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Let's face it: BTC is in it's fall down to 3k. How long it'll take for Bitcoin to reach that point? Any strategies during this burn?

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if you keep a 50x open till 3k you'll make it

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buy high sell low
short bottom long top

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I'd say if you're in for the long run you could use the dollar averaging strategy and invest a tiny amount of money in a certain interval in a cryptocurrency of your choice.

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>being as delusional as OP
It can't hit 2k or 3k. Too many people have set to autobuy when it hits 5k. Learn the market brainlet.

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We need to retest 250.

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You do realize this is going to $25,000+ EOY, right Anon?

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Screencapped for suicidewatch thread.

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try 35000

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Not before it has hit 3k again.

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I just think it's the best thing to mentally prepare for a year-long period of heavy bagholding.

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He's right tho

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You're a fag tho

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alright, how low are we going this weekend? none of that 3k permabear fantasy shit, not happening. it's not even profitable to mine at that cost

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Shit's going to be interesting, lad.

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>people still think there's going to be another bull run this year

The coping is laughable. We're going to hit 1k. I'm serious.

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see you at $100

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>how long
2 years

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Never forget.

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Yeah if bitcoin hits 25k I'll cut off my middle leg

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7.8k is my target for this drop, then we'll retest 10k, if that holds, we drop to 5.8k and hope to god it holds. If 5.8k falls, 2k isn't impossible

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