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be realistic, what is the smart thing to do right now? which should i be buying: BTC, ETH, or alts?

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The smart thing is to sell and take your profits. The odds of us returning to ATH are very low.

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Currency is dead.
ETH, EOS, HOT and SKY for the distributed computing / new internet meme

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You want to accumulate as many fucking satoshis as possible. Maybe 5% of alts will survive.

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Buy BTC when the 30 day low is 8k.

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All in req

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Weed stocks. Sell in 90 days.

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How much money do you have and how often do you want to trade? You need to select a portfolio of 3-6 or so coins. Something like 60% long holds of bitcoin/eth/other promising long term alts and 40% to trade with in shorter term positions like 2 weeks to 6 months that you anticipate will go up because of a catalyst like a mainnet launch. Don't buy into your entire portfolio right away, buy 100% into the bitcoin / eth part and dollar cost average (in btc/eth, not $) into the different alt positions whenever there is a dip. Your portfolio will depend heavily on how often you want to trade and what your experience is in terms of trading/investing. The amount of money you have is important as you don't want to spread yourself too thin. Going all into something you are very confident in when you have a smaller portfolio is also an option. But you need to have iron hands to not sell at a lose. Diversifying into a couple positions is usually the best option.

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Put it in Holo

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EOS , bcash, sky

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alts are dead, and liek someone else said, currency dead too, except for monero. it's all dAPPs from here on out.

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Bitcoin (Ticker: BCH)

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Clearly XRP

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True Bitcoiners are behind BCH.

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HOT, maybe EOS

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Fiat. All in fiat and buy cryptos after the summer when BTC has consolidated to $2000.

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Based trips of truth kek

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The smartest thing would be not asking autists and pajeets for financial advice

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Eth and alts, but not every shit. Good top 50 coins only.

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ETH based alts to be honest
ETH can go up and down, but with HBT there's no exchange rate risk

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This honestly. I feel crazy for buying back in at the moment. Hopefully it pans out, but crypto is in a sorry state right now. So much bullshit too. Sick of group shills like this >>9558693 too.

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Holy fuck, real nigga advice on /biz/

No doubt OP will ignore it and all-in LINK

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These guys get it. Ride the massive Nano pump that will be coming along shortly. Than dump all of it into Req. Retire by the end of the year.

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>The odds of us returning to ATH are very low.
Show your work, retard.

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Volume is completely dead right now. I think people are waiting for a triple bottom off of 7k or some big news regarding Bitcoin ETFs to come out. Just sit still and take notes.

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XRP and ETC, unironically. Sit on it for one year and never look at it until then

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>all in link
Real nigga move

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This whole thread

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Are you actually this much of a brainlet? Btc is actually slowly dying because institutions realize its worthless. It has no value other than being the number one crypto.

If you hold btc this summer, you will get JUST'D.

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