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44 009 BTC on the move from MT. GOX wallet, abandon ship!


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We're going to 3K by the end of May. Gox knows about all the FUD coming soon and dumping before the release.

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see you guys at 3k

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Oh man I wish I was this stupid

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2K now. Do you want to talk more shit?

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that's not a gox address raj

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Keep coping, retard. With the current volume any whale (Gox) dumping can cause the price to fall to 6K. The dump will cause a panic from weak hands dumping it further to 3K. Don't listen to me though, just watch how everything play out very soon.

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I'm pretty sure they are going to pump alts with it.

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fuck off it’s a casino wallet.

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Fuck off, retard.
It's not MtGox.

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You literally couldn't cash out that btc, it would tank the entire market rofl

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its not gox but its a shitload of BTC that hasnt really moved in a long time. either way not great

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44k btc buy wall just arrived on Ark...

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You may as well short anons , if he decides to dump then we are crashing and if this spreads as fud we are crashing as well.

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whoever it is, god bless. Dumping to 1k would definitely help my short.

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cheap Bitcoin?? don't mind if I do!

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He'll sell it OTC after the shitstorm he caused

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it was cheaper last year mah dude. why didn't you just buy then?

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did they move the bch as well?

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For real bros, OTC trading this shit is just a circus.
t. memeliner

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Kasino 8. Now why would they move shitton of btc?

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This is not a gox wallet you mouthbreather

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He's gonna buy BCH

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How could somebody trade over 44k BTC OTC without the help of some financing partner you cunts ? This is mostly a dumb money market.

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Because he sells 44k BTC OTC below market with stipulation that the buyers cannot sell the BTC for a certain period of time and must sell in limited amounts.

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you mean he finna buy it

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what if he is buying alts for consensus nigggers?
Either that or someone is gonna have lots of keks destroying all our hopes for the event

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March 18th, 2017 was the first day I was on an exchange

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You should really end your life clueless wojak poster.

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