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Can we collectively and finally admit that crypto is at long last dead? Other than the most ardent/delusional coinfags, there can't seriously be anybody left on this Colombian crossfit board who realistically expects that BTC will achieve $10k again (let alone the completely ridiculous $20k+ predictions, lol), right?

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>btc is dead
>therefore crypto is

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nah but we should agree that those boobs are unrealistic

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Be honest. When BTC sneezes the rest of crypto catches a cold. Decoupling is theoretical and, at the very least, certainly hasn't happened so far.

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thats because all the money is in bitcoin. the sooner it dies the sooner the money goes to not bitcoin

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I disagree. I think BTC needs to do well (but not too well) for alts to have time to decouple. BTC fell like 7% today, but the rest of the Top 10 (other than ETH) fell 15-20%.

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can someone give a newcoinfag some answers?
why did all the coins except a few, tank today?

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>bitcoin tanks
>alts tank harder

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Sorry, Crypto is the future

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too bad the green paint is running

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Maybe, maybe not. Regardless of its eventual utility, I think it's pretty safe to say crypto as a speculative instrument is dead. We all knew these prices were unsustainable, and the market is beginning to reflect that reality.

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Blockchain will stay , a tech to be stolen by big corporations. No one will be rushing to buy our shitcoins for real use case. This I know for a fact, and if they do it will be 1 or 2 coins....have fun picking those 2 out of thousands

This market is manipulated to survive on it's last few breaths

So obvious when we went for 10k and some new investors got in then it declined

Why am I still in this market .. I don't know
I was just up again on my investment last week but...it wasn't enough I didn't sell

Now I'm breaking even.... ffs

This whole space is a trap, ppl never get out I'm time. Rather because they have to pay bills or panic sold at a loss etc

It's over....not tonight brainlets but a slow decline down to milk as much money as possible until it is trading for dollars

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