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Because it's legitimately one of the best projects going. Jesus you dudes try way too hard.

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>Because it's legitimately one of the best projects going. Jesus you dudes try way too hard.

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Because its like finding ethereum or antshares at $3

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Hey. Mikkel here, I don't know if you've seen my discussion posts. Guess I can link our current one.


So, our group is holding a ton of the Holochain coin (Along with the Request Network coin and soon to be the Chainlink coin). Please don't sell, friend! Our hope is that we can sell off when we get a good enough profit and distribute the money made to gender/women/poc groups. Kinda a little way to rebalance the power in this patriarchal society. Peace and love, friend! <3

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what the...

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Biz has the first truly revolutionary project since Ethereum right here for the taking, but instead of succeeding together we get faggotry because some idiots think using the codename "synth" sounds cool

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get the fuck out.

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>inventing an entire SJW biz larp strawman just to get (You)s and shit on HOLO

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Oh hey its you again.

Don't forget: Crypto is a meritocracy, if your or some other minority group is underrepresented its because they deserve to be.

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Biz never learns. They fud actual good projects and promotes bs so someone can buy their bags

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Oh hello friend! Like I said before, a lot of things were considered meritocracy a long time ago. But nowadays things seem to be tipping more toward the better. A long time ago it was unthinkable for a Black person to own land but today there are thousands of very successful Black individuals! The world is becoming a more peaceful, balanced place where the opinion of a cis white man is no better than the opinion of a trans Black woman <3 We are just pushing that idea forward.

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Whats that picture supposed to be of?

No larp, friend. If you read my past posts you can see our intentions. We are 100% genuine loving people and would love for you to join us or to just open a discussion. Every revolution starts with a discussion :)

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did they confirmed any new exchanges?

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Why do you think thats a bad thing? If anything, it gives the Holochain coin more value.

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If you can't purchase on IDEX you don't deserve to be in crypto

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So youre telling us to dump on niggers and roasties

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a little hint for next time: the person you're larping has no fucking clue wtf "larp" means.

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Oh, I just know that term from the previous threads I made. We're pretty new to 4chan, but we're slowly learning the lingo and how this whole site works! Maybe you would like to check out the other threads? I think we had a pretty good discussion despite some hiccups:


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I have as much as a right to be here as you, sir. You cannot stifle my voice.

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I like the new SJW larp, that's why I'm going to stay as far as I can from this shitcoin, too much memes = chainlink of the year. Enjoy your 10% gains will crypto booms again.

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Classic bart

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