years.

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It might reach $250 by EoY if it's timed well with a coming bull market.

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We'll see where daddy BTC goes. I'm not confident about the possibility of a bullmarket.

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