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discuss, we are near the end of day1

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I watched this. I honestly am hype but why didnt they go into the bigger implications of this shit. I wish they had a longer panel.

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What the fuck are you even talking about. What's this leaf thing? Is this some sort of pokeman?

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check this out

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10mins seems to be the standard shill time given to each coin

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Hmmm quite interesting how RLC just partnered with them. A team of 6+ literal genius PHD's partnering with something so interesting, hmm :)

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Rsk btfo link holy fuq I'm gonna sell my 60k stack

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but RSK isnt even a fucking coin i want to buy it REEEE

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i bet u wish you had the pre pre sale hehehe

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fuck you guys I saw risk first connected to some IOTA stuff and marked it to buy. pls no shillerino, need to accumulate if there even is a coin. lel

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thats the point anon, this shit is gonna revolutionize bitcoin

now...if only you could get into the closed door meeting with them...

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I've been saying this shit to you nigs for months now.

This is going to rape eth and bitcoin cash.
All while making actual btc more valuable.

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