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I had my suspicions, I posted here some vague threads about Roger Ver and Cryptocurrencies in general having been infiltrated by high ranking members of criminal organisations. BitcoinCash IS NOT REAL. CRAIG WRIGHT IS A SHELL for the real Satoshi Nakamto who is a criminal, the real Satoshi can't cash out trough BTC because his movements would be known, but not on the Cash system.


This article somehwat validates my suspicions. Crypto is a ticking bomb, when this goes mainstream you can expect your crypto's to go -99%, all of them. They are all paired to BTC and USDT which are both scams by now.

Crypto has litterly been nothing more than fake ideals pushed by criminals to start their own financial empire free from governments and regulators.

Exchanges will proof to be insolvent, all of them, a big run on exchanges (like the run on banks in cypruss) will spark massive havoc in the community.

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good post

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I'm Roger Ver, long time Bitcoin advocate and investor. Today I'm at the Mt. Gox World Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. I had a nice chat with Mt. Gox CEO Mark Karpeles about their current situation. He showed me multiple bank statements, as well as letters from banks and lawyers. I am sure that all the current withdrawal problems at Mt. Gox are being caused by the traditional banking system, not because of a lack of liquidity at Mt. Gox.

The traditional banking partners that Mt. Gox needs to work with are not able to keep up with the demands of the growing Bitcoin economy. The dozens of people who make up the Mt. Gox team are hard at work establishing additional banking partners that eventually will make dealing with Mt. Gox easier for all their customers around the world. For now, I hope everyone will continue working on Bitcoin projects that will help make the world a better place.

Jul 17, 2013

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I'm fucking serious though, Bitcoin Cash was aidropped to BTC holders, Satoshi Nakamto is the biggest BCH holder, not only does no1 question Craig Wrights holdings, no one seems to even care. Roger Ver has been involved in numerous illicit activities and this shit won't just change.

This is going to become mainstream news and once it does, no-one will want your highly-inflated Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies that have been nothing more than Pump and dumps, it's not speculation, it's pure criminal activity we see here.

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the whole bcash spectacle caused bitcoin to go up to crazy levels because of the hype and how everyone wanted freebies when the fork happened. It affected the market negatively in a huge way. Money that could either have gone into altcoins or bitcoin directly. Lots of people got burned by the fomo that ensued.

bcash is a pump n dump shitcoin with no real use, they have stolen bitcoin.com and the twitter handle bitcoin etc. They are leeching off bitcoin.

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Also, this board is full of bcash shills and they act in a disgusting manner.

Claiming that "bcore" has shills etc, when they are the shills.

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>Satoshi is a criminal
nigga what? I'm with you on the "fuck bcash" thing but satoshi is a genius who brought us a new asset class.

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i thought the satoshi blocks were redistributed to all other holders

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>Claiming that "bcore" has shills etc, when they are the shills.
Literally the opposite is true and it's a fucking proven fact you fucking cock sucker now kys

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bcuck spotted.

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the fuck does that mean?

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really really REALLY good post

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every btc address got the same in bch because it is the same chain. if you are correct, why satoshi hasn't moved his bch?

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take your meds, nigger

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I dont think this article will have any consequences.

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>funds are safe

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>Craig Wright is a shell

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Do you know Satoshi's BCH wallets? Does anyone?

If that is true then my point doesn't hold, but I can't find any of information of such sorts. Even if it is true, BCH is probably nothing more than a way for their little gang to gain power and control within the crypto-ecosystem, just because its decentralized doesn't mean it can't be manipulated.

yes and criminals can't be smart? I agree that it's ingenious but the chance that this is some altruistic being with higher intentions for all of us are slim, especially when he/she/it owns such a large % of the total supply.

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But this doesn't just go for BCH, it's BTC that suffers the same fate. Bitcoin is probably highly inflated because of Tether and altcoin pumps, the real value is unknown because its been pure manipulation from the start. BTC could crash to a couple of tens of dollars when the stars align. And no, I don't think people will be lining up to buy it when it crashes because it will be known that its been pumped beyond excess and there's a a large criminal organisation perpetuating it.

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Yeah. Wonder why people would ever get the idea bcore uses shills.

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The BTC v BCH argument is a distraction to entagle the community in an endless technological debate, it is only there to obfuscate the movements and actions being made behind the scenes.

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Criminal Is a meaningless term, given the way the state has been behaving the past century, criminal has come to mean whatever threatens their power and wealth, and they are criminal by the common accepted sense of the word as immoral rather than illegal actor.
You don't know who satoshi is, so you don't know what they've done. We do know what the state did though, and nobody could possibly have done worse than they did. So if all Satoshi's creation does is destroy them, he's probably karmically positive basically no matter who he is.

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Divide and conquer, if you look at these people's history it is obvious they are smart and know what they're doing. It is also VERY obvious they don't have good intentions and only want to serve themselves, Roger Ver screaming about baby's is a fucking mask. Meanwhile he's sitting in St. Kitts sipping daiqeries(okay maybe not daiqeries but you get the point). This faggot does 0 for the community, he keeps saying how he's done so much whilst he's responsible for a major lies and deception within the community. You think he's not doing the same fucking thing now?

They are out for power, imagine being the largest holder of a currency that goes mainstream, without governments, regulators and all that. Doesn't matter if its decentralized. You have the money, you have the power.

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You can't assume he's altruistic, and you can't assume that because he's opposing a corrupt system that he's replacing it with something of the opposite character.

This person holds a humungous supply of the largest coins in crypto, can you even imagine when BTC goes completely mainstream, obliterates federal reserve currency what kind of power such a person holds?

How can you not assume that he's exploiting a dissatisfaction with the current system to his own benefit?

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plus, you have mcaffee involved. that dude is sketchy beyond belief and not trustworthy at all. between ver and mcaffee and fake satoshi, the whole thing is just fucking gross.

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except XRP .

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Mcafee is a dopehead trying to leech of his former status because he went broke (atleast as I see it) I personally don't see him being involved in any significant way.

It's the names you don't see, read the article linked.

Read the article, XRP is in on it aswell.

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Savage points. Also LN works. BTC on chain fees, are 1 cent.

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what are your thoughts when I say "the greatest wealth transfer in the history of mankind"

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I assume he is exploiting a dissatisfaction with the current system to his own benefit. That's what we're all doing. Our new system only appeals to the extent it is superior to the old, and if it doesn't work out well going on, it will fall victim to a new chain which will.
This is a natural consequence of the nature of a voluntary free market hard currency. It only has value to the extent the outcomes are something people will voluntarily opt for relative to the status quo of political authority.
Needing to simply be better than hundreds of millions of deaths and the loss of the vast majority of purchasing power in the prior century isn't exactly a high barrier to hurdle, but to whatever extent the outcome is viewed negatively it is vulnerable to an attack of the exact kind that will dispense with the current dystopian system.
I am simply not concerned at this stage about the results given the voluntary nature of adoption and the dividends yielded by the slaying of the state and central banks.

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There are a number of directions I could get into
One of them being a plot involving the UN, as they are publicly (its public for anyone willing to read their shit) engaged in transferring wealth from 1st world countries to third world countries. Third and second world countries are far more engaged in crypto than first world countries.

another one is that I think its a lie in general however, the people that own wealth are not in debt, they own real-estate, mines, power plants, infrastructure. There is no wealth transfer, it's an illusion. The richest people will always be those that own real world infrastructure that produce real world value.

Another one would be to say it is true, there is a wealth transfer going on, it will be the biggest ever witnessed, but where's it going to? ''Biggest wealth transfer in the history of mankind'' does not imply it will be to those who are impoverished. It only implies there's going to be a big money flow from one side of the book to the other side of the book (ledger). Who's on one side we can all assume and agree on who that is. Who's on the other side, well whoever has the fucking asset that will rise exponentially in value and we know that crypto wealth is highly concentrated.

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He who owns the gold makes the rules

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Not everything is a conspiracy. You can connect dots all day long.

Is there some (likely) damning evidence in this article? Sure. But it's mostly based on speculation.

The problem with posts like this is once you go too far down the rabbit hole it's hard to see reason.

The likelihood of it all being a great coincidence is much greater than the likelihood that everybody is conspiring together.

The more people you involve the more likely it is to crumble and fall apart. Something of this magnitude with this much money would have never gotten this far.

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Thanks, I appreciate you contributing your perspective here. That line always has my spidey sense tingling. Doesn't sit right at all.

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na that was a fake segwit 2x fork

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OP, kys.

I rather take that then the central banking system and military industrial complex that has turned brethren against brethren.

So, what you are doing is pointing fingers to actually create a distraction yourself, and not pointing fingers at those who forced us into this position in the first place.

My goodness, you are a brainlet.

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It becomes a whole different story though when there's now ) proof that high ranking criminal organisations are involved and probably are the largest holders in crypto, specifically BTC, ETH, LTC and BCH. To whom also directly are tied names like Roger Ver, Erik Voorhees, Barry Silbert, Matt Turck trough their investment vehicle DGC (digital Currency Group) which is tied to all major exchanges in crypto. And guess who's affiliated with all these names that now have smeared names? Craig Wright, he supposedly is Satoshi nakamoto. Now sure, S.N. Could be dead and they could just be orchestrating a deception or there's a lot more to it. Why has S.N. never thought about the possibility of cartels buying up the supply early and artificially inflating the price to destabilize governments? If he's such a smart man, he must have seen such a thing coming right? Nefarious forces are lurking everywhere and when you start inveting a new cash system, then you should atleast have thought about the ethical implications of a nefarious group coming into posession of a such a revolutionary tech.

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This is why we need another Hitler.

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Oh so you don't mind the prices of crypto being artificially inflated to serve what will be your future overlords with the same fucking intentions as the previous, fucking you over. Meanwhile this whole charade could get exposed and you could lose your money. That doesn't bother you?

Believe me, I'd rather be wrong than right.

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>yfw trump paid kim jong un 100k btc to lay down and unify with south korea to kill the nk and chinese relations

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stay cucked.

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>south korean exchanges trading at 60% higher premiums
>citizens get suckered into buying ath can't withdraw due to strict national laws on crypto
>all money funneled from skoreans into corrupt skorean govt
>south korean president uses money to help his fren kim jong un

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The idea of Wright being Satoshi is disgusting, but this is a great fucking theory. Nice one OP

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That's some deep fucking shit. Thought this https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@supercrypto1/4th-dimension-bitcoin-manipulation-cartel-price-suppression-is-the-goal was shocking.

Now add those with this


Silk Road, Ulbricht, and Craig Wright.

So bitcoin was hijacked by Craig Wright. He disappears when Mt. Gox and Silk Road go down. He reappears with Bitcoin Cash. Blockstream and bitcoin Cash work together to take money from people with tether as the medium currency.

Maybe Craig Wright designed bitcoin with deception. Maybe he hijacked it from other crypto geeks who actually believed in a decentralized peer to peer currency not controlled by a government.

Fuck this is interesting as it gets.

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Satoshi is Ross Ulbricht?

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So what should we do?

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Destroy Bitcoin.

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>the real Satoshi can't cash out trough BTC because his movements would be known

If only someone removed the signature data from the core blockchain so no one could really tell who actually signed the transaction....

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Holochain is the real bitcoin.

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>Do you know Satoshi's BCH wallets? Does anyone?
come on man, both are on the same address. he has to export his keys in order to retreive his bch

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>mfw people thought crypto "went mainstream" in december and normies were responsible for the insane pump
>mfw I personally thought it was mostly South Koreans and Japanese FOMOing in that pumped it up
>mfw now when I realize that actually a very small amount of people bought in and it was mostly just Tether manipulation and other shady shit done by Roger Ver and other faggots
>mfw the normies didn't FOMO in and they never will
>mfw no one is coming to buy bags, EVER

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Notice how bcore is constantly on the attack against BCH. No other coin is as threatening to them as BCH

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Alright, I see that this argument doesn't hold. My suspicions about the people involved still stand however and I see >>9508397
actually gives proof on what could be going on regarding the wallets, CW doesn't own them.

Still, if all these people, some whom are assumed are atleast part or related to satoshi/satoshi team have dirt on their names, there's still something fishy going on and its likely in more in the direction of market manipulation and cartel infiltration seizing power within crypto as they take hold of its infrastructure.

It's late here btw, I won't be reasoning any further on this matter as I can't really think clear anymore right now. I am very tired, but it's not the last you'll hear from me for sure.

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>Claiming that "bcore" has shills etc, when they are the shills.
Unironically this

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Oke I'll say this though, this isn't an attack against BCH vs BTC, this isn't an attack at all, alteast not meant to be one, if it is one it is an attack against the names associated with theese coins. Imo BTC will suffer a likewise fate as all other crypto's as people start realizing what is going on. I'm not attacking, read my posts, this is for aswell BTC as BCH

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I will admit all crypto is controlled to an extent, but It makes no sense to me for Miners to purposefully collapse a chain without good reason. They have purchased millions of dollars worth of specialized mining equipment; Tossing it all away is not fiscally responsible.

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I'm not talking about the miners here, i'm talking about people like Roger Ver, Erik VoorHees, Craig Wright, Matt Turck and Barry Silbert and their investment vehicle DGC (digital coin group) please read the article linked and read the thread, you will make sense of what we are discussing here and the allegations made.

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I will be going to bed now

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It's compromised already. What is that one data chart that says over 90% of the bitcoins are in the hands of a few? That could explain those exchanges in that post, Roger Ver, Coinbase, and Craig Wright having the biggest wallets. Of course you have Binance and the clean exchanges (if they're not cheating us all) operating as normal cryptocurrency exchanges.

I know a one world government currency would be just like Bitcoin. It's not as anonymous now as it was then and I don't it ever was anonymous when SHA255 was an NSA designed signature. So who really is the watchful eye over it.

And if Ross Ulbricht is a key part in bitcoin, his laptop was confiscated.Who knows if he had loads of files related to bitcoin and crypto, silk road. He could've had private keys to the a huge bitcoin wallet or the silk road wallet.

Pic related makes more sense with that medium article.

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Pot calling the kettle black.

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If you have been on biz for at least a few months you will notice that the Bcuck shills all came at once and out of nowhere.
yeah every now and then there would a cuck.
But some days you are getting like 6 jerk off sessions of people who are getting scammed by a Chinese man (not Sunny) and a manchild con artist crybaby.
You don't even have an argument you just go straight to insulting.
Shut up you stupid nigger.

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Go eat shit, subhuman.

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pajeets > BCashshills (You) > Paid Bcash Shills > black people > subhuman > .....

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fucking kek

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