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Why ANOTHER dip? As if shitcoins down 80% wasn't bad enough already? Consensus is on Monday.

None of this makes sense.

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Welcome to crypto, where coins crash when they should be mooning, and moon when they should be crashing

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Of course it makes sense. Crypto is still insanely overvalued, and the bubble hasn't finished popping. This is, and will remain for a long time, a bear market. Honestly we'll probably see a dump coming out of Consensus.

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i sold everything when buffet and gates advice ..... u think ur smarter than the richest ppl in the world?

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why am i still in this bs
>We thought it was gonna break 10k

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"muh consensus"

worst fucking meme in crypto, you all are legit retarded

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kek, zoom out brainlet

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They do not understand cryptocurrencies, they have admitted to this and when putting the market caps in perspective, crypto is small as fuck.

So yes.

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Because Mt Gox hack really applies to todays crypto world. Brainlet.

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Considering the 0% adaptation it's fucking overbloated.
Also pretty naive to think you know more about technology than Bill Gates.

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>not trading every day to make up for shit market

You won't make it

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BILL GATES is a fuckin retarded moron who spents millions of his money on shitty vaccines for africans. he sucks lobby cock everyday.

his fucking opinion on cryptos has nothing to with his knowledge of programming ms dos in his garage.

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>fell for the hodl meme
don't worry anon, a lot of folks fall for the sunk cost fallacy. try to do better, but dont overtrade

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I'm up 2x on alts from the past month
are you high

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Yes, Bill Gates doesn't understand super complicated cryptocurrency technology.

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>the man who created Microsoft is a retard
the absolute state of you

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learn to fucking sell

even if you panic sell after something 10x and only get out with 9x you still make insane profit

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that comment had me too fren

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>0% adoption

Single digit IQ

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For every rich man doing one thing you can find another rich man doing the opposite

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some people seem to be twelve here and may not know that he's a fucking self-made billionaire.
What's the percentage of transactions in the world being done through crypto? Tell me.

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This is manipulated, that's why. Somebody who has enough Bitcoin and wants the market down sprung a trap around 9000 to dump it. You're telling me it's fighting it's way up back up to where it was just hours ago and all of a sudden everyone organically decides "that's it, I'm out"? Nah.

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I feel this is going to be the first consensus that isn’t followed by a huge rally. We’re so fucked. Tethering up this weekend if it doesn’t recover tomorrow.

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You realize that's my point, right? Things are insanely overvalued now. We had a short term rally (yes, you can have fakeout relief rallies within the context of a greater bear market) which is just going to make things that much worse. Would have been better to just go straight to $3000.

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Unironically yes

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He is not high. He is just a retard. Please don't engage in conversation with him.

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barely even fought 10k for 1 day and this whale starts dumping until now

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the worst part it always happens when im sleeping, its impossible to react

fucking mutts again

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whales...they are acting together...they have sold 20k btc on binance alone over the past few hours. but keep in mind that they got usdt for it. means they have to buy back in to get dollars...

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Still waiting for an answer, you massive faggot.

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hopefully its a pre consensus dip.
i cant see any other reason to drive the price down this quick

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No. Whales don't sell and buy in couple of days. If they sell now it is going down for at least a month.

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not a dip...they are crashing the market back down to 6k.

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>insanely overvalued
dude you haven't seen anything yet wait to see how shit moon EOY

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don't look for patterns where there's only pure randomness my dude

it's all fugazi wuzi wazi fairy dust that never landed

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Western Union using xRapid
Mindgeek + Trafficjunky accepting Verge XVG, that is 12% of internet traffic
Microsoft accepting Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

>0% adoption

Kill yourself.

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The answer is in the question.

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>some people seem to be twelve here and may not know that he's a fucking self-made billionaire.
that was 30 years ago m8. he didnt do anything since then.

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They may be using it but not all their transactions are crypto, you fucking brainlet.
Pic related is the share of payment methods for e-commerce, the field where crypto should have the greates share and it's only 3%.
E-commerce is only 10% of all retail sales. In stores people almost exclusively pay with cash.
Now add to that the non-commerce sectors like banking, business etc. where crypto isn't used at all and you'll quickly realise that crypto's share is indeed somewhere around 0%.

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Exactly. So it's not a bubble at all, contrary to what these 'genius' minds would like you to believe.

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Nobody offers the ability to pay with crypto other than a few websites, no shit it has such a low percentage. As soon as more and more sites start allowing it, the percentage will grow exponentially.

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Selling is dumb. Anyone whos bought btc over the past 7 years and just held it, would be profiting. Never sell.

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why would anyone use crypto to pay for goods and services when they just want other people to use it so their coins moon? so nobody ever uses it for commerce and it's all just people in mongolian yurt crafting boards speculating with meaningless tokens. why would i want to buy another form of money to do my online shopping when fiat is plain better and easier to use?
see >>9371476

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You literally have to be braindead to listen to anyone in the media, if some big organisation is shilling something, sell it. If some big organisation is FUDing something, buy it.

They're not interested in helping you, hell Gates is much more interested in feeding his pet niggers than anything actually meaningful in this world.

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>retard who was wrong about the internet and iPhone is smart because he hired street shitters to code a normie OS
Try harder.

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>tfw you're all in icx and it's pumping while everyone else get just'd

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Crypto mcap doubled. Google trends continue to flatline.


Massive collectieve subconcious Pump n dump.

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Because retailers will prefer it over credit cards as they don't have to pay 3% to visa and have the risk of chargebacks. Once bitcoin infrastructure is more established online retailers will prefer crypto and offer discounts if you use crypto instead of fiat.

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He stole dos, he didn't code it.

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It's a fucking plague Jesus Christ

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he didn't steal it but he ripped the creator off by paying only 20k for full rights and ownership

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i thought he bought it, for like 50k
But confirmed, Bill Gates is not a computer guy, he is simply a master contract writer.
He got IBM to pay him for DOS on every computer, even if it did not have DOS on it! Master contract writer, Bill knows legalese!

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So are you guys buying now or waiting for a bigger bloodbath during weekend?

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Lmao. Do u not see how manipulated u are?

This whale knows the general market anticipates a pump after consensus. Crypto is a zero sum game, and that works against them when everyone wins.

So they have been dumping near 10k all week desperate to keep it down. Then they do this big dump now, randomly. They won. You have the exact mindset they want and now you will be tethered for a whilw you will moss the pump. Whales win you lose.

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Can confirm.

He is a manipulated cuck.
Tethering is for the weak.

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It's hard to see that this is ever going to recover and go back to dec 17 highs. Take profits while you can people

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Tether up or should I ride it out

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You were up 2x, if you sold. Now its fadding away slowly and soon you will be joosted

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People are such babies and thats why they will never make it. No balls.

Consensus is coming, price is being pushed down to buy in cheaper before the inevitable post consensus bull run.

You have anywhere from 3 days to about 2 weeks to push in as much fiat as you can before it takes off and we never see a 400 billion market cap again. The next crash will have a new floor of well over the current cap today.

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this anon knows whats up. Everyone anticipating Consensus starts the bull run, crash it leading up to consensus to get normies panic selling as whales load their bags. Then let nature take its course and they hit disgusting mutipliers while normies selling and buying the pump lose half their stack.

Dont try to play whale games, sit tight or buy more.

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Yes, same thing happened on run to 12k double top, price went up but interest went down and volume from chinaman okex. Thats when you know its ba and you are about to get dumped on

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Tether low.

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I see value tethering if you daytrade which is a meme anyway.

And tethering after parabolic phases is just smart because the likelihood of a crash increases exponentially after.

This kind of market though? Its a risky fools game. Especially if tou do it on emotions which most do. Whales win, making you do exactly as you want by playing with emotional noobs.

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Exactly. We need buyers to help push price up later. These whales know whats up. They are creating a pump right now. Without tons of noobs selling atm who is going to buy the pump and fuel it?

It costs whales a lot to pump price 10 percent despite what you think. They need to ensure they make profits doing it.

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just pissed I can't buy any of this cheap verge and neo

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Yeah sorry I should have been more specific.

Tethering after it dips is dumb. It's down like 8%

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Is anyone else having a lot of fun right now? I put in 150 bucks a couple months ago just to learn the ropes and make some pocket money if I get lucky. It's like gambling but safer.

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So let me introduce you to short selling

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last year it didn't do shit for prices, we were already in huge uptrend

if anything it was a giant dump

I've been scratching my head over the predictions and all i can come up with is cnbc (fakest news) and tom strat, mr. millennial money bags

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>Consensus is coming, price is being pushed down to buy in cheaper before the inevitable post consensus bull run.

you are a total moron but there is a job for you at cnbc

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Called it, also you guys saw the depth being traded. Bunch of people pulling out red dildos but nobody wants em. Getting ETH when it drops back down to 400.

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I want to sell my icx to buy shitloads of colx.

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Buffet and gates said this so they could buy your bags at 5k

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