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we IDEX now

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Poo in loo, raqesh.

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Be gone pajeet

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You can't stop us boys, we're going to the top.

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stupid idea in general. sorry for your loss.

good luck finding brainlets to buy this shit.

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Be gone pajeet

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Stupid idea if you’re an autistic socially inept neet who would prefer to sit inside all day and not spend a dime. Normies are addicted to shopping like this, and if you can’t see that you’re delusional

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gang of one pajeet samefagging kek

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>the entire contents of this post

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I only post with this trips. You don't have to be like this, you could buy Wysker too and join us. You know it's gonna moon.

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I downloaded the app and it doesn't even fucking work

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Holding 2500 Just because I liked the memes and the shilling.

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this is a coin is something you put a 100 dollars into, something you'll consider lost but has a chance of 100x.

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Are you on a Nokia 3310?

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It has the potential to pump big exactly ONE time, then die a horrible death. Be careful about poisoning the well with your pajeet-tier shilling.

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It's time. Unleash the Wysker

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>It has the potential to pump big exactly ONE time

What is this, some sort of sick algorithm you've developed to figure that one out?

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normies hate crypto.

crypto is only neet vs neet

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Normies will use the app for years before figuring out it's using the ethereum blockchain in any way. They just discovered, shop, get discount. Quick and dirty. Blockchain is backend

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Wysker used to be a regular startup before they decided to slap a blockchain on top of it to get some of that sweet ICO money. There’s no reason why Wysker needs to be on a blockchain. Also the token economics are kinda fucked up according to one of the earliest reviews on some German crypto site.

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> token economics are kinda fucked up according to one of the earliest reviews

Source? I remember that German one but the only real criticism was lack of marketing of the ico, but that was done to make it less likely to be classified as a security.

>Wysker used to be a regular startup before they decided to slap a blockchain on top of it

Wysker evolved from an amalgamation of efforts at 1k ventures, around 2016. The blockchain is used mainly as a escrow service allowing anonymous matchmaking between retailers/advertising and data profiles with high purchase intent, all with consent from and profit for the data profiles holder.

This is called "advertising by consent" and this new anonymous marketplace for personal data is powered by the ethereum network.

Wysker used to be a regular startup before they decided to slap a blockchain on top of it

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No announcement?! No big build up?! How the fuck will people know about it... This post will get buried!!!! Bump

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That review is shit-tier and doesn't actually go into the tokenomics much at all. Moreover what little it does say is based on inaccurate numbers.

Some guy spammed it in telegram for a while, it's nonsense.

>There’s no reason why Wysker needs to be on a blockchain

This IMO, seems true. It could be some other form of mechanism than a blockchain, nonetheless the purpose of the token is legit, it fulfills a central function within the Wysker ecosystem which gives it value, regardless of whether or not it is a blockchain, or not.

Also, the fact that it is token we can buy lets us get in on the action while it gives Wysker ambassadors and funding.

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about time, now I can see my wysker value on blockfolio

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thank Kek

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Had gf try the Wsyker app.

Here's some takeaways

"Why can't I sort by price."

"Why does everything move so fast?"

"How do I save things?"

"What's the point of this?"


Pretty much kept me from buying into it. It's just not exciting atm and there are much better projects to be investing in.

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that's also true, my gf hates it
desu if it doesn't get better with 2.0 I'm selling it for more 0x

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There's a lot more to the app than UI

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>it took 3 months to get listed on a DEX

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There's a tutorial which fixes half her issues, 2.0 fixes one fourth and by fixing the others, it should fix her last 2 bitchy comments too.

Problem solved.

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cheap cheap orders at IDEX

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>it should fix her last 2 bitchy comments too.
why so salty, even most of the investors can see the drawbacks of the first version

that's also why the team has been holding up the marketing for now

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This piece of shit stole BAT's model lmao. Literally took BAT's whole idea and just superimposed it on an online shopping APP.

I can't even blame them, it's a really good idea. I'm sure it will get stolen a lot more for various gimmicks in the future.

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Last two are indicative or sentiment.

There's tons of online shopping portals/sites. Most people (espeically women) shop via Pintrest/Social media. The current implementation is lackluster and frankly the whole thing is poorly executed.

It may be a good investment but it's not a good product.

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>why so salty, even most of the investors can see the drawbacks of the first version

The drawbacks are that it's too fast or that you can't save things? You regulate the speed yourself, and you can save things.

Sorting is an issue, which they're fixing in 2.0.

>that's also why the team has been holding up the marketing for now

Not really, they've been holding up the marketing because they're not in the apple store and would miss out on all the iPhone faggots if they spent their ad dollars now.

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For comparison.

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used this shit for about half an hour and didn't get a full token. shit is weak

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Ah... Triangles, didn't realize those were exclusive

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you know advertising. But they need a better memer. Are they hiring memers?

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>Last two are indicative or sentiment.

Yeah and if she feels that way because of the things you listed then there's an easy fix, show her how to actually use the app, and let 2.0 fix the other issue :)

>Most people (espeically women) shop via Pintrest/Social media

That's exactly the point of this app? That you literally can't shop via social media? This app combines the discovery of things like instagram, with the stores themselves.

Since most women shop that way, Wysker is doing exactly what it needs to be doing?

Product is brilliant, and is only gonna get better.

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You should ask them:


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-shit interface
-no geo, price, size or any fucking filters
-unusable on other processors than snapdragon, which is 20-30% of the market
-UI is not intuitive, not at all and that was the whole point of the app, people don't give a fuck about tutorials, if they don't like the app in the first 20 seconds, they delete it and never try it again

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Yes Mr. Brainlet, it's just the triangle shape they copied. Not the whole platform or model.

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wysker 2.0 will have all these features, get in before its out and you are left behind

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idex sucks donkey cock and has been fucked the past week

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I was one of the first 100 faggots in the pre-sale. But you all seem to be acting like fans, not investors. Not being able to recognize these challenges is a sign of uncertainty

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i was telling the truth. wysker will have these features

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Yeah but why use Wysker when you can use Insta or Pintrest? You adding another obstacle between the consumer and seller.

Also teaching her would defeat the purpose of the exercise. When people pick this up for the first time, they're not gonna have someone showing them the way.

Just giving my thoughts and observations of a completely uninformed user using it. Take it or leave it.

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>-shit interface
Super clean, really easy to navigate, why is that shit?

>-no geo, price, size or any fucking filters
True, coming in 2.0

>-unusable on other processors than snapdragon, which is 20-30% of the market
Seems like an exaggeration to me, plenty of people with plenty of different phones seem to use it fine in Telegram.

>-UI is not intuitive, not at all and that was the whole point of the app, people don't give a fuck about tutorials, if they don't like the app in the first 20 seconds, they delete it and never try it again

Drag thumb up for speed. Drag thumb right for changing products.

Any person born since 1990 should be able to figure out how to use this thing, there's literally a little joystick in it with two axis of movement to figure out.

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the size sorting would be good. how is that not the first feature they would add? why do i want to scroll through shit and find something i like just to find out it's not available in my size. and i got fuck all for scrolling for 30 minutes. basically nothing.

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>Yeah but why use Wysker when you can use Insta or Pintrest?

Because with Wysker, you can use Insta and Pinterest, and it will help you discover new things better than you yourself can through searching and word-of-mouth.

>Also teaching her would defeat the purpose of the exercise. When people pick this up for the first time, they're not gonna have someone showing them the way.

>Just giving my thoughts and observations of a completely uninformed user using it. Take it or leave it.

Fair point, but how is she failing to figure out how to make it go the speed she wants it to go? Like I don't understand.

Up = fast, down = slow, right = show me something new. Literally the entire control scheme. There's even a visual joystick to help her out.

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cause not everyone is a stupid fat xxxxl american fatass

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you shouldn't need to watch a tutorial to use an app, you don't see normies looking up how to videos on youtube to use Snapchat

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>Fair point, but how is she failing to figure out how to make it go the speed she wants it to go? Like I don't understand.

You fail to understand, non of us are saying it's a bad idea. It just needs improvement because as for now, end-users don't see a great value at the first glance.

we'll see how it goes with 2.0

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I mean I don't think you do need to watch it but OP's girlfriend literally complained about the speed, which you yourself have to choose. Like you literally push the joystick up, and it goes faster...

I don't know how you could even get to the point of it going fast, without already understanding that you're choosing the speed, since it starts at a standstill...

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are you fucking retarded? you think having sorted sizing so you're only displayed products that are your fit is for fat americans? it's a convenience feature you filthy subhuman third worlder.

>> No.9427002

>not having an idiot gf to test apps for you

my wyskers are crying :(

>> No.9427025

Buddy, you're putting words into my mouth, don't do that it's not nice. OP's girlfriend had complaints, I'm just trying to point out how these should not be a big deal for most people.

>end-users don't see a great value at the first glance.

Well some apparently don't, while some do.

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every shop has s, m, l atleast.. just amerifats need to preselect to xxxxl but just a few shops would be left. so go to a gym fatasss

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just pay 0.0001 like a man and dont pussy out for 0.00009

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Today there where two listing-announcements with Next and Idex. This is just the beginning of Wysker‘s Moon mission! DYOR and then Fomo in you Bizraels!

>100m Total supply, 61m circulating supply
>sub 5m market cap
>Working product you can download, v2.0 releasing soon with AI machine learning technology
>Next-Generation shopping\discovery app with an engaging curated experience
>You earn wys tokens while viewing items in the app
>Token used in app to allow you to profit off your data profile
>Blockchain used as a security layer to allow users to build a secure data profile
>Project has won the Netexplo award for best innovation and came to the Semi finals in the Tokyo Slush 2018.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIezDanTNU0&feature=youtu.be%27 [Open]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQUxRLLItIw&t=46s [Open]

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I fucked up and placed the first buy order at 38... Feels bad.

>> No.9427362

timeline for gains?

>> No.9427400

You make that a 0.013 each and I'm down.

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> end of june: 2.0 release on android and iOs
> start of normie-marketing and new bounty round for crypto
> eoy/beginning of 2019: ad-platform release
> 2019: moon

1$/ token possible within some months
10$/wys within 1-2 years

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Wys is too hot for you guys! Better back off

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All this was achieved with laughable 1,2k Telegram members and no fucking marketing at all. This thing is going places if they´r not completely retarded and make the group grow to at least 10k.

Who even cares about the details. A crypto with numbers like this and working app, based in germany.

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Wysker Is /ourcoin/ look at how white and german their team is, sehr gut.

>> No.9427787

short term, tho?

>> No.9427911

over 9000

>> No.9427948

LMAO this shit is gay as fuck. 100% sure OP is literal faggot from Mumbai.

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In crypto I‘d say long-term. Wys will only grow in value as supply is extremely low. Just image a million app-users in a year and only 100 token to feed them.

>> No.9427997

When will we get on a CEX? Any rumblings of a change of direction in that front?

>> No.9428047

not before 2.0 so soon for both.
IDEX is pretty nice actually

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Fuck it, bought 20000 of this little bastards. Now make me rich

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Welcome friend.

>> No.9428643

There's some suprisingly based posts here. Happy to be aboard.

>> No.9428698

I've been trying to buy since a few days ago but all of the exchanges are being shitty. could you and I just organize a way for me to buy and hold wys without me going through an exchange?

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Where did you buy them you cunt? There is no volume ffs... I want to buy some, hopefully on IDEX things pick up and I dont have to buy the whole fucking order book .... those fucking cats with their fucking triangles, i swear...

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If it is going to be so successfull why do you need few 4chan retards to buy your coin

>> No.9428916

IDEX is best to go at the moment

>> No.9428936

I'm too poor for their minimum orders :(

>> No.9428940

in stock you fuckwit. you're a manlet if you wear anything under xl

>> No.9428947


As volume starts to kick in it’s pretty likely.

>> No.9428956

Cause everyone needs 4chan retards. Ever heard of the biz catalyzer?

>> No.9428992


There’s absolutely 0 marketing atm by the Team as they wait with it until 2.0 release. So it’s on us to built up some hype beforehand.

>> No.9429044

what was the ico price in gwei?

>> No.9429074

In the presale. We've been eyeing this goldmine since early 2017.

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Watching Idex volume start gives ne shills.

>> No.9429202

2.0 will open the floodgates

>> No.9429275


Why would it be dependent on the volume of DEX's?

Need volume to get CEX. Need CEX to get volume.

I understand that it costs a lot to get a coin listed on Binance. Up to a mil. If this thing has any chance of success, they're going to have to bite the bullet.

>> No.9429298

Is this treasure hunt still running? If yes post everything here I need this 100k free wys ffs

>> No.9429313

I would have already bought it if it were on binance, instead I've been fucking around with metamask and other dumb shit trying to buy because I'm broke

>> No.9429336

and this ladies and gentleman, is the reason everyone who buys now will be fucking rich

>> No.9429349

Do what?

>> No.9429389


Assuming we get listed on binance, yeah. Shit’s gonna blow up.

>> No.9429458

yeah, still running

>> No.9429462


0.00007173 without bonuses

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I have no interest in selling, sorry.

>> No.9429785


Take a look in the telegram channel and their news channel. There are some hints. Next hint to be dropped when 1300 members are onboard.

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So I did some math
During ICO it looks like the rate was
1 ETH = 13941 WYS
This turns out to 0.00007173 ETH/WYS
So the price right now is pretty close to ICO price.

>> No.9430003

there are only 102 million wys total supply, though

>> No.9430013

pajeet bonus was 30%+

>> No.9430030

How many were burned?

>> No.9430060

all except 102 million

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2.9b odd

>> No.9430149


>> No.9430658

I hate you fags but count me in now. This could really be ridiculous moon mission soon

>> No.9430689

Oldfag who made presale thread here reporting in.

You better strap on tight anon. You might just make it.

>> No.9430747


You guys are retarded. See below. If you dont understand then you dont deserve.

This. It has fits all the criteria to pump hard...

1) ICO dump is over.
2) Few exchange listings (because its new)
3) No CMC listing yet (normies dont know it exists)
4) Only about $5,000,000 market cap.

>> No.9430778

That's nothing compared to the sheer amount that was burned. Also 90% was sold to bigger long term investors.

>> No.9431207


Even if it's shit... It's going to have a pretty sick pump. I'm in too anon. We're gonna make it fren.

>> No.9431313

Why does this need the blockchain? The whitepaper just waffles about privacy.
Feels like it's just tacked on to me honestly.

>> No.9431401


>> No.9431416

no one is selling.
fucking sell this shit faggots.

>> No.9431623

So hard to buy in had to buy at 0.00015 this better moon!

>> No.9431657

wys on IDEX

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>tfw you got in at 0.00006

>> No.9431898

>female co-founder

>> No.9431914

6 gorillion

>> No.9432015

damn, not bad at all. That's actually below ICO price in terms of gwei.

>> No.9432021


go here:


or here:


If you're new to decentralized exchanges, they work off of a metamask wallet. Get that shit set up, and either place a buy order at 0.0001 - 0.00008 and wait... or buy the first sell order you see around that area... if no one is willing to sell, you might have to go for a slightly higher order.

>> No.9432087


how much tho?

>> No.9432310

So longterm price estimation frens?

>> No.9432321

i got .5 eth worth at that price
had to fill up the rest of my bags around 00009

>> No.9432451


Ahhh, okay, yeah—I got about .25 eth at 00007 and the rest at 0001.

>> No.9432491


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Warning, pasta fudder wants your wys for themselves. Shitting in a nice clean toilet as we speak.

>> No.9432563


On what timeframe?

I'd say that on the next milestone (2.0 release) anywhere between the 0002 and 0005.

After a few milestones I could easily see it go 30-50x

>> No.9432588


FUD better. I've got bags to fill.

>> No.9432743
File: 42 KB, 1280x720, whatagreatstorymark.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bags need filling, get to it faggots.

>> No.9432762

I'm at a 30k loss after rebuying PRL at 1.50, almost want to sell just a few to buy this shit.

>> No.9432781

My PRL is now worth 26k...if I threw that into this right now...hmmm

>> No.9432799

$1000 EOY.

>> No.9432921


There's only 25k WYS on IDEX and ~30k WYS within a reasonable range on ForkDelta.
You could put a pretty hefty buy wall up at like 00014 though, and I'm sure you'd get some takers looking to 2x and exit. Could serve as a catalyst.

>> No.9432948


Paid Shill here. Paid very well. CEO money spends well. Good coin!

>> No.9433458
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Easy 10x upon 2.0 and launching of their currently non existant marketing.

>> No.9434128

lol, this won't go anywhere until you pajeets lower asks to realistic amounts.

>> No.9434356
File: 160 KB, 346x426, 1525848017483.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mate, it's 2x ICO. How much more realistic do you want ya tight ass?

>> No.9434433

I can see why this is going nowhere fast. Good luck to you.

>> No.9434667

Is 40k wys enough to make it senpai?

>> No.9435012
File: 128 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-05-15-12-43-21-90.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I ain't selling friend, neither are the other whales. You'll be buying anything under a dollar once you see 2.0

>> No.9435079
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kek, let me know when you pajeets are actually going on a real exchange.
it sure as hell isn't going to be anytime soon, but atleast that'll make some of you dump so i can get it at half.

>> No.9435101

nice cant wait to get dumped on with my 100k investment

>> No.9435143

Thanks for showing me your portfolio, definitely going to take a pass on this.

>> No.9435738

I get 0.02 eth for every new thread fuckhead

>> No.9436365

>doesn't know

>> No.9436460
File: 85 KB, 400x400, pajeet-in-the-sheets-shitter-in-the-streets.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>doesn't care

>> No.9436877
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>doesn't care about gains
GTFO off /biz/ and stay poor.

>> No.9436928
File: 6 KB, 250x241, pajeets.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>doesn't know
>stay poor
pajeet confirmed.

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File: 94 KB, 1280x1241, 29EAF308-D1AA-484D-825A-08E662BAFD2C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You’re the only pajeet here prefering his rupees over gold.

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File: 48 KB, 880x586, WysEternalProfitMachine.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The token has a central function within the app, it connects advertises to very rich consumer data profiles, it lets the consumers both consent and be rewarded for viewing advertisements, and it lets retailers turn their normal discounts into a means of creating advertisements.

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File: 467 KB, 1200x1576, 73CA7FD6-A6FA-4868-8DDE-F904BC97D5D9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The blockchain in conjunction with your individual data profile is used as a escrow service to allow retailers\advertisers to put out highly direct advertising campaigns (offering tokens\rewards and discounts for participating shoppers) towards users that have a higher rate of purchase with certain data profiles.

App users with a favourable data profile can then volunteer to allow limited access to their data in exchange for the rewards, creating a new matchmaking system between shopper and retailer called "advertising by consent".

Advertising by consent makes for a much more efficient system then current advertising practices, which spends trillions of dollars every year on advertising that relies on the "right time, right place" rule.

Zucker and facebook all over the news for fishing your data to profits in the tune of billions of dollars, Wysker winning awards for flipping the current data paradigm, the writing is on the wall, Wysker will be huge.

>> No.9437295

You guys discuss merits of the use of the blockchain and viability of the App. Why?

This is not on a decent CEX, no marketcap, going places with only that much community behind it, has something to show for.

Let people buying in after it did 100x worry about that stuff. Might use it again when it offers to browse for yachts after flipping this badboy

>> No.9437745

Seeing some FUD in the other Wysker thread, getting weak hands

>> No.9437789

Sell to me now. Don't worry you have the rest of your life to regret your decision

>> No.9437808

where can I buy this

>> No.9438277


Since yesterday on IDEX

>> No.9438450

Fill my buy order, 50k Wys at 0.00008. common, let me be part of this

>> No.9438579


kek make it 0.008 and we have a deal

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