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Please post your PRO bitcoin cash memes. No Core cucks allowed

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Roger Ver gonna pump the shit out of it the 15th

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pump it

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> Not seeing how pathetic it is by desperately trying to rename bitcoin to core because your bitcoin fork fails to do anything.

ok anon ... ok

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The paid shills and bag holders are at full time today. We need a subreddit for this shit coin. We could name it reddit cash huehuehue.

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Weird multi-word names are much more beautiful and elegant than simple single-word names.

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fucking bch

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How about buying bitcoin.com and lying to normies to buy your shitcoin?

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How about core cucks wanting to change the white paper since your bitcoin is nothing like what is proposed in it ?

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Bcore is so shitty they can't even afford paid shills. Pathetic.

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LOL have you been to the /r/btc sub? Corecucks and paid pajeets swarm there too. The best you can do is ignore and rebut them until they fuck off and die (or lose their funding)

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Ouch?? You have been lying to normies for years at bitcoin.com and you are still 1/5 of Bitcoin value.

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>Muh EDA
>Satoshis vision

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I don't even own Bitcoin, retard. Tell your CEO Rodger to stop doxing people everytime he fat finger a transaction. So much for decentralization.

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>august 1st 2017 was years ago

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Of course you don't own Bitcoin (BCH), you're a pajeet paid to shitpost on behalf of Blockstream.

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>Can't crop
>Shows Bitcoin going literally to zero

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No comments about Rodger the doxer? Enjoy being exit scammed, retards.

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>bitcoin pumps like crazy in value from jan 17
>hundreds of shitcoins are created with inflated market caps, the only true value they have is the ability to dump on some retard for more btc

Im truly glad brainlets such as yourself exist.

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keep buying the only coin losing market dominance

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>get exit scammed by a coin with an almost identical blockchain to BTC

my retard senses are tingling

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No comments of Rodger doxing people after fat fingering transactions? I would advice to unload your bags now that you can but you are a shill so never mind.

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Metric years, shitlord.

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Keep on buying pajeet shitcoins with 1b supply.

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>thinks bch has a 1b supply

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everytime a shitcoin is created bch also loses market dominance...

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He already addressed this.
Not falling for your dumbass ad hominem attacks to a guy I have never met and have no connection to.

I couldnt give a fuck what roger does, cause he is not the king of bitcoin (BCH)

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No comments on Rodger doxxing people after fat fingering a transaction?

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But he has the power to act like one. Satoshi never ever would have approved something like that. Bitcoin has no CEO.

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No he doesnt

this is an illusion your company has created. that company being the blockstream defence force, which literally is the KING of BTC

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Use Litecoin.
Litecoin is for smaller transactions, bitcoin is for larger ones. GTFO my board.

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But he actually doxxed a guy and bullied him to send back the funds. Bitcoin is not a company, retarded shill. Bitcoin Cash is, that's why you have a fucking CEO and Bitcoin not. Keep spamming the board, retards. I will be doing it all day.

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the guy literally posted his own information on a public forum and got himself doxxed faggot.

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Bitcoin TRASH

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What the fuck are you even talking about you fat pedo fuck, why are you asking questions about a single person who isn't even a Bitcoin dev? What sort of hard on have you got for this person and what does his.fat fingers have to do with anything ohhhhhhh you want it in the ass you.fucking.homo

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This one is from before the birth of the cashie token.

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r/btc is a sockpuppet nest and that makes up a bulk of BCH "supporters". Pretty much everyone can see that so you shills are basically being paid to circle jerk each other.

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Wow it's really true, the left can't meme.

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Someone needs to shop Roger in a black turtle neck with his hand up to his chin like Steve Jobs and a caption of "it just werks".

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Wow, to be this stupid... Let's try your logic out a bit, shall we?
> At first we have a phone, then it goes wireless, then it goes full computer.
Are you able to comprehend that ideas evolve, I can't get over this argument, how fucking retarded are you?

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Ideas evolve and flourish. What happened to BTC is the idea was sabotaged, it devolved, and now it's dying, not evolving.

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You can't force memes, everyone is laughing at you cashies

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This is the best TA btrash supporters can come up with. No wonder everyone makes fun of you.

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>declares himself Bitcoin Jesus

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>sabotaged, it devolved, and now it's dying, not evolving.
I can't even imagine how such a retarded brain is able to figure out how to type and submit posts on the internet with a modern computer. Bitcoin has evolved and will continue to do so.
While we are at it, who gives a shit if bitcoin has gone beyond the whitepaper? That's a good thing dimwit. Like I tried to explain in the previous post, the original idea is seldom the final solution. But since your brain is effectively missing, I can still understand that you didn't grasp such a simple concept.

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he didn't give himself the nickname

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Go right ahead with the facts, shlomo. How is the architecture of lightningsegwitblockstreamcoin superior to bitcoin.

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It's better suited for scaling, still haven't found that brain of yours...

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Wrong. It is permanently limited to seven transactions per second. Bitcoin will be 200 before the year is out.
Off chain transactions have different properties to on chain transactions, and second layer transport can be implemented on any chain.
Try again stupid cunt. I'm waiting.

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No actually it's correct, but since you are illiterate I understand why you fell for the scam.
>Off chain transactions have different properties to on chain transactions
No shit sherlock, obv. you are not a developer or anything in IT.
> Hurr durr I make points
No you don't. But enjoy holding your pajeet coin while the rest of the world enjoys the tech revolution we are about to see!

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Contradiction is not an argument. The numbers I gave are factually correct, and you are flatly wrong. I have been a software developer for over twenty years, and you strike me as a cheerleader that knows nothing technical at all and simply follows the loudest asshole with no understanding whatsoever about what is actually being discussed.

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>I have been a software developer for over twenty years
No you have not, you are still incorrect and technically illiterate. The loudest are by far bcash retards.

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More contradiction. Still not a single argument. Clearly has absolutely no idea what is actually going on.
Thanks for proving my point shit for brains.

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Wow full out delusion, I can smell from here that what you need, my friend, is a psychotherapy.

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>No you're not

Corecuck please

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Yeah let's hide behind some memes, time to retreat? I can smell the weakness, it reeks.

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>a software developer for over twenty years
are you that bitcoin cash supporter who mines bitcoin who keeps doxxing himself on here.... lol

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You have yet to mount an assault. There is no call to retreat. I am just pointing out that your entire attitude is an obvious coping strategy and nothing more. You have no arguments. Period.

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Your rebuttal was 'No you're not a programmer' as if programmers are some sort of mythical unicorn-esque creature.

Seriously fuck off out of here you deluded fucking corecuck

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All miners mine whatever is most profitable. And if I've doxxed myself you go ahead and tell me who I am.

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>You have yet to mount an assault
Not even trying you fucking idiot, you are basically fighting with yourself. Keep going tho! I don't even have bitcoin. But still not deluded enough to fall for this shitstorm. But I did have that one argument about evlolving, that was it, then your coping mechanism went full retard. Maybe you can see that? I doubt it tho, that would once again require a brain.

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this marketing delusion-inspired statement created by bcash is so transparently pathetic that it needs to return to reddit retardville. it convinces nobody and only makes paid bcash shills look stupid. pass this info up the chain of command to your handlers

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>tell me who I am
you are a failed devop who can't write simple PoSH automation scripts so now you mine bitcoin while supporting bcash...

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You claimed the changes to BTC were evolving. I claimed they were devolving, I asked you for a single fact to back up the claim there was an improvement, you claimed it scaled better, I proved that wrong with the exact metrics on both products in question.
Then you stopped even trying to argue and just devolved to declaring yourself right and being the useless cunt you are in classic form.

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That's not an identifier. It's also wrong. Just because you literally fail to understand how mining works doesn't make me or any of the other ninety percent of miners who do "wrong".

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You didn't prove shit.. Evolve will be subjective, just because you are delusional doesn't make it "devolve", don't be such a weak cunt

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Crickets lol

You retards don't even have any organic memes at all, other than some light burns of corecuck devs

Literally the worst of the worst (asic-enabled centralized shitcoins)


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But I mean, again, I understand that this is beyond your brain...

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No. It is objective. BTC is utter shit and doesn't work period. It's been sabotaged and destroyed, and BCH is simply the original plan properly executed with the corrupt and incompetent core devs fired, and butthurt fuckwits like you divested of any stake. Exactly at it should be. Cope harder coretard. You've lost.

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There we go, there's the emotions I knew a little weak mind like yours will use for decisions in life, good luck with that. The crying is visible in your writing, beautiful!

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> Entire position based around emotion and perception and butthurt rage at the inability to accept the clear deception I fell victim to.
> confronted with objective facts that prove I am wrong, I accuse the other party of emotional problems.
Sorry kid, no emotion here. You are just wrong and that's all. I don't care to even consider anything else about you.

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Corecucks will ruin themselves and are already in the progress of it. You know they're fucked when normies are calling them out for their astroturfing or starting to take a "fuck both they suck" stance as btc dominance will continue to plummet. I couldn't care less about either really but boy is it fun watching corecucks burn after all their blatant manipulation attempts and seeing the desperation come out of them whenever the price of bitcoin goes down or bitcoin cash goes up.

Btc maximalists are just as cancerous as any other shitcoin shill

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Okay, keep holding it in as much as possible, I can feel it in your throat, you want to cry, to let it all out. You didn't prove shit.
>Sorry kid,
See, there's the emotions, keep coping.

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>the left

Kys and take your normie politics memes with you.

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bitcoin cash doesnt have a ceo you fucking retard

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Coping is your thing ;)

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One of the best real-life use case apps has been built! www.digi-id.io

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Vaporware LOL

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"Lightning is P2P"

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>200k sockpuppets

This is why you're called corecucks.

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I know in my heart of hearts that BCH will be the victor plus I support the team as its more transparent and honest while core is deceiving and evil in its approach to control the money now, imagine in the future.

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bcash hodlers described by 1 image.

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You described by one image

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I got a standing bid for 2.00$ maybe it will fill

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