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>be me
>transfer a dollar with Bcore
>pay 22 cents in fees
WHO THE FUCK thinks this is acceptable?

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What is Bcore?

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Cashies way of talking about bitcoin. You can tell someone is a cashie if they use the term

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Why they don't call it Bitcoin LOL. Wth is wrong with this people.

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Bcore is a degrading term. They need to keep calling out BTC since they have invested on it failing and BCH overtaking it. Which can't happen as long as your currency is BITCOINcash, giving any new player the impression of a bitcoin byproduct. I have invested a bit in BCH myself, but not to see it go over BTC, just hoping for a moon of about 50%.

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use doge for poorfag transactions, faggot

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Quite obviously because bcore is not Bitcoin. Bitcoin (BCH) is Bitcoin.

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Struggled with basic comprehension in school did you? Read it again. If you really can't understand it, read the Bitcoin whitepaper (again).

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Bitcoin is Bitcoin. Number 1.
Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin Cash. Number 4.

Am I missing something?

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You could have easily gotten it through for 2 cents. You're an idiot and a shill.

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No, that's just an aggressive shill.

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Yeah, you could have made a lot of money with Bitconnect too.

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for fuck sake anon...

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You, apparently.

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That's like paying someone a dollar in platinum or something, what's the point, you deserve the charge for being such a fucking tool, use fiat for such amounts you pauper

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>transferring $1
>using BTC

this is why we had shitcoins friend

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What? I'm saying the fees aren't 22 cents, more like 2 cents, so it's 11x too much. What does it have to do with bitconnect?

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>I have lost this argument. You win.

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Sorry I just misread your comment. Actually I agree 100% with you.

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Fuck it I quoted myself. It was you who I wanted to respond.

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No worries

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reduce the blocksize

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Oh Roger. Bean Cash is the real Bitcoin (BITB/BEAN)

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You're missing that plebeians are retarded, and you're one of them.

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I don't see how I am wrong. Ask your friends at the Telegram for new memes and edgy words, that will solve it.

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nice job investing in an obviously bad project just for a chance of getting some measly, pathetic returns. you see, that kind of thinking is actually going to destroy crpyto.

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You're a total fucking subhuman retard.

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Yeah, that totally worked my friend. You are not earning your salary, nigger. Keep trying.

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I don't give a single fuck what vermin like you believe and the fact that you think I do is just yet another piece of evidence for your miniscule intelligence

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It's a feature!

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